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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reboot – Great Improvements

Call of Duty is a name that is unique in the gaming industry. There is no longer a name for the game in the gaming industry where every announcement of the newest series is always followed by intense discussion and debate that usually occurs between two camps: those who are fed up with the annual releases it makes and those who consistently enjoy each and every series that appears. . That despite the fact that this franchise is handled by three different developer teams who are constantly trying to offer something new and different, this stigma is difficult to remove. But something different happened in 2019, when the responsibility that now rests with Infinity Ward should be paid with the return of the iconic name – Modern Warfare.



The Modern Warfare series for 2019 is indeed a reboot series. This means, that apart from the names of the characters who returned, none of them shared the past and has no connection at all with the Modern Warfare trilogy that was released by Infinity Ward in the past. This is a new story with a new character that simply “borrows” the name and perhaps, the similarity of characters, but is positioned as an original entity in a different story line.

Trying to offer a more relevant war story, Modern Warfare Reboot brings you to a new, super-scary threat – a gas-shaped chemical weapon that was stolen from the Russian military by a terrorist organization called Al-Qatala. Led by Omar “The Wolf” Sulaman, this organization, of course, immediately became the main prey of the special forces of the United States and Britain, mainly because of the potential for attacks on their important city. To be able to track down and hunt down Omar, and at the same time secure the gas weapon, they must cooperate with Farah – the rebel leader from the same country from Omar – Urzikstan.

This hunting process apparently did not only involve Farah and Urzikstan. Slowly but surely, the special army which is now under the leadership of Price, inevitably also has to intersect with Russia. Russia, which controlled Urzikstan through a process of invasion led by Barkov – a merciless military officer, became the main enemy of Urzikstan’s rebel forces. Exchanging the debt of gratitude between Farah and Price’s special forces became the foundation of the collaboration to hunt for Omar whose existence became more dangerous every second. But as can be predicted, Omar is not the only party responsible here.


Better Visualization

One of the most welcomed news in the release of COD: Modern Warfare Reboot is the certainty of the latest engine implementation which in the end, makes the latest series of Call of Duty ends much more pampering than the previous series. That this latest engine not only offers stunning quality details, especially from character models and clothing textures or weapon details, for example, but also plays with lighting effects that make many moments now feel and look more dramatic. Even this light is one of the keys that defines the Call of Duty experience that is more close and personal, especially from the single player mode that he stretches.

That the portion of the story is now more presented via a cut-scene video with pre-rendered characters who talk to each other, leaving the taste of Hollywood films that are more obvious. Such an approach is unfortunately, difficult for us to welcome with open arms. Although the dramatization of first-person glasses with an in-game engine still occurs, the presence of cut scenes like this snatches the “identity” of Call of Duty, especially for those who had time to enjoy the old series. If they had defended the story from the first-person angle and let the mission briefings be presented in the form of map movements, we would have liked it better.

So in terms of presentation, the visualization quality claimed by Infinity Ward and Activision will be better at COD: Modern Warfare Reboot thanks to the latest engine implementation that is proven. Compared to the previous series, especially in single-player mode, the details he offers, especially in terms of lighting are fascinating. Unfortunately, from the multiplayer mode, it still offers the classic multiplayer sensation that you imagine. There is nothing special in terms of presentation, such as destruction due to heavy weapons and the like here.

Tasteless atmosphere

It is certainly encouraging to see the single-player mode Call of Duty back in the hands of Infinity Ward, which is indeed predicted as the compounding of the best stories of three developers who joined the franchise release cycle on this one. Especially in the previous year, Treyarch even “threw out” this total mode to produce a series of Call of Duty that is fully multiplayer with battle-royale which is the main attraction. With the name Modern Warfare he carries, Infinity Ward encourages interesting narration. That in this reboot series, they want to represent a war that is more “gray” where there is no party that is really evil or good given the variety of interests they carry. They also want to portray how destructive war is for their real lives, not taking up arms. The point? Chasing a more realistic representation.

Did they succeed? Yes and no. For matters of projecting the impression of a destructive war, especially for civil society, Infinity Ward does a relatively good job. There are many scripted moments, such as when you play the role of a small Farah who not only has to lose his homeland – Urzikstan due to the sudden invasion of Russia alone, but also sees the two people he loves the most – His father and mother must die in an inhumane way, indeed must be recognized is quite thrilling. The hair on your neck is also quite chilling when you see armed forces suddenly storming the city of London and firing machine guns at the civilians who are running around. At least for this aspect, Infinity Ward does a good job.

But unfortunately, the strong impression was not successfully presented by a variety of “important” moments that had been mentioned Infinity Ward will make gamers question their morals. They did design a variety of dynamic and critical situations where gamers’ quick movements to suppress the trigger of machine guns would determine who lives and dies, from hostage situations to terrorism in the crowd. But what they are trying to push feels like a “reality” knife that looks so dangerous on the surface, but in reality, it is blunt.

