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Best Platform for Gamers

Want to focus on playing games? Of course you have to choose a platform that can be your favorite platform for years to come. Both PC, Console, or Mobile. Of course various advantages and disadvantages of each. Then, what are the important points of the three platforms?


“PC Master Race” is the name of the world netizens gaming on this one platform. Apart from the hardware that can be copied with weird customization, the PC can almost do everything. Want 4K? Can! Do you want to modify the game by replacing the 3D character with your own 3D model? Can! Ngecheat in offline games? EASY! Modify the exterior! Why not?

For people whose money is mediocre, assembling a PC might make it a work package and play games simultaneously. But do you know that you have to sacrifice a lot of money to pursue it? Isn’t it worth building a PC for playing games? Here are a handful of advantages and disadvantages if you choose a PC as your main gaming platform.

  1. Specifications Become An Important Thing

Components are the PC’s main weapon. CPU, RAM, GPU / VGA, and HDD are entities that cannot be released on a PC. You have to choose a lot of these components to be able to play the game. Incorrectly combining components and selecting brands is no guarantee that you can experience bottlenecks or other undesirable disasters. Don’t be cheap, because all the components that you buy are usually gambling or chancy. Can be broken quickly if it does, it can last long if you’re lucky. But this is very minimal in some other well-known brands that have guaranteed quality.

  1. Must Know the Component Functions

Apart from the specifications that I wrote, you also have to know the many functions of the components that exist. Starting from the comparison of cores, speed, CPU generation, to differences in brands between A, B, and C. Asking is always a solution, but hey now there is a technology called Google, why can’t you just look for it?

I give you tips, Tomshardware can be the easiest reference site for beginners. But, don’t forget to try looking for it again in several other sources such as linus tech tips, or something else. Yes, everyone needs sacrifice and it’s not that easy Ferguso!

  1. Money, Everything Needs Money

Talk about these super-large components, of course the more money you need, the more. Remember, the processor / CPU is cheap, unless you want to not last long if forced in extreme situations. The standard of assembling PC gaming for today is around 10-15 million. You can trim it to cheaper if you already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, and / or headset. If you target super long term, then you need more money.

  1. Assemble as needed

Yes, this is what many people rarely notice. Assembling as needed is necessary. Do you assemble PC Gaming to play any game? What is the minimum / recommended spec? Must be considered carefully. Includes fps targets and visual levels. Hurt carelessly can be wasteful and waste money.

  1. Diverse Sales Platform

Remember PCs remember Steam, yes, Steam is one of the largest digital game sales platforms from PCs in the world. Almost all PC games were released on Steam, but not only Steam, sometimes many PC games were released on other platforms. For example, Ubisoft’s uPlay, Epic Games Store owned by Epic Games, CD Projekt’s GOG, Origin’s EA, Battlenet which exclusively sells Blizzard and Activision games, Bethesda Launcher Bethesda, Microsoft’s Windows Store, and several other sales platforms including parties third such as Greenman Gaming, Humble Bundle, and Itch.

  1. Event Discount

The annual PC game discount event usually fits the season, whether spring, summer, fall, and cold / christmas / holiday. But the biggest discount is pretty crazy at Steam Summer Sale with discounts up to 85{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f}. Not only that, usually the digital game sales distribution platform also holds flash sales, weekend sales, publisher sales, and other discount events that don’t determine the schedule.

  1. Evolution of Hardware

PC hardware continues to evolve, so you are required for a long-term investment to prepare your PC in the following years. Always set aside money every month to upgrade, because generally component age and changing times can be stuck for 5-10 years depending on how you treat it. No more complaints “don’t try GTX 980 yet. I have already released the RTX 2080 series”, that’s not your fault early on.


Well, if this is for you that doesn’t want to be complicated, just plug in electricity and TV, everything is OK! You don’t need to think about how much RAM, VGA / GPU you use, what CPU is the CPU, how many Hz the CPU frequency is. The console is a machine that is designed specifically for playing video games, no more. Then, how many variants are there?

  1. PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox

So many consoles really are that if you live in the 80-90s, there are Nintendo, SEGA Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation, until ATARI. But now you only have to choose between 3: PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox. Of course all of them have their respective strengths.

  • PlayStation

PlayStation 4 is the latest variant of the PlayStation which has now entered its sixth year when this writing was written.

PlayStation or Sony PlayStation is the fruit of the Nintendo and Sony projects in the video game industry called “Nintendo Play Station” which were eventually canceled because Nintendo betrayed Phillips and preferred to work with him for fear that Sony could rival them. This console was later developed by Sony with targeted Japanese and foreign markets.

PlayStation games are generally a mixture of quality Japanese and western games, but because basically PlayStation comes from Japan, most quality Japanese games will spill on the console. The target market continues to change every series, from casual and hardcore on the first, second, and third PlayStation, to hardcore in the fourth and pro editions.

