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DayZ Standalone Experience

For those of you who are fond of zombie-themed survival horror games, yesterday finally Bohemia Interactive officially released DayZ (also known as DayZ Standalone). This open world multiplayer game is a “stand-alone” version of the ARMA 2 mod shooter game. While this is still an alpha version for Windows PCs, you can get it through Steam digital distribution.

DayZ Standalone takes place in Chernarus, a fictional location that was formerly a former Soviet power, where a mysterious virus has turned almost all of the population there into undead, a very fierce zombie form. Your character becomes one of the survivors with limited supplies, is required to look for food, water, weapons and drugs while having to deal with zombies, either directly finish it, or just avoid it, or cooperate with other players to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Like other zombie games, you are required to survive in an area of ​​230 square kilometers. All supplies such as food, water, medicine and clothing can be found in homes, pens or abandoned vehicles. You can replenish character health by eating healthy food. There is also food or water that is dirty, and leads to diseases that can be experienced by characters (such as cholera, dysentery and even hepatitis). That’s where the role of medicine comes in, you can restore the character’s condition with drugs.

One important mechanical part of DayZ is the interaction between players, because of the text and voice-based chat feature, and the presence of whisper channels, which allow us to communicate with other players in close proximity, without other players being able to hear what you are talking about. Developers also include radio, to conduct long-distance communication. In addition, during the game you can also build your own headquarters to store items.

Some of the other important features for the Alpha version are mentioned in Bohemia Interactive’s change log, as follows: The Chernarus setting is 230 sq. Km. Up to 40 players on one server. The character profile will stay awake. Inventory for storing items that will help during the crafting and character customization process. Crafting to improve the function of items or equipment. Weapon customization and clothing.

As for the next update, developers have included a lot of other mechanics, such as vehicles, animals that can be found throughout the game, can build buildings in the middle of the environment, deeper interaction with the environment and crafting features, facilitate interface access, upgrade the graphics engine and the physic will support the mod of the user. Developers say that reaching the Beta and implementing all new mechanics takes up to one year.

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