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Astralis Winner Champion

Esports CS: GO is indeed endlessly providing entertainment. After the ESL Pro Dallas Season 7 title, it is now the turn of ECS Finals Season 5 which has crowned the champion. Yup, the two champions are the same team, Astralis.

Astralis is currently on fire after winning the Marseille 2018 DreamHack Masters event. Being the first team to win 2 trophies in a row and get rid of strong opponents like FaZe Clan in the semi-finals and Team Liquid in the grand final party.

The event that carries prizepool of US $ 660,000 at SSE Arena, London, England presents at least 8 top tier CS: GO teams. However, there were only 4 teams that made it to the playoffs namely NRG Esports, Team Liquid, Astralis and FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan must host Astralis in the semi-finals, while NRG Esports which shows a brilliant performance lately must be conquered by the team bearing the horse logo.

FaZe Clan also has to acknowledge the strength of gla1ve and friends after not being able to show optimal performance after a long period of vacuum from the olofmeister. On the other hand, Astralis are indeed in their peak performance after winning the DreamHack Marseille 2018.

The grand final party that brought together Team Liquid and Astralis brought the best-of-three series format by presenting Mirage and Dust II folders. Unfortunately Nitr0 and friends are still not strong enough to conquer Astralis, which is ‘ferocious’ in the competitive realm of CS: GO.

The first match at Mirage was Team Liquid’s own choice. But it was Astralis who dominated the match with a 9-0 lead in the first half of the match. Until finally Astralis was still leading through the CT side with a score of 11-4.

The second half becomes a live or dead match for Team Liquid after they showed a less convincing performance. Team Liquid was able to carry the match with a score of 15-12 to overtake Astralis’s superiority.

But it is unfortunate, Astralis still holds the momentum of the championship when the last round of matches in which Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz ended the score with 16-14 after his AWP ended Nick “nitr0” Cannella, 1-0 for Astralis.

Towards the second match, Dust II witnessed Astralis’s might after Team Liquid could not do much. Even this match became a less fierce match like the previous match.

With a brilliant individual game from Emil “Magisk” Reif in the second round pistol, Astralis managed to end the first half with a score of 11-1. But Team Liquid came back convincingly by adding 10 points.

But what power, Astralis also gave additional points by closing the second match in the grand final with a score of 16-11. These results also ended the series of ECS Finals Season 5 events in London.

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