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Cadence of Hyrule: Fun and Different Zelda Game

Refreshing saw how Nintendo moved from a Japanese company that was considered rigid in its policies because it contained so many old corporations, becoming a more flexible company, especially from matters dealing with their popular franchises. This flexible movement looks promising, from the testimony of the quality of Breath of the Wild, which reportedly contains a lot of young talent in it to openness to start exploring other platforms such as mobile and also the big screen for their super popular franchise. But it has never occurred to the minds of many gamers, including us, is their collaborative project.

When Nintendo announced a collaboration with Ubisoft a few years ago via a cool strategy game – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, many gamers were surprised that this was finally possible, especially by Nintendo. Moving forward, it seems like their jargon to open cooperation for any party that can offer something new and different for their iconic franchise is indeed not playing games. Together with Brace Yourself Games – the brain behind the popular indie game – Crypt of the Necrodancer, Nintendo built a game that borrowed the same rhythmic plus RPG action game concept that is now borrowing Zelda’s universe. The combination of the two gave birth to a new game called Cadence of Hyrule.


It is certainly interesting to see how the Crypt of the Necrodancer story can be combined into the Legend of Zelda universe.

How does Nintendo and Brace Yourself Games combine the story of Crypt of Necrodancer and Legend of Zelda at the same time? In a way that is as secular as possible. Obviously it seems that Cadence of Hyrule was indeed built to prioritize gameplay and not stories that will make you touched and moved.

Cadence – the main character from the Crypt of the Necrodancer suddenly discovered the Tri-Force in his exploration action. This caused him to be thrown to Hyrule who turned out to be in trouble. The Kingdom of Hyrule fell asleep, including the king, Link, and of course – Zelda. With Tri-Force powers, Cadence must choose to wake Link or Zelda which of course, is followed by an attempt to restore Hyrule to its original state. While Cadence, who didn’t bother much, chose to find a way back to his own world.

Is Octavo – an antagonist who turns out to be responsible for this incident. By using musical instruments as the main theme, Octavo locked himself inside Hyrule castle. The gate is locked with a laser, making Zelda / Link unable to just go inside and defeat it. Octavo spreads the key in the form of a different musical instrument to the four Boss he spread in Hyrule. As you can predict, it is your job to find and find these Boss and subdue each of them. And in the end, beat Octavo.

So, what is Octavo’s motivation to make Hyrule fall asleep? What challenges do Zelda and Link have to pass? What is the role of their great enemy – Ganon in the whole story? Of course you have to play Cadence of Hyrule to get answers to these questions.

Main attraction? Music!

Before we talk far about the gameplay side of Cadence of Hyrule which is actually based on the Crypt of Necrodancer which was released several years ago, it is not easy to override the fact that rhythmic is a part of the gameplay that he stretches out. That’s right, apart from all the trailers that seem to offer classic Zelda flavors in the past, Cadence of Hyrule has a unique mechanism in it. That the real root is a rhythmic game that asks you to move and act in accordance with the music, while trying to survive. No wonder the highlight of the game lies in that aspect.

In terms of visuals, the increase in what is offered by Crypt of Necrodancer, Cadence of Hyrule (we have begun to get tired of typing super long game names like this) certainly comes with better visuals. Although it remains rooted in old pixel-based pixel-based visualization, the details of the character remain well presented. You can clearly tell which character you are using, Zelda, Link, or Cadence itself at the end of the game.

So as we discussed above, the most tempting part of Cadence of Hyrule is music. Considering that he integrates the rhythmic side in it and brings the Zelda universe, then it ends up loading most of Zelda’s music which now goes through the remix process to make it feel new, different, and faster to accommodate the game system of this game. Leaving a strong nostalgic impression, feeling so familiar, but also refreshing at the same time, you will enjoy every part of the implementation of the music system in this game. Not only music, some of Zelda’s iconic sound effects such as opening a chest and getting super important items were also present at Cadence of Hyrule.

