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Days Gone – Charming Open World Game

Days Gone is a game title that is indeed counted “unique” for an exclusive Playstation 4 game. Because it is different from other products that have super high hype with consistent talk about anticipation, it feels like a title that is easily drowned and quiet. Had been delayed several times for reasons that were quite straightforward at the time, Days Gone failed to look special. Slowly but surely, all the new trailers released to the market indicate an action game with a formula that is so ordinary, with the only “savior” element likely to be on the side of the story. The preview media that we had explored in February 2019 ago also implied the same impression. However, in the end, we ended up being shocked.

So, what is actually offered by Days Gone? Why do we call it a game that offers a contrast of beauty and death? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

The Days Gone story immediately takes you to a global pandemic that transforms civilized and moral considerations, now transformed into “animals” who now just want to satisfy their thirst and hunger. Deacon took on a new personal mission – finding out the true fate of Sarah. A journey that of course will not be easy, especially considering that NERO’s organization is so mysterious and full of secrets.

On the other hand, his role as a Drifter who helped several existing camps continue to produce new challenges as appropriate, must be overcome. Everything was made worse by Boozer’s condition – which in his last meeting with the Rippers fanatical group – made him fall in poor health. In the midst of a limited stock of medicines, Deacon must now also find the best solution to save his best friend.

So, what kind of challenges should Oileh Deacon go through? What is the real fate of Sarah? Can Deacon save Boozer? What secret mission is actually being carried out by NERO who keeps on going back and forth? Of course you have to play this Days Gone to get answers to these mysteries.

One of the main requirements for a stunning open-world game is its charming world presentation, something that Sony Bend did right. Imaging a world that has tried to survive 2 years after a global pandemic that turned billions of people around the world – Farewell, Oregon, United States seems to be the right setting. He blends a setting that clearly shows the destructive consequences of the power of the Freakers, but on the other hand, portrays its natural beauty that spoils the eyes. An interesting contrast to be enjoyed.

Remnants of civilization in the past are well imaged on Days Gone. You will meet with wreckage of vehicles left on the road while watching the house full of damage whose contents are full of garbage. Sometimes you will find a corpse lying just like that, fresh or old so there. You can clearly see that this is no longer the world you know. But on the other hand, everything is presented in a world that is landmark, so spoil the eyes. High mountains as a background, snow falling in winter and closing everything with beautiful white, or the color of mud that seems to merge with the leaves of trees that begin to rub. Simply put, the visual presentation offered by Days Gone is indeed charming.

One thing that makes us fall in love is how Sony Bend did not hesitate to make this “playground” as a space to tell the implicit questions about the darkness and brutality that must be faced by those who still and had time to occupy it.

The story of cannibalism for those who need an extra supply of protein, for example, is echoed as an unavoidable reality. Or how do the Newt – “zombie” enemies that you have to fight and kill actually are children who are exposed to the same virus as Freakers. Every swing of a baseball bat that you lay to break their heads actually positions you as a killer of children, which can be cured if indeed a vaccine or drug is found in the future. Your exploratory actions also sometimes end in heartbreaking “hidden stories,” from men who decide to end their own lives to classes that commit mass suicide to ensure they are all killed as humans, and not as Freakers. The fate that sounds better.

But outside of this absurd presentation side, Days Gone has an amazing visual and audio side. Not just offering a beautiful wilderness, but creating a contrast with the effects of destruction and super dark themes that emerge as a consequence of a small apocalypse that further diminishes life expectancy as time passes. You will fall in love from first sight.

For a game that makes the story a focus, the journey of the story from one point to another is certainly not the only element that is important to the developer. Mixing interesting characters to follow the action with characteristics that are humane in it is certainly a necessity. Days Gone surprisingly managed to do this with the main protagonist – Deacon.

Deacon also appears as a character who is not afraid to take an “extreme” solution to a problem with a moral compass that might not be in line with what you recognize from the words “good” or “wise”. As an example? In one of the stories, he had met a colleague who managed to steal narcotics from a doctor at one of the camps. Deacon was asked to become a bounty hunter to “take him home” so that he was tortured and then sentenced to hang. A moral dilemma arises because Deacon had been friends with him for a while. You may feel that the moral dilemma will be about whether Deacon will hand it over to camp or release this character. Believe it or not, Deacon never thought of freeing him. Deacon comes with one clear resolution – this person will die, Days Gone is an open-world action game, which genetically seems to be enough to give you an idea of ​​what the experience he has to offer. Although it seems “outdated” and has nothing new to offer, Sony Bend actually contains some new things that are charming and should be a new standard that can be emulated by other developers when trying to get into the same genre. Days Gone handles system progress in an innovative way that makes it feel different, above the standard gameplay that you can predict. The question now revolves around what is as human as possible.


You can mix arrows for the arrows you use, healing items to recover your cellphone, Molotov cocktails to destroy Freakers or Marauders, until a combination of melee weapons that are more deadly or simply improve their durability when used too often. Days Gone also has a clear set of rules about its world to help you gather resources. The police car always contained bullets in the rear while the Ambulance contained healing items. Every car with a hood that is still tightly closed will also contain Scraps, one of the important resources. All you need is to open them by holding the box button. At least with clear rules like this, you can enjoy Days Gone more easily.

Interestingly, each of these factions ended up hating each other. No wonder you will face freakers against freakers, humans against humans, or humans against freakers as you explore the vast world of Days Gone. The only interaction that will not end in confrontation is only the Rippers vs. Freaker. The Rippers themselves were fanatical cults who made Freakers like gods and tried to live like them. Not surprisingly, the Rippers will usually be quiet and let them become Freakers’ food if the two meet. The rest of each battle will usually contain different rewards. The bodies of human enemies usually leave resources, from bullets to crafting materials. While Freakers always end up leaving an ear that believes or not, is the currency for Days Gone itself.

Because as we talked about before, Days Gone contains calculated unique system progress, both in terms of gameplay and stories. In terms of gameplay, instead of just moving from one main mission to the other main mission, Days Gone encourages progress via the Camp system that you will encounter throughout the game. Every camp that appears, both from Copeland to Lost Lake appears as a unique community with something different to offer, which of course will strengthen Deacon as a character. Each camp offers a different side mission, from simply asking you to clean the camp to become a bounty hunter to hunt down NPCs who have made fatal mistakes. What’s interesting is the fact that each camp comes with their own resources.

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