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5 Annoying Players Type in Apex Legends, Don’t be One of Them

As players of multiplayer games and Battle Royale, of course, you must be familiar with the fast playstyle presented by Apex Legends. But of course, there are still many new players out there who are not typically familiar like this and still need a lot of adjustments. Until now, sometimes there are still many players who are wrong and accidental in terms of movements that can be fatal.

The following is an effective way to change your style of playing Apex Legends. Mimin discusses player behavior that is wrong and often happens in in-game, and Mimin will tell you how to change yourself so that each player can play their role effectively.

  1. Type of “Kill Leader” Although Rarely

One of the hundreds of problems that are often faced by Play Multiplayer FPS or Battle Royale, must always meet this type of player. This type of thing will often make the composition of the team fall apart. Because each player only focuses on killing enemies. Teams with a composition of players like this will surely be easy prey for opposing teams who have a more mature strategy, of course.

At the start of the match, players have a higher chance of meeting enemies, finding stronger weapons. The first way to survive is to avoid contact or let the team fight with each other first to have fewer competitors. And of course, the guerrilla way will not be effective. To rely on the rhythm that is underestimated by your opponent, such as finding enough loot. When that moment comes, it’s time you can kill other players. Without having to hurt yourself too!

  1. Greedy and Greedy Types

Behavior collects everything that is on the ground without sharing it with a teammate, even wanting to take one bullet. It makes no difference from playing a solo game or single player where team mates won’t win because they don’t have the weapons or items needed. It will also make your teammates hate you.

Therefore, sharing games in the game will make your teammates happy to enjoy the game. Including making the game more balanced and able to come out as winners together with your friends.

  1. “Leading” Type

A good leader will make the game more structured. But if the leader is too tight Like a high tone, too critical, what do you do? , don’t you hear? etc., of course it will result as if playing in a team that is full of pressure. And this pressure might also result in the loss of good team support and loss of communication between team mates.

If you are a player who accidentally shows such behavior, We are suggests trying to temporarily turn off your microphone. Or apologize to your team mates that this happens spontaneously and you don’t realize it. There are many cases like this and often occur and even sometimes they don’t realize it at all. But if on the contrary if you find a player who has such habits, try to warn him gently or try to follow the plot first, not to be too serious. But if you really can’t tolerate this type of player, this is why Multiplayer games must have the Mute button when in-game.

  1. I Am “The Flash”

One of the rules of Apex Legends is to protect and stay with your friends throughout the match, but of course there are many players who try to hurry up to their destination, hurry everywhere, and leave their friends behind. Such actions certainly cannot be accepted by his teammates.

Players who often play alone will certainly not make their game with the team better, because almost every enemy often works as a team. This makes the percentage of players win in the initial battle and very unlikely to die either. Try to discuss before taking action, or at least say whatever you will do before all is done and get you and your team trapped in a very precarious condition.

  1. Cheater

This is one of the problems of multiplayer games that often occur and are often used by several other players. Plug-ins or add-ons are used to make the game more comfortable. Game cheat to benefit from other players. Please never use any type of tool like that. Apart from causing the game to crash, everyone in the game will definitely not be happy with this type of player and surely you will be hit by a game.

Hopefully this article will help all new Apex Legends players to be able to enjoy this game. Along with improving their own evolution and positive attitude, these methods are not only used in Apex Legends, but can be used in all other Multiplayer FPS games.

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