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Beware of Steam Phising Account

The internet is a “sweet” technology. Changing the way modern humans work and live, like most positives that have been available so far, it also gives birth to many new types of crimes. The problem? With the fact that the internet has now become part of various daily activities, including gaming, the form of crime is also getting smarter and difficult to identify. Just a little off guard? Then you can say goodbye to emails or even your account which is already filled with so many games and items. For Steam gamers? This scam is what Malwarebytes has made the latest highlight.


Most of these scams come from accounts that have been on your friends list for a long time, which you may never encounter in the real world. This account could be idle all this time and suddenly send you a message. What’s in it? Pretend to be panicked that they recently misreported a rogue account which happened to be yours. They also spread fear and said that there is a high chance that your Steam account will be banned because of the negligence of this report.



The rest? The same account will ask you to do a series of ways to clarify directly to Steam so that this ban does not occur. You will be asked to contact your Discord account, read the message from the Steam service, and finally get an email that is designed to look official. At the end? They will try to steal your account by asking you to log out of Steam on your computer, and then send you a SteamCode or SteamGuard code for login verification which of course, will end up changing your account.


To make them trustworthy, usually these accounts not only use soft and polite language, but also use accounts high enough to be trusted. So if you are a Steam user who has already invested a fair amount of money, don’t forget to be vigilant!

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