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10 Most Disappointing Games in 2019

Beginning of the year, and there is no longer a more appropriate moment to see what we have done for the past year, of course – more on our capacity as gamers. 2019 is a year that is quite indulgent for gamers, especially with that giant franchise that finally spawned their latest series. Developers have begun to make the most of the latest generation of console capabilities optimally, and indie developers have consistently explored the concept of gameplay which is relatively refreshing. However, not a few who actually present bring more disappointment than satisfaction. Games that end up unable to fulfill what they promised from the start.

The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment that can arise, this concept may be the most appropriate to explain one of the words that are increasingly being said in the gaming industry today, Over-Hype. With trailers and screenshots packed in such a way, let alone the claims and promises of developers who continue to reverberate for several months before release, it is not surprising that gamers begin to build certain expectations for the game they are after. But unfortunately, we often forget that the gaming industry is still a business. The hype that has been awakened is sweet, leading to sweet pre-order numbers. But unfortunately, unlike a fairy tale with a beautiful ending, gamers actually get something contrary to what they expect. Disappointment is the right response.

But remember, DISAPPOINTING DOESN’T MEAN BAD. Most of the games that are included in this list are games that can still be enjoyed, even offering visual power, gameplay, and sometimes – solid stories. Disappointing here is only rooted in the inability of these games to be present in quality commensurate with the hype that has been built so far. Games that have made many gamers hope and dream, but end up throwing all the positive energy to the ground and trampling on it mercilessly.

So, out of all the games released in 2019, which games are the most disappointing for JagatPlay? Here is a list of the 10 most disappointing games this year:

Kingdom Hearts 3

The fans waited for a very long time, paid for with a closing series of Xehanort saga which unfortunately, ended up unsatisfying. We ourselves have no problem at all about the absence of Final Fantasy characters in it which are counted as quite absurd or their unattractive new Disney world. The biggest weakness and source of disappointment Kingdom Hearts 3 lies in the way it handles the story. That instead of distributing antagonistic characters who have important portions of the story during the franchise’s dozens of years of existence, they actually encourage all of them at the end of the story session in a sequence in succession in the same location. There is a way to handle it that should be better and more elegant than the approach that actually makes the end of this Kingdom Hearts story feel rushed to be resolved.

The Division 2
In many respects, Ubisoft must be recognized as having succeeded in making The Division 2 better than the first series that was released at the beginning, it was indeed filled with many problems. There are some things that are executed better than a more solid story, a more qualified reward system for those who only play it solo, and a loot system that is far more relevant to your character’s progress. But on the other hand, it’s hard to get interested again in a similar action game concept that doesn’t offer much new or different things. That despite all the new things they offer, The Division 2 feels like an expansion pack rather than a new series that deserves to be pursued. There is a reason why we have lost interest in continuing our article preview regarding this game to become a review article. That in the end, despite all the increased content and solo gameplay he was carrying, The Division 2 was still a game that needed friends to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Crackdown 3

Procrastination usually has a strong association with quality. That is not uncommon, games that are postponed many times for one or two reasons, end up with a video game that deserves to be anticipated at the end. That all the extra time added to him was clearly used to perfect everything. But in the case of Crackdown 3, this delay would indicate a problem in the development process. Starting from the revocation of the effects of environmental destruction that had been “sold” to be the main feature when the first trailer surfaced into something that was only available in multiplayer mode only to the lack of information that could be shared during a certain period of time. The result is an action game that, although visually tempting, carries a gameplay and action system that has been left behind for generations.

WWE 2K20

What do you get when “the expert” who has been handling a specific genre for at least the last 20 years ended up leaving more interested in developing a competitor series? What you get is what happens with WWE 2K20. That after a series of mesmerizing, he was present like a joke. Not only the visual quality and detailed animation of the motion and physics that follow the various elements are chaotic, but also the sensation of gameplay that ends unsatisfying. WWE 2K20 seems to be a series that makes this popular franchise back to zero and for the umpteenth time, it needs extra proof to attract the attention of gamers in the future.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