Different Zelda

With the influence of Crypt of the Necrodancer as a basis for gameplay, Cadence of Hyrule offers a familiar but authentic Legend of Zelda experience at the same time. That apart from the various elements that are known by the old fans, what is offered on the side of the gameplay is a surprising mix that you and we will never know, will succeed in appearing stunning if combined. Where your movement is no longer just flowing freely, but it is determined by the music that is playing.

Cadence of Hyrule is no longer just including Link as the main character. At the beginning of the game, you can also play as Zelda. Whoever the character you choose, the mission design will still allow both of them to solve the puzzle and subdue every challenge that exists. They do have different sets. Link comes with a Shield that makes it able to withstand attacks from the front and spinning attacks, while Zelda has a magical shield that makes it able to reflect projectile and Fire Rod attacks with him. Depending on the character you choose, you will also get a different starting point for the story. But in the end, fixed progress will require you to recruit both with the option to change characters whenever you want. But take it easy, whatever items and equipment you get along the way, either Link or Zelda will be able to use them.

Believe it or not, this is a rhythmic game!

So, what makes the Cadence of Hyrule game system different from Zelda games in general? As we talked about before, music and rhythm. At Cadence of Hyrule, neither Zelda nor Link will be able to move and run as free as adventure games in general. Every level they visited, with a random design system for several existing dungeons, there were boxes of strategy games that filled them. That’s right, the Cadence of Hyrule movement will be implemented per these small boxes. Areas such as shallow water, for example, need two movements to get past one box. The verticality system is also carried, where Zelda or Link will not be able to access higher places without stepping stones, for example.

This is where the rhythmic system plays. Following the remixed version of Zelda’s iconic music playing in the background, you have to move to the beat. Take it easy, even if you are tone-blind, there is still a bar at the bottom of the screen to give you visual assistance when to “knock” or take action in the game. The more accurate your movements follow the beat of the music that is, there is a strategic advantage that you get, like a multiplier system that will make your damage bigger. While if you miss it, in addition to the multiplier that returns to return to the beginning, you will also experience the status of “Missed Beat” which acts like a Mini Stun. You will be silent for a split second, which makes you vulnerable to attack.

Exploration actions will reward you with a variety of equipment with different functions.

Unfortunately, Cadence of Hyrule is not a difficult and balanced game. Why? First, because the enemy does not provide a threat that is significant through their own rhythm of movement and attack. On many occasions, you can draw your weapon many times with a fast rhythm to kill them before they can do anything. The only challenging enemy is those who have a variety of shields in front of their bodies, so you have to maneuver a little. Second? That the level of difficulty will immediately decrease significantly once you get the right weapon. The most imbalance weapon in Cadence of Hyrule is a Spear that allows you to attack at a distance of two tiles quickly. You can even kill enemies before they realize you are moving towards them. Slow but sure, along with more equipment being obtained, this easy game is getting easier.

So with him, a new perspective full of sense of optimism was born. That it is beyond the desire to see what kind of surprise Nintendo prepared for the Switch, which is still considered “young”, it is interesting to see what kind of collaboration was opened by Nintendo for their products in the future. Mario has plunged into a fascinating strategy, Zelda has entered the world of adventure full of rhythmic music in it. What is next? We really no longer wait patiently.


He is Zelda, but he is different. He is Crypt of the Necrodancer, but he is different. In the Cadence of Hyrule case, different is an incomparable favor.

So Cadence of Hyrule must be acknowledged as a project that falls on a simple word to explain it: surprising and sad. Surprising because no one can predict that a combination of unique gameplay in the style of Crypt of the Necrodancer can work for adventure games that borrow the “classic” Zelda taste, maintain a familiar sensation and offer new ones at the same time. Together with cool music and cute visualization, he is also ready to make you addicted. Exploration is looking for items and equipment to strengthen the character, defeat the mini boss and boss of Octavo, to complete the variety of puzzles that he provides will make it difficult for you to turn your face away from the existing Nintendo Switch screen. A crazy idea that turns out, works well.

Apart from these shortcomings, Cadence of Hyrule ended up being a game that we would not be difficult to recommend for those of you who are indeed looking for interesting games for the Nintendo Switch. He is Zelda, but he is different. He is Crypt of the Necrodancer, but he is different. In the Cadence of Hyrule case, different is an incomparable favor.

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