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7.5 Million Gamers Claimed Free Total War Saga: Troy

Recently released, Total War Saga: Troy is given away for free for an entire day at the Epic Games Store. Because the game is still very warm, coupled with a short claim time, the number of claims achieved exceeds the expectations of developers and Epic Games.

According to data provided by Creative Assembly (via Eurogamer), Total War Saga: Troy has claimed over 7.5 million players during the 24 hour giveaway. With such a large number of players, Rob Bartholomew, the chief product officer of CA, can only hope that new players and old fans will love this new Total War series.

“What a great opportunity to team up with Epic in releasing our new game for free. Now we welcome a large number of strategic players – new and old – to play our Saga, ”said Bartholomew.

The free giveaway session has now ended. For those of you who want to play Total War Saga: Troy, now you have to pay $ 34.99 at the Epic Games Store. A new Steam version will be released next year.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is arguably the most successful Total War series game. How come? Since the beginning of its release, hundreds of thousands of players have played the game together. In addition, this game is also the number four best-selling game on Steam. Total War: Three Kingdoms only lost to big games like Dota 2, PUBG, and CSGO only.

The success of the Total War: Three Kingdoms game cannot be separated from the interference of players from China. Where the game Total War: Three Kingdoms is a game that tells the story of the battle during the Han dynasty in China. Of course, many people from the country of the bamboo curtain love the game Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Creative Assembly as the developer of the game Total War: Three Kingdoms said that the market share in China is really crazy. The Total War game has the graph increasing every year for players from China. No exception from the newest game Total War: Three Kingdoms. China is the main focus of the video game trade in this modern era.

Given the success of many video games around the world, it is very dependent on players from China. It is likely that in the future there will be many more video games that will relate to China and follow the interest of Chinese players about what they want in video games. Because currently the video games industry in Europe and the United States is still less rapidly than Asia. Especially for mobile games which are now dominated by Southeast Asian countries and India.

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