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Analysts Predict PlayStation 5 Sales Are Better Than Xbox Series X

Sony has just introduced the PlayStation 5. However, neither the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X from Microsoft are yet available in the market. This did not stop analysts from predicting whether the two next-gen consoles would sell. Piers Harding-rolls, Research Director for Games from Ampere Analysis believes, PlayStation 5 will sell better than Xbox Series X.


In 2020, Harding-Rolls estimates, PlayStation 5 will sell 4.6 million units. While Xbox Series X sales will only reach 3.3 million units. Four years later, he predicts, total PlayStation 5 sales will be far more than the Xbox Series X. In 2024, Sony is expected to sell 66 million PlayStation 5 units while Microsoft will sell around 37 million units of the Xbox Series X.


Harding-Rolls said, this time, Microsoft was more ready to compete with Sony than when they launched the Xbox One to compete with the PlayStation 4. One reason, Microsoft is expected to sell the Xbox Series X at the same price as the PlayStation 5. Indeed, before this, Microsoft explained their strategy to release a new console in the middle of a pandemic. In addition, Microsoft will also launch a new Halo game along with the launch of the Xbox Series X. They have also invested heavily in developing their own game studio.

Unfortunately, Harding-Rolls felt, all that was not enough to make the Xbox Series beat the PlayStation 5 in terms of total sales. Indeed, at present, Sony dominates the console market with PlayStation 4. They have also prepared dozens of exclusive games for their new consoles. Not only that, they have loyal PlayStation fans.


However, Harding-Rolls claimed skeptics the console market would grow. He suspects, total PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sales will only reach 103 million units, lower than the total sales of PS4 and Xbox One. Indeed, from generation to generation, total sales of consoles made by Sony and Microsoft showed a decline. In comparison, total PlayStation 2 and Xbox sales hit 179 million units, while PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 totaled 171 million units, and PlayStatoin 4 and Xbox One 157 million units as of March 2020.


“The console market is still quite large and will continue to last for generations of consoles in the future. However, in the past 10 years, it appears that the console market is not growing even though Sony and Microsoft have managed to increase sales of their consoles and are quite focused on driving console sales by entering new regions, “said Harding-Rolls, according to a GamesIndustry report.

According to the ComicBook report, there are several reasons why the game console market has declined, such as the growing popularity of mobile gaming, the existence of the Nintendo Switch, and the increased interest in playing games on PC.

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