The distinctive feature of PlayStation is its exclusive game. Sony has very high dedication to offering its products with exclusive quality games that emphasize stories and can only be enjoyed on PlayStation. Their strategy is to sell consoles with quality exclusive games that are often much better than today’s expensive games. They continue to cultivate these distinctive characteristics despite the fact that they are quite a loss because of the extremely expensive production costs.

  • Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console with the “Switch” function that they are proud of. Where you can carry it portable or connect it to a TV to change its function into a home console.

Nintendo is the console and the first company in Japan to wrestle in the gaming world. No wonder the Japanese prefer their brand compared to Sony, which is more focused on the western and outside Japanese markets. Most exclusive games they offer are based on one word “fun” or fun. Therefore they provide more games that are arguably casual but also at the same time quality and very exciting if played with friends, family, or office colleagues.

Nintendo’s target market that is far different from PlayStation for them has its own market, especially for Japanese people themselves. Their designs are also tailored to the needs of most people, because most Japanese people are busy and prefer portability, so the newest series, Switch is Nintendo’s choice for the market. The result? Very satisfying in his own country! Unfortunately, it seems that he is still not very interested outside Japan besides America and Europe because his age is still relatively new. But, if you are looking for quality casual games that can be played with other people, then Nintendo is the answer!

  • Xbox

Present to compete with the PlayStation because of its popularity abroad, Microsoft, which is famous for its Windows, made the Xbox go directly to the gaming industry. Even though it is quite late because many people have known PlayStation first, but they managed to grab millions of fans when the Xbox360 was released. Beat the prestige of the PlayStation 3 which is getting dimmer.

The Xbox really can’t win the hearts of Asian gamers as a whole thanks to the penetration of the PlayStation which was much earlier released. But the game, which is mostly a shooter game, successfully boosted the American and European markets smoothly. Unfortunately, even though they still promised exclusive PlayStation games, Xbox is now focusing on crossplatform systems that they strive for and more sophisticated machine technology. I, who used to play JRPG and games with interesting stories, didn’t even care about this console other than the Xbox360 with the HALO, which had a cool sci-fi story. Xbox is a champion of high-tech shooter games and games.

  1. Account “Region Lock”

Consoles generally have different store areas according to their country, this is so that there is price equality in accordance with the conditions of each economy of each person or the cool language “regional price”. The account you registered can choose which region of the country / continent will be the digital store of the game. Starting from Europe, America, Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, to Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, the account will be locked in that country only and cannot enjoy promos and DLCs in stores in other countries. Luckily, the region lock that is applied is only limited to accounts and DLC. So you can register with an American regional account to be able to access American stores and the like. As for games, if you have a European region game, then you will need the European region DLC. So for example you have the Until Dawn European region game, then you need a European account to be able to apply the DLC. Buying it outside the region of the game won’t work.

  1. Paid Online Services

Unlike the PCs, which are all completely free after you buy the game, the console applies subscription services to play the game online. So for example you buy Call of Duty on PlayStation 4 and want to play multiplayer with your friends, then you need to pay PS Plus as a multiplayer online service, cloud saving, and other online features they provide. Xbox and Nintendo do the same thing.

Paying for these services gives you various benefits, ranging from special discounts, special events for those who subscribe, to free games.

  1. “Free” Games

As previously stated that you need paid online services to get multiplayer, cloud, and other access, the console company gives you another advantage of enjoying “free” games every month.

Why do I write “free”? Because basically you will only be granted access to the game as long as the service you pay for. So for example you subscribe to PS Plus and can access Detroit Become Human for free in July, so if PS Plus in July expires, then the game won’t be able to access you again and be locked until you renew the service.

Unlike PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo will give you dozens of free NES games for those of you who subscribe to the service. But yes as I wrote above, he is not permanently free if his subscription has expired.


This is what is popular today, mobile. This platform is actually just for communication, but since Google and Apple look at it from a different side, one of them is portable objects that have had games for a long time, so they used the opportunity to invite developers to provide them.

Most games released on the mobile platform are free games or free-to-play with in-game items that you can buy using real money. So it is not uncommon for the “outbreak” of the internet cafe game that used to be popular in Indonesia again appearing in mobile. Aside from being free, the affordability of cheap smartphones with high enough specifications makes almost anyone who doesn’t have the chance to touch the pleasure of a gaming console or PC can enjoy free games that are served mobile. Then, what are the variants?

  • Android

Android is an Operating System (hereinafter referred to as OS) developed by millions of Google dollars for smartphones. Cheap and easy dioprek is the nature of this platform. Google PlayStore integration with other Google products such as adsense makes money for indie developers who want to release the game on Android for free.

  • iOS

Having a device with high specifications and strong is the hallmark of the iPhone. With the iOS OS, this eternal competitor of Android gives its customers as if they have high class or strata thanks to the price of the smartphone which is quite expensive compared to Android. In addition to price, the most obvious difference between the two platforms is the amount of free software they have. Most iOS software on the Apple Store is paid software and developers cannot enter the game in the Apple digital store.


Those are some of the poisons that each game platform has. It’s up to you to choose which platform, as long as it’s in accordance with your abilities. Have a good game!

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