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7 Expected Game but Does Not Appear on E3 2019

E3 is the game’s most popular event, an undeniable fact, even when big players like Sony for example decide not to take part in it. The 2019 E3 that just finished a few weeks ago leaves a lot of information that continues to be discussed until now, especially through some of the latest details released by high-hype games that steal the attention of gamers. We talked about Cyberpunk 2077 classmates and Final Fantasy VII Remake, which passed the interview session to other interviews, now began to have a clear “form”. Games like Marvel’s Avengers and Watch Dogs Legion for example, also show the same tendency.

But for gamers, there is one habit that can never be released from the E3 class. That’s right, SPECULATION. Coming from many sources, both of which are definitively trustworthy to the point of just appearing within the rumors, until the publisher has confirmed before but does not show his nose, there are many games that are expected to appear at E3 2019. With the article title above , it seems clear what ultimately happened. There isn’t a single one of these games that shows his nose. Of course we will not discuss the exclusive line-up of Sony games, all of which are not present at E3 2019.


So, from the game that actually has high hype, which games end up not appearing at E3 2019 yesterday? Here are our 7 versions of the game:

Fable 4

An indirect confirmation seems to be that amidst so many new studios recruited by Microsoft as their first party developer, some of them will be asked to handle a franchise that is “almost dead”. Fable is one of them. After the Legends series which was finally canceled, Microsoft is said to be preparing for Fable 4 which will offer the classic taste of the Fable series that we have known so far but with a wider world and deeper mechanics. Will this be one of the series prepared for their next-gen platform? Let’s wait.

Alien Isolation 2

Talks related to the sequel series for Aliens: Isolation has indeed surfaced long enough. There are lots of indicators and small clues here and there that make sure that a recent series will be shown by SEGA at E3 2019, with the same approach as the first series. That we will enjoy more intense horror and thriller sensations, such as the formula that succeeded in making the name Isolation won several GOTY awards in the year of its release. Unfortunately, all of the clues ended up being nonsense.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

The Montreal WB actually had another surprise. Although it is unclear who the developer team behind the game from the leaked teaser video looks charming, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened looks and feels like the Harry Potter game that we have been dreaming of. This leaky teaser had the chance to show the extent of Hogwarts and the opportunity to meet magical animals in it. What’s interesting again? He is said to be a “RPG” game rather than just an adventure. This means that it will load the characters that you form yourself, with a variety of spell options to subdue enemies or solve existing puzzles. Coupled with open-world concept speculation that allows you to explore Hogwarts on the scale it should be, disappointing to see this game not being introduced at E3 2019.

Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok

Coming from reliable leaked information, especially from “confirmation” Jason Scheirer – one of the best-known journalists from Kotaku who always seems to have behind-the-scenes information for Ubisoft games, it’s clear that the next Assassin’s Creed series will make Viking the main theme. But unlike the previous years which were usually filled with the approach of E3 2019 before the official announcement was made, Ubisoft decided to provide more space for their other games, especially those carrying the name “Tom’s Clancy” to be displayed on the main stage. Even though the hype related to this Viking setting is already at its highest peak.


As a game planned for next-gen, the timing of Bethesda’s announcement for Starfield seems to be admitted, too fast. After a mysterious short teaser and various claims made about their one-time space exploration game, Bethesda decided not to take her to E3 2019. Todd Howard only spoke a little about Starfield at a glance, asking gamers to be patient, and then just skip it.

Back 4 Blood

Will Valve ever work on and release Left 4 Dead 3? Or a Remaster / Remake project from the game? One of the best and most popular zombie co-op games is still trapped in Valve’s “limbo” which currently seems to focus on exploiting DOTA 2 in various directions. But hope arises after the developer of the first series and at the same time dev. Evolve in the past – Turtle Rock Studios announced their latest project which will be similar to the concept of Left 4 Dead – Back 4 Blood. Unfortunately, in addition to short announcements, not much detail is shared. Hoping that the first gameplay will be released in the previous E3 2019 also ended up being a source of new disappointment. This game is still a mystery.

Babylon’s Fall

Platinum Games is one of the busiest developers in the game industry today. It is difficult to ignore the feeling that the games they are currently working on are likely to be postponed given more discussion of their work focusing on the name Astral Chain which will be released for the Nintendo Switch. For Bayonetta 3? At least they talked a little about it. What is even more worrying is that it came from a project with Square Enix that had the first super awesome teaser – Babylon’s Fall that looks so promising. E3 2019? This game does not appear on Square Enix’s main stage. This game is not discussed at all by Platinum Games. This game seems increasingly impossible to release in 2019 as planned previously.


The above are 7 games that we think have high hype, have appeared within the rumors, but ended up not showing their nose at E3 2019. Although it is not impossible that some of these projects end up being held to take advantage of the release of the next-gen console that will be released in 2020, but it’s still disappointing to see a variety of rumors, speculations, and “behind the scenes” information that was actively discussed months before E3 2019 yesterday, ending up as mere nonsense.


How about you? Which game of high hype rumors makes you most disappointed because it didn’t appear at E3 2019 yesterday?

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