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10 Annoying Experiences for a Gamers

Playing video games is a hobby, an appropriate statement to explain why you gathered and read this one article. The problem for some gamers, especially those who have invested a lot of time here, games can sometimes be far more serious than imagined. Challenges that are difficult to overcome still provoke high curiosity, multiplayer games with intense competitive scenes, puzzle games that require extra brain work, to just a single player game that is ready to make your emotions drained. Slowly but surely, video games move from media formulated to just have fun into an activity that has more motivation than that. Something that requires energy and time to be taken seriously.


The result? We all meet with so many moments that might accidentally, “hurt” our little hearts. Can recover, indeed, but the “attack” this one will usually have a major impact on self-esteem that inevitably has to be recognized, sometimes at stake in any game that you are trying. The result is excessive shame with free-standing morals for a few moments. You sometimes also end up contemplating your skills as a gamer or whether you still deserve to carry the title of that one. Your self-esteem is falling apart.

Then, out of all the incidents that can occur when you play a game, what 10 things do we – JagatPlay consider to be the most damaging to pride as gamers? This is it:


  1. “D”

We seem to be honest that single player games that decide to use a scoring system to assess your performance on a particular stage, as did Devil May Cry from Capcom for example, are always a source of anxiety. It’s hard to ignore the sense of caring that to be seen as a capable gamer, you must at least achieve above average scores at all costs. But sometimes fate says otherwise. Combination and fatigue You press the combination of various buttons was not enough to overcome the random attack of the enemy and their numbers are large, for example. When the stage ends and you get a “D” value for your performance, that’s where self-esteem feels trampled. Even worse? You spend more time worrying about the next stage.


  1. Bad Ending

The same thing happens with games that have so many alternative ending that sometimes the trigger can’t even be seen explicitly. That it turns out that your decision to take a conversation option is not important (like The Witcher 3) or how you respond to enemy reactions to certain situations (such as Metro Exodus) will affect the ending you get. The action is having fun and your foolishness goes on for dozens of hours, without burden. Up to one point, you find that the main character you use ends up dead and the world you are trying to save, is completely destroyed by ash. Worse yet? When a friend comes to you with a question, “Are you done? What ending did you get? ” I really don’t want to answer that question.


  1. Compare Progress

Friends can sometimes be “enemies in a blanket”. Not because they deliberately do that, but because the comparison that you do turns out to open up a new piece of information that you’ve always denied – that you are a gutsy gamer. It’s no secret that gamers often make progress comparisons to talk and discuss tips and tricks that might be missed. Which unfortunately, sometimes informs that your progress is lagging behind and how you are not optimizing time as well as possible. Example? When your friend has paid off debt and has 10 cows in the third year for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, while you are still struggling to raise the level of your equipment to the maximum level in the third year with a messy farming pattern. At this moment, self-esteem is hurt the same as the reaction “I want to repeat this game again thank you.”


  1. Bottom Multiplayer Position

Actually there is no longer the worst and most eye-opening moment of realization that gamers can feel that they have below average skills other than finding that often in competitive games, they are below the bottom of the line. Where they more often meet with pages and posts “Respawn” rather than “Kill” or “Objective Completed”. Slowly or surely, this doesn’t just hurt self-esteem, but also mash it into fine powder. The peak? When so often this happens that they are no longer confident when he is at the top of the team. Instead of thinking “I am good at today”, they think, “My team must be trash so I am in first place”. The price and self-confidence that has been destroyed is a clear symptom.


  1. Co-Op burden

This damage to self-esteem does not only occur in competitive multiplayer games, but is also cooperative. A game of a genre that asks you to be with other gamers, regardless of the amount, to work hand in hand. The concept carried by the loot-shooter game a la Destiny and Anthem, including several MMORPGs that offer party and Raid systems for example. That instead of helping the team to fight the enemy, you end up being a “burden” – an extra hassle that must be tolerated by other team members on behalf of completing the mission. You often die and have to be frequently reviewed, you become a healer who has no contribution of heals and buffs until your tanker quickly dies, or you just become a Raid member who doesn’t even know how to solve the puzzle. Every burden seems to understand that they are a burden, with self-esteem that is definitely tarnished.

