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ASUS ROG Strix Scope: Ultimate Cherry MX

Trying to find hardware that can support your gaming activities, especially if you have a specific favorite genre is not an easy job. Most gaming peripherals formulated by popular manufacturers usually come with a more “general” concept – ensuring their products can be tasted by a variety of people. One of the most specific is usually only on MMO gamers who rely heavily on the extra key button for the macro, which incidentally will prefer gaming keyboards that meet these criteria. But imagine what would happen if a company offered a gaming keyboard with FPS gamers as a focus? This is what ASUS wants to do with ROG Strix Scope.

Rationally, we are sure that you, like us, have also confused what aspects can make a gaming keyboard a “specific” product for FPS games. Because considering competitive games that also merge with several genres, including battle-royale even though this is not a game that needs complex movements. As long as gaming keyboards carry N-rollover key features for minimizing risk, convenient switches, and don’t come with strange font layout configurations, it shouldn’t need much to worry about. So, how will ASUS define ROG Strix Scope? This perspective is actually more interesting to us than its performance, which, as you can predict, is definitely fantastic.

Design and Features

Present with the design of a conventional keyboard without extra keys is of course a rational decision for a product that defines itself as “the keyboard for FPS gamers”. With a black color that covers the entire body that looks and feels sturdy, the dark color decision and the combination of aluminum materials also make the cosmetic side filled with RGB LEDs on each key now look more charming. It automatically makes bright colors brighter and shine when used. The good news? Decisions like this also make the keyboard not easy to look dirty, especially for those of you who do everything in front of the monitor screen.

You are certainly curious about what makes this “FPS keyboard” special and indeed deserves the title, especially in terms of design? Believe it or not, ASUS “simplifies it” with one design change – the CTRL key is now twice the size of the keyboard in general. It is now elongated and sized along the Shift key on many keyboards. Narration? That’s right, as you can predict, this size is claimed to make FPS gamers be able to access it with less risk, which is rationally correct. Especially considering CTRL is one of the most important functions in many FPS games, which positions it as a button for crouch, especially in competitive FPS games.

So, is this FPS gaming keyboard claim a “gimmick” or not with this larger and longer CTRL button condition? Regardless of your reaction, which might see it as a futile addition, from ASUS ‘point of view, this is an extra design aimed at solving one specific problem, which emerges from a specific genre, which will usually be faced by specific gamers – FPS alone. Therefore, this claim is not a gimmick. Because it must be admitted, this longer CTRL key indeed minimizes the risk of pressing errors to Window or Shift keys for example, especially when you are in the middle of a battle full of chaos and controlling muscle memory. But is this solution satisfying for all gamers? You must determine.

Amid the integrated multimedia key line with dozens of “F” keys available, the ASUS ROG Strix Scope also provides an extra button with a logo like a young child with a hood that hides the face. This button is called a “Stealth Key” which can be simplified as an instant access function to hide whatever activity you are doing. Pressing it will immediately minimize all Windows that you could open and immediately turn off the desktop sound at that moment.

ROG Strix Scope, how comfortable?

If you start to talk about the performance that he stretches, then we can simplify it into one short word – fantastic. There are a number of things that we love from the various design decisions they make.

One of them? The decision to choose Cherry MX as the main switch, which might make the entire product higher in price, but on the other hand erode the doubt and worry that it will not last long. Cherry MX has a strong connotation of quality and durability. The mechanical comfort that he stretches will certainly depend on your Switch preferences, which in our Red Switch case, is in line with what we need for gaming and productive activities. But as usual, using it in a public place means you have to consider the sound of keystrokes that might disturb people around you.

The good news about gaming keyboards like this? ROG Strix Scope is also supported by the 100{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f} Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover features which are a sure guarantee that how fast your movements and actions hit the keys, everything will be translated into whatever program you are running, whether it’s video gaming or typing this review for example. There is no more risk that arises because of the delay in the command execution process because you press a lot of buttons super fast. For those of you who are looking for a productive keyboard, especially if you need it for work like writing or coding for example, this will be one of the features that “saves your life”. To the extent that we tried it, this claim proved to function in its proper capacity.

As for its functions, the ASUS ROG Strix Scope is also supported by supporting software – ROG Armor II which of course allows you to set certain functions. From cosmetics, there are various effects that you can set with RGB brightness levels that are ready to make your gaming session look much more attractive. And as predicted, the function to modify the function of each key is also available through macro functions that you can manipulate through Armor II, the user-interface is also simple and easy to master. Concepts like this increasingly provide certainty that in terms of performance, he is fantastic. We also tested it for a variety of productive activities and gaming sessions like DOTA 2 (yes we understand clearly that this keyboard has an FPS identity), which feels fantastic and accurate especially through the 100{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f} anti-ghosting and N-Key Rollover features that it stretches.

The Ultimate Point: Cherry MX

ASUS ROG Strix Scope is a gaming keyboard that carries out its tasks with the proper capacity. The decision to inject the identity of the “FPS keyboard” was only because the enlarged and extended CTRL button was something that had a clear function and indeed ended up strengthening the identity that ASUS wanted to build. Reinforced with all the “standard” functions of the supposed gaming keyboard and the extra Stealth button we discussed earlier, there are many reasons to look at it. But for us personally? The decision to include Cherry MX on this one keyboard.

But once again, it is always the best strategy to test various types of mechanical switches, especially those coming from Cherry MX to determine which variant is most comfortable for you. Because it is not impossible, regardless of the quality of the build, you end up being uncomfortable just because of the reluctance to feel and choose the Switch that suits your preferences.


So what can be concluded from the ASUS ROG Strix Scope? That the foundation is a premium gaming mechanical keyboard with the quality and features it should have, but wrapped in the identity of “gaming FPS” which in your eyes can be a genius or stupid step at the same time. But overriding the longer and bigger CTRL key, which is effective for minimizing the risk of mistaken press when the battle situation is heating up, it is a gaming keyboard that performs its function properly with a sturdy design. We actually fell in love with the decision to hold Cherry MX as a foundation and also the function of “Stealth” for side activities.

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