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Dead or Alive 6 – Honoka Story

Dead or Alive, the name of this fighting game, the mix of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo, indeed has a position that is considered special in the gaming industry. Apart from the fighting sensation that never disappoints, he is also famous as a title that explicitly sells the sensuality of the character he is carrying out. We are talking about fighting games that were built on an engine whose focus is to create smooth skin and visualize the female character that spoils the eyes. But everything has almost changed in the latest series – Dead or Alive 6. Instead of encouraging that attraction, the developer had wanted to change his existing identity to create not only more “polite” games, but also considered serious enough to be able to enter into supposed esports competition.

Following the main number that he stretches behind, Dead or Alive 6 is positioned as a sequel series directly from Dead or Alive 5. Taking a perspective from a variety of different characters, the main story is centered on the figure of Honoka who now finally knows who he really is.

The ability of Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja to concoct stories cannot be praised. It’s not uncommon for us to laugh even more with their way of presenting Dead or Alive 6 stories that seem like a tree, divided into branches of character-based scenarios, which begin before the Dead or Alive tournament begins. What is the reason? Because the motivation to fight each character is not exactly strong. There are a number of conditions where the only reason you fight with each other is only because of insignificant things, rather than misunderstandings, just want to test your fighting ability, to just be disturbed because his shoulder is tapped by the opponent’s character. It’s hard to not laugh at how you have to fight for a weak motivation that even just described in a conversation less than 20 sentences.

If it has to be concluded, the plot of Dead or Alive 6 is centered on the figure of Honoka who is now traveling the world to “absorb” other characters’ martial styles while preparing for the Dead or Alive tournament itself. On the other hand, an evil plan that now stands behind the new character – Nico and the old antagonist – Christie makes Kasumi, who was about to retreat from this world conflict, re-emerge. Slowly but surely, what happened behind the scenes surfaced. You will understand who Honoka really is and why he is important for the actions Nico and Christie are planning. His adaptive self-defense ability to all types of attacks is not something that just magically appears just like that.

After tasting it for approximately 18 hours, we don’t seem to hesitate to conclude that all the jargon that Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have spawned over the past year about how they want to reduce sensuality in Dead or Alive 6 has ended no more than mere nonsense. Sensuality, especially concerning female characters, remains the key attraction of this game and even slowly but surely, growing becomes a motivation why you should continue to play it. There is no “courtesy” at all in this cool fighting game.

There is no need to go deeper, we just need to see the mysterious, latest nameless engine Dead or Alive 6 which still makes the visualization of a female character who looks like a blameless doll as a focus. Every woman’s character, regardless of age, is like fulfilling the description of a “perfect” female figure from the visual side. The proportion of the body that spoils the eyes, combined with skin that looks so smooth, super cute face, and the typical voice acting characteristic of the anime “moe” will still continue to accompany you. Each of these characters, whether acknowledged or not, remains the focus of Dead or Alive 6.

However, this latest engine also provides extra detail of the visual presentation that is available. In addition to the pouring sweat system that also affects the clothing material worn by characters, so that some make it look like Dead or Alive 5, which is back in the sixth series, this new engine also comes with cooler visual effects. From the effects of minimal costume destruction that can be triggered by a finishing attack, the body can look bruised and bleed if you continue to be victims of punches and kicks. We can also confirm that a little “censorship” process also occurs. Characters with the appearance of underage girls like Nico, Honoka, and Marie Rose will not show an explicit reaction to pain with other character-style zoom effects if hit with the opponent’s closing attack that leads to the face.

The “polite” battle that had been echoed also led to nonsense. The default fighting clothes of each character do look more closed, but that does not mean it represents all the costumes that exist. Almost all the costumes of each female character in Dead or Alive 6 end up following the formula in Dead or Alive 5, where some of them appear so open with cleavage that it will be difficult to make you turn your face away. The clothes that are rationally not suitable for the fight are now unlockables that you must fight for, as well as the motivation to fight which we will discuss later. With extra sweat, the effect of costume destruction, excessive movement, and super open clothes? Dead or Alive 6 is Dead or Alive that you have known.

While in terms of music presentation, in addition to just being a BGM that accompanies your action behind the scenes while waiting for a battle for example, there is nothing worthy of being praised because everything feels nothing special. Thumbs up certainly deserves to lead to voice acting and dual-audio options that are carried. For games like this, of course we recommend Japanese voice acting, especially to catch the trope anime that is thick with several characters that are carried. With the Japanese language he offers, you can only enjoy the quality of “Moe” that you should.


So from the presentation side it can be concluded that you who are happy with the design and appeal of the sensations of Dead or Alive so far do not need to worry that everything will be different in this sixth series. This is still the Dead or Alive series that you know with all its charms.

You might feel that Dead or Alive 6 is a fighting game that only sells beautiful female characters and sensual costumes on it? The good news, not so. Believe it or not, the battle sensation offered by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo in this series is one of the most satisfying fighting systems we have ever experienced. There is something interesting about the system that is basically simple, but on the other hand, it still has the depth to master. A system that will make you addicted throw various kicks and punches.

Dead or Alive 6 basically has a system similar to fighting games in general. There are two separate buttons intended for punches and kicks, as well as direction keys and a combination of directional keys that can be used to execute certain types of attacks. Each character also has its own characteristics, from those that focus on the grapple to those who have high speed for easier juggling combos. You can also combine two buttons at once (hit and kick for example) for different attack effects. The rest? Take advantage of an environment that can sometimes add extra damage to your attacks. From allowing you to move, explode, push your enemies back to the arena to be executed with more combos, so that it only produces reflective effects. You who had tasted Dead or Alive certainly felt familiar with a system like this.

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