  1. Read the Walkthrough

Walkthrough is a savior of gamers, whatever genre you are tasting. Faced with so many challenges offered by a game, this will help you achieve the required progress much faster. It’s hard not to admit that there is a little sense of self-esteem tarnished that you, a gamer, must rely on other people’s tips and tricks to solve the challenges. Especially if you find that after you read it, the solution is not something that needs super complex tips & tricks to go through. Sense of self-esteem is of course the most messy if you need a walkthrough because of skipping and not paying attention to conversations in RPGs or simple tutorials that were offered by certain games because they were too absorbed by themselves. Self-esteem is hurt when you start to press the keys of the keyboard and write, “What button must be pressed to open the door A?”.


  1. Actually easy

This is probably one of the most embarrassing incidents that are often experienced by older gamers who still make many puzzles as part of the challenge, especially RPG games and survival horror. That there will be many puzzles that you have to face and think about to find the right solution. Strangely psychologically, experience helps us associate puzzles in video as challenges that require complex processes to solve. The result? We often feel frustrated first and panic when we discover that the “brain silat” that we do is not going to solve it. Caught 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, before finding the moment “Aha!” Which turned out to open our eyes to a super simple solution that can be completed in just 5 minutes. This trauma is what we always remember in Wild Arms 2 first.


  1. “You Want to Reduce Difficulty?”

The intention is good, the way is also good, but the self-esteem that sees this as a bad step in the hands of developers and publishers. As we know, along with the development of the game industry, many developers and publishers are now offering solutions for gamers who, for one or two things, are “stuck” in certain challenges or bosses. Counting how many times you have died in the same position, they will come up with suggestions to reduce the level of difficulty you have chosen before. Answering “yes” when this question arises not only hurts self-esteem, but also swallows it raw.


  1. Perfect

For competitive fighting gamers out there, regardless of whatever franchise they try, there are no more moments that hurt your self-esteem than finding that your opponent, AI or human, managed to dominate you without getting hurt at all. Seeing words like “Perfect” or “Flawless” on the screen while looking at the body of your character that slowly moves down on the ground like a hard slap to self-esteem. Worse yet? When this happens when you use your favorite characters whose combos you have learned and memorized from the inside out. Seeing the word “Perfect” seems to confirm that in the sky there is still sky, and currently it seems to be in the lowest sky in the cluster. For the sake of self-esteem, sometimes you find a condition where your objective changes from “Winning” to “What is important is that enemies are not perfect”, which, strangely, provides the same sense of satisfaction.


  1. Easy

I do not know what happened to the psychological majority of gamers, including us and maybe you, who seemed allergic to the choice of the difficulty level “Easy” offered by a video game. That this option seems to confirm that you are not as good a gamer as you think if you ultimately choose it. As if there are gods and angels video games that continue to pay attention to your gaming activities and record how many times you choose the “Easy” mode as a source of jokes. As if your gamer friends will squint and laugh at you if you “give up” on this one level of difficulty. It is strange that your self-esteem stays in Normal but falls when Easy mode is selected. As if you want to shout to the world, “I’m not that weak to play Easy!”

The above are 10 things that in our opinion, are one of the sources of injury to a gamer’s self-esteem if all of them occur. That regardless of whatever genre we are serious about, there are always moments when things don’t go the way we want them to. That instead of being heroes with praised actions, we end up like NPC characters who have no significance. Easy to throw away, easy to laugh at, easy to forget, and enough to undermine your self-esteem and identity as a gamer. Just like what happened to us personally, we believe the same sensation with a variety of different scenarios also had happened in other gamers. Conditions that will have the chance to make morale fall but in the end, become a source of your laughter when it is discussed again.


The story is indeed funny to be remembered. But you can also use mod apk (source) if it turns out you have had enough of playing seriously. We have tried several mods on the site and found satisfying results. Because it should be recognized that there are casual gamers who want to play more casually because of the limited time and resources.


How about you? Of all the gaming things that happened to you so far, which one has hurt your pride the most? Feel free to comment and expand the list!

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