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Apex Legends Revenue Getting Down

Fantastic and emerged as an exciting surprise, what was achieved by EA and Respawn Entertainment with Apex Legends indeed deserves a thumbs up. The unique and different battle-royale mix, combined with the cool Titanfall universe even without mecha, makes it playable for hundreds of millions of cross platform gamers in a short time. In the first month, not only did he achieve amazing revenue, he even managed to shift Fortnite from the throne of Twitch for some time. But who would have thought that the momentum was not as strong as previously imagined.

After four months he was released, discussions related to this game actually grew out of the negative area, from cheaters to various bugs that appeared. Observations from the research body – SuperData also mentioned that Apex Legends also experienced a decline in revenue for two consecutive months. The revenue in April 2109 was yesterday “only” USD 24 million or a quarter in the first month of its release. The unattractive content of Battle Pass and the lack of content supply are also said to contribute to this decline.

Previously Drew McCoy – Executive Producer from Apex Legends had focused only on the brand-new game. He even mentioned that to fully support Apex Legends, including adding content and continuing to inject the balancing process, Respawn is currently putting aside any plans and development processes for the new Titanfall series. For now, there isn’t a single resource from Apex Legends that will be transferred to other game projects, as well as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Each team will focus on working on the game that is their responsibility. Unfortunately, McCoy himself did not speak out whether this latest Titanfall series is indeed Titanfall 3 or another spin-off series like Apex Legends.

Apart from that, one of the things that most hurts the experience of Apex Legends today is of course – the Leavers / Quitters, those who decided to get out of the game for granted. With the composition of team-based games, losing one player certainly makes your chances of winning lame. Apex Legends currently still does not have a punitive system for these Leavers but begins to carry out an active trial process to make this action, followed by consequences.

Meeting many users from all over the world is the charm of a multiplayer, cooperative or competitive game. But considering the nature of each person is different, there is never a guarantee that you will find a consistent positive experience from them. Many bad behaviors are raised because of the anonymity of cyberspace, from just flaming, grieving, to worse – cheating. Therefore, it is the responsibility of game developers to start managing it all. This includes Respawn Entertainment and their popular battle-royale game – Apex Legends.

The system even “accidentally” lived in the last patch before being recalled by Respawn. Developers who stand under the EA flag are likely to inject a cooldown matchmaking system whose duration is getting higher along with the frequency of gamers leaving their games. One user calls himself getting 5 minutes of cooldown matchmaking after doing it three times in a row. Respawn guarantees that this will only happen for gamers who “like” to stop in the middle of a game like this. Respawn also confirmed that gamers are out of the game because their Squad numbers are incomplete or because they have been permanently killed, they will not be disturbed by this system.

Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment itself hasn’t talked about the exact time this system will be applied permanently on Apex Legends. One thing is certain, this seems to be the right step. How about you? How often do you experience playing Apex Legends hurt because of the actions of these leavers / quitters? Is this one of the causes of the decline in Apex Legends income?

Both EA and Respawn Entertainment themselves have not talked about the trend which of course, looks threatening to this. How about you? When was the last time you tasted Apex Legends?

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