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Clan Income From Esports

Esports has gradually become a favorite field of all circles. At least the note ‘children‘ are irrelevant to see the potential shown in recent years. Esports athletes are competing to be the best and take advantage of the rising potential of esports.

Some countries are well-known for their dominance in various games on esports. Not only one branch of the game, this country has even well-known esports athletes and is a separate icon in the game.

Who would have thought that Denmark became the fifth highest income country in the world? Yup, this country saves many talented ESports athletes with a myriad of experiences, and of course also income.

The income from this country was led by Johan “n0tail” Sundstein with a total income of US $ 1,486,638.96. Players who are quite veterans in the competitive realm of Dota 2 have waded through many tournaments, including winning 3 major events with OG.

Besides n0tail, there are also League of Legends players from Team SoloMid, Bjergsen and Roster CS: GO from Astralis such as Xyp9x, dupreeh, gla1ve, dev1ce, magisk which are ranked first in HLTV ranking (11/11/2018 edition).

Another Scandinavian country is ranked in the top 5 of the most winning esports prize countries. So, who is the first esports athlete that comes to mind when you see Sweden?

For those of you Dota 2 esports activists, you certainly don’t forget the iconic Roster Alliance, which is full of Swedish players on the International title 3. Loda and his friends managed to win the event after winning Natus Vincere in the final round.

Not only Dota 2, CS: GO also witnessed talented esports athletes such as Swedish roster from the fnatic and Ninjas teams in Pajamas. The iconic Xizt to the olofmeister that is strengthening the FaZe Clan certainly cannot be forgotten.

The first place was occupied by Dota 2 athletes, Gustav “S4” Magnusson, former Offlaner Alliance, OG and now strengthens Evil Geniuses. This player has pocketed a prize of US $ 1,619,277.28 from esports revenue.

The country famous for Goblin’s romance drama is indeed famous for its global esports talents.

Not only League of Legends, Dota 2 with the MVP team .hoenix also had become the stage for this East Asian country.

Back in League of Legends, esports athletes from this country really dominated. Call it the athlete with the most income, Faker who became the icon of the South Korean League of Legends.

His income was not small, in fact, as an esports athlete, “Sultan” in South Korea. The total prize won by Faker in the esports domain is around US $ 1,172,048.35.

Besides League of Legends, South Korea also dominates in the competitive arena, StarCraft II, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. But we must admit that South Korean athletes really dominate in the esports realm of various games.

Make America Great Again! The United States or the country which is referred to as ‘Uncle Sam’ is in second place.

Unlike when counting from the total players, the United States actually became the country producing the most esports athletes in the world with a total of 10,483 players.

But the majority of winners or contributors came from the competitive realm of Dota 2. Among these players were Universe, ppd, Fear and Moo. They are players on the Evil Geniuses team and compLexity Gaming.

Universe occupies the top position as a player with the most revenue from the esports domain. The total income of US $ 2,996,603.47 has been pocketed by the player with the full name of Saahil Arora.

Of course his victory at the International 5 event with ppd and Fear helped Evil Geniuses and the United States increase from total revenue in the esports domain.

But if South Korea is famous for the game Starcraft II and Overwatch, the United States is very well known in the esports realm, Call of Duty series and Halo series. Cloud9 CS: GO team is also dominated by players from the United States such as Rush and drag.

Numbawan China! Yup, this time they were literally in the first number. China is the country that won the most prizes from the esports domain. One of the East Asian countries after South Korea ranked first with talent talent Dota 2.

China is the largest producer of Dota 2 players in the world. Besides that, the players from this bamboo curtain country are also very talented.

At least this country has produced several big championship events Dota 2, The International which has the most prizepool in world esports history.

Some of The International champions from China include, Invictus Gaming, Wings Gaming, and Newbee. From the runner-up position it was also filled by teams from China, such as CDEC Gaming, EHOME, and also Vici Gaming.

Then, with a massive amount of prizes, it is not surprising that China is the highest state of total revenue from the esports domain. The top 5 players themselves are occupied by former Wings Gaming retainer.

Wings Gaming, which won The International 6, does have a fantastic total prize. TI6 itself has a value of US $ 20,770,460 and Wings Gaming receives 44{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f} of the total price or a total of US $ 9,139.002.

No wonder players like iceice, y ‘, Faith_bian, Shadow and bLink occupy the top 5 players with the highest income. The second game of money contributors was occupied by rivals, League of Legends, with far too many numbers.

The countries above do have a long history in the esports domain. In addition, persistence and high discipline are also the keys that have been applied by esports teams from related countries.

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