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Continue Sponsorship with ESL, Pringles Find New Ideas for Marketings

Organizers of the ESL esports tournament announced that their collaboration with Pringles will be extended. With this, Pringles will continue to support all ESL National Championship tournaments in Germany and Poland for the next year.


As a non-endemic brand, Pringles has been working with ESL since 2017. At that time, they sponsored the ESL One Hamburg tournament held in Germany. In 2018, Pringles decided to deepen their collaboration with ESL and sponsor more competitions and activities. Throughout his collaboration with ESL, Pringles has been a sponsor of various tournaments, such as IEM Katowice, ESL One Cologne, ESL One Hamburg, and ESL Meisterschaft. Pringles will again sponsor the tournaments with the extension of this collaboration.



“In recent years, we have received very positive input from the community,” said Stephan Schröder, EMP’s SVP Global Brand Partnerships, ESL about cooperation between ESL and Pringles, according to the Esports Insider report. “Therefore, we are pleased to continue our collaboration with Pringles. This cooperation includes various activities throughout 2020. We are proud that Pringles has decided to continue working with us in the midst of difficult times like now. ”


Before the corona virus pandemic, in the ESports tournament held by ESL, the audience will get Pringles with pictures of esports teams. This allows the Pringles brand to be known by thousands of viewers. Not only that, the Pringles advertisement was also displayed during the tournament, both on broadcast and on live stage. The Pringles logo is also placed on the bean bags in the VIP area and the hotel players, who also get Pringles when they arrive.



Unfortunately, now, ESL cannot hold offline esports tournaments as usual. Therefore, Pringles must find new ways to do marketing in the esports industry during the pandemic. In the end, they decided to display advertisements during the ESL tournament broadcast, work together on creating social media content, and display the Pringles logo in the game, reports The Esports Observer. All this will be done at the ESL Meisterschaft and ESL National Championship in Poland.


“We were one of ESL’s first sponsors and we are happy because our collaboration with ESL has yielded positive results,” said Doris Filseth, Market Activation Lead High Growth Markets, Kellogg Company. ESL is not the only Pringles partner in the world of esports. In August 2019, they decided to become sponsors of the Overwatch League. While in February 2020, they sponsored the League of Legends European Championship.


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