What happened? There are several underlying reasons. First, emotional attachment. Because every civilian character you can kill doesn’t have a clear background to make you care, putting a bullet in their head doesn’t leave any guilt at the end. Second? Infinity Ward himself, half hearted.

There are some super brutal moments that can actually end with more severe and significant moral consequences, but end up being “limited” by Infinity Ward itself. There are two cases that we found, which made us disappointed. First when you meet a crying baby in one of the Raid missions, if you shoot, it will end with the Game Over screen. The second scene occurs at the moment of interrogation of one of the antagonists – Butcher by carrying the child and wife in the same room and threatening them with firearms containing live ammunition. If you end up killing the child? Game Over. If you try to shoot the wife’s head? He was designed to not be hurt. Both of these cases are strong evidence, that despite all these words and claims of Infinity Ward, they are still considering the matter of potential controversies, business aspects, and end up determining what they may and may not do according to their standards, which incidentally betrayed what they were trying to pursue.

The third reason that makes this situation is not significant? Because in the end, instead of being realistic, the war story offered by Infinity Ward in Modern Warfare Reboot feels so fictional and makes no sense. Conditions which naturally claimed dreams and claims about relevant war scenarios. We are talking about the FPS game that still favors the United States as a protagonist whose bad attitude is still forced to be justified, against Russian troops who come as antagonists with an attitude and super brutal treatment without mercy to prisoners of war, which makes it feel one dimensional.

This unrealistic situation also arises from the personality of one of the protagonist characters you also control – Alex. In the beginning, Alex was Price’s “bridge” to negotiate and win over Farah and her rebel forces. But in just a few missions, with an interaction that could not be said to be strong and profound with Farah, Alex who incidentally is a United States special force suddenly did not hesitate to defy the orders of his superiors and chose to stand under the flag of Urzikstan. Willing to sacrifice his life to defend Farah’s troops from the pursuit of Russian troops, without hesitation. For two characters whose relationship is not deep, they have not shared many missions, they have never voiced strong friendships, this is a situation that is certainly absurd and confusing at the same time.


Trying to look different!

One of the best news from the word “reboot” used by Infinity Ward to define this year’s COD series is the fact that the new approach that they promised is not only rooted in single-player mode but also multiplayer mode in some regions, especially the United States, indeed became the life of this franchise. For the first time, in such a long period of time, the Call of Duty multiplayer mode finally feels different or at least, trying to be different. Cool again? He is not just rooted in mechanical changes such as the introduction of hero systems in the style of Black Ops 4 with their special abilities. This difference is rooted in the classic experience of Call of Duty without the frills of wall running, double jump, ultimate attack, and the like.

One of the most significant is the sensation of movement which is now slower and heavier, regardless of what type of weapon you are carrying. This makes the battle dynamics in the multiplayer mode Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reboot no longer able to rely on the “Run and Gun” habits in the previous series. That the strategy to keep moving and run fast from one target to another now actually makes you more easily killed rather than producing a dazzling performance. Changes in gameplay flavor are also supported by changes in map design style and injected new mechanics.

Unlike the previous series that carries a map that is open enough so that the “Run and Gun” strategy can run optimally, the design of this latest multiplayer mode map series, even in Team Deathmatch mode, is now filled with a variety of objects at various angles that are designed for one things – hiding. This makes camping strategies much more effective with far greater opportunities than the previous series. Extra mechanical “mounts” where you can hide in the corner of a particular object and peek and shoot using your weapons instantly encourage the effectiveness of this strategy.


There are so many claims made by Infinity Ward for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reboot, from the promise to offer a more relevant war taste, a more dazzling visualization quality, to a variety of conditions that reportedly will test gamers’ moral compasses and let them “swallow” the consequences which exists. Regardless of how much of that is proven and sweetly executed, it’s hard not to admit that it’s clear for this year’s series, Infinity Ward is really trying to offer something different. There are some new things that make us fall in love with the implementation of new multiplayer modes such as Gunfight and Night Playlist, cut-scenes that expressly show civilian victims enough to make the heart touched, more personal and slow battle sensations, to better visual quality . There are many new things and improvements that he stretches.

But on the other hand, it’s also hard to deny that things don’t work as well and as interestingly as Infinity Ward promised. A simple example? The issue of action choices that continue to be heralded will tickle your morals, for example. Because in the end, some actions that should have super heavy consequences such as consciously killing a baby or small child in the name of “reaching” your mission are actually limited by Infinity Ward with the “Game Over” screen as a consequence. This means Infinity Ward does not provide space and opportunity to project a variety of war scenarios that can occur in the name of protecting themselves from the controversy that can occur. Something that is very unfortunate. This weakness also merges with some of the points we discussed above.

But it must be admitted, what did Infinity Ward with this latest series did make it worthy of the name Modern Warfare – a name that sticks with a positive memory in the hearts of many gamers. Needs improvements to make this series of reboot stories end stronger and more memorable, but on the other hand, you can understand that their hearts and ambitions are in the right place.

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