There was a high level of relief when we discovered that we were never interested in spending money in the real world to look at GR: Breakpoint or even just asking Ubisoft’s code review directly. First, the open-world formula with a large area in a repetitive gameplay format is not something we can tolerate anymore, especially in the midst of the efforts of many indie developers and giant game developers to mix something new and creative. Second? The demo session that he had released had indeed made us believe that Breakpoint had indeed lost its identity as a Ghost Recon game. Sure enough, ending with a negative reception, his presence was even enough to make Ubisoft do internal introspection related to their other AAA games.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Despite the performance that is not as strong as the latest generation consoles, the decision to release the latest Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 series for Nintendo Switch should not be a reason to produce a half-hearted action game that is difficult to enjoy. That the effort to offer a taste similar to the previous series, ended up making it feel like an action game that has been lost for generations. Its appeal is only rooted in the opportunity to use Marvel’s superhero roster whose numbers really deserve thumbs up. But most of the concepts he uses, especially from the lack of feedback when fighting that is presented, it actually makes the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 feel like a new series that is confused about how to feel relevant, especially in the midst of modern games that lead cool. There are many things they can actually do to at least make the side of the action feel more intense and solid than what he has to offer in the final version.


How many of you remember that RAGE 2 – the action shooter game that was anticipated last year, was released in 2019? Some of you might forget that this post-apocalyptic game is already available in the market and you can even buy it at an affordable price. Something that is very understandable because despite the hype that had awakened, it must be admitted to end up being a “weak” post-apocalyptic FPS game. Apart from the satisfying shooter sensation and some of the weapons concepts he offered were unique and exciting, he kept the same open-world game problems as other Avalanche Studios games like Just Cause and Mad Max. An icon-based open-world game with super repetitive tasks that will feel boring in no time. The quality of stories and superficial open-world designs like this makes RAGE 2 feel like a generic game that is easy to forget and pass over.

Contra: Rogue Corps

What defines Contra as a Contra game? Almost all gamers who grew up with this classic series, when Konami was in his golden age as a developer and publisher of video games, understood his status as an iconic shooter game that was not easy to subdue. Hearing that Konami returned to pay attention to this series, especially with the release of the Anniversary Collection, of course fostered its own expectations. but what happened? Through the latest series that he released, Contra: Rogue Corps actually increasingly emphasized that Konami no longer understood what made Contra special in the hearts of fans and old games. We meet a twin-stick shooter game with a bad visualization, one of which is a giant Panda with a gatling gun. A big disappointment that made many Contra fans, including us, to avoid it like an illness.


Staying as the “2018 best action game” chosen by some giant media when Anthem was introduced via a number of major gaming events certainly increased gamers’ sense of anticipation towards Anthem. Moreover, it is a suit-based action RPG game that allows you to fly like an Iron-Man who now has to explore a world that is also filled with dangerous ecosystems, with Bioware as a developer. But the result? A mess. Not only the various technical problems that occurred at the beginning of the release, Bioware seemed not to understand and understand how to mix a loot-shooter game that should be. Mission that feels repetitive is just a problem on the surface, outside the loot system that feels unsatisfactory, minimal weapon variants, to the flying system that is not widely used in missions. Information from Kotaku’s investigative report on how Bioware completely prohibits its employees from discussing other loot shooter games such as Destiny as a comparison example seems to open the eyes of how messy the development process is happening behind the scenes, along with a variety of Bioware executive decisions that deserve to be questioned.

Left Alive

On paper, Left Alive contains so many formulas that should be one of the best games in 2019. First, it is handled by Square Enix – Japan’s biggest developer / publisher with lots of cool projects that are worth the wait. Second? The artwork was handled directly by Yoji Shinkawa, a cold hand who worked on Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding artwork. Third? He will take the story from the Front Mission universe, a franchise that has long not been explored by Square Enix. But instead of being cool, Left Alive ends up being a game that is not only sad, but also disappointing at the same time. Not only because of poor visualization quality, it also became a game with a mechanical design of gameplay that was not carefully thought out. We are talking about stealth games that don’t even have a “Takedown” button from behind which incidentally is the standard norm for a game that offers stealth mode in it. It also carries an inconsistent enemy AI, which in some conditions feels so stupid, but on other occasions feels so superior. What Left Alive produces is frustration, that’s all.

The above are the 10 most disappointing games in 2019 yesterday according to JagatPlay’s glasses. The actual games can still be enjoyed and have a fairly large fan base, but for us, it fails to perform with quality that meets expectations. Either because of the disruption of the development process that ended in the final product that turned out to be not promising, or precisely because the hype was too high through a variety of information, claims, screenshots, and trailers that existed and ended up contrary to what had been promised.

How about you? Of all the games you hoped for and enjoyed in 2019, which one do you find the most disappointing? Which game turned out to be far below your expectations so far? Feel free to comment and share your opinion!

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