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Experience the Titan Word with Titanfall 2


When I reviewed Titanfall, I would say that the game redefined the genre of first-person shooter (FPS). I did not feel excessive at that time, because the gameplay found in Respawn’s FPS was very fresh and different from similar games in general.

Although impressed, it must be admitted that the popularity of Titanfall did not last long. Because of the lack of content provided, finally the FPS which only contains the multiplayer mode soon forgotten many players within a few months.

Two years passed, and finally the sequel from Titanfall was released. Titanfall 2 still carries the FPS mechanism with the acrobatics movement and is supported by the presence of powerful Titan robots. But does the same formula on Titanfall 2 last longer in the minds of the players?

I can’t promise that Titanfall 2 will still be played by many people in the next few months. However, this game clearly provides a very memorable experience for all its players.

The most striking new thing in the sequel to Titanfall is the presence of a single player campaign. Yes, you can enjoy a piece of the story from the unique Titanfall world through that mode. You will play Jake Cooper in the Titanfall 2 campaign. He is a militia fighter who is trying to become a Titan pilot to free his homeland.

In the midst of the battle against the IMC camp on planet Typhon, Jake was authorized to climb BT-7274 which was the Titan of the late Captain Lastimosa. Together with his new Titan, Jake must complete the Special Operation mission 217 to thwart the IMC camp’s plans.

Although the plot sounds ordinary, the story in Titanfall 2 has a unique element that makes it very memorable. The relationship between Jake and BT feels very deep, not just between the pilot and AI.

The trusting relationship between Jake and BT grew with the challenges they faced, like a pair of colleagues in a war. The development of the story with a focus on the relationship between humans and machines seems quite rare in an FPS, and I have to admit that the theme is quite interesting. Unfortunately, this felt unsatisfying because the stories presented were counted very briefly. In just six hours, you can complete a single player campaign in Titanfall 2.

Dialog options also appear when the campaign takes place. Although making the story more interesting, I feel not too satisfied with the feature. Dialog options only provide different answers, but do not change the path of the story in the game.

Jake also sounds like a soldier who tries too hard to appear as a casual man. The dialogue he made sometimes felt too far-fetched and seemed unnatural. BT, on the other hand, looks like an expressionless machine. But the innocent dialogue delivered by BT often made me laugh to myself.

Titanfall 2 carries a non-generic FPS game. Battles happen quickly and you can do various stunt movements quite easily. Movements such as wall run, double jump, and slides make you free from the restraints of maneuvering in ordinary gameFPS. The adrenaline action that you did while shooting while doing various acrobatic movements can be executed very smoothly. Even so, these actions still feel realistic because you still seem to have weight when maneuvering.

The types of weapons that you can use in Titanfall 2 are very diverse. Sci-fi themes are indeed thick in this game, but the weapons you use are still not far off from what you usually find in modern FPS games. Weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, grenade launchers can still be found and are familiar even though they are equipped with futuristic accessories and technology.

The enemies that you will face in Titanfall 2 are not limited to the IMC army only. You will also be faced with an Android robot armed, wild alien creatures, and definitely Titan robots. The variation of the enemy clearly makes you have to take different actions depending on the type faced. The game feels more challenging when several types of enemies appear on one level.

Speaking of Titan, you will be more often faced with Titan when Jake is driving BT. As a Titan, BT has several types of heavy weapons which have high crushing power. The game screen will be filled with large explosions as soon as you drive BT and destroy all enemies.

Transitioning from the perspective of the first person and then entering the Titan cockpit is a long-awaited experience. The game feels to be refreshed when the point of view changes. Animation into Titan’s body also looks cool. Even cooler, Respawn as the developer also added various small details when you were in the Titan cockpit. One of the things I like the most is the appearance of an enemy pilot when delivering an ad-lib in the corner of the screen.

Hearing them try to intimidate or express fear when his Titan is destroyed makes the arena of battle more lively. It seems to remind me of the various battle scenes in the popular mecha anime.

Titanfall 2’s single player mode also presents a pretty intense boss fight. Not only to face enemy Titan that has dangerous weapons, you also have to pay attention to the battle area. Intense battles force you to think strategically and not from advancing. If you make a mistake, it is not uncommon for a series of bullets and missiles to be ready to crash freely. In fact, you can unconsciously be cornered at the end of a battle area if you don’t think carefully.

Regarding the battle in multiplayer mode, Respawn made several adjustments in Titanfall 2 rather than its predecessor. Titan now has the equipment to drive out enemy pilots who try to drive it using paralyzed gas. For the pilots, they are now enough to ride the enemy Titan and take the battery attached to the robot’s body to be able to defeat it. This adjustment makes the actions of the Titans and pilots feel more flexible than the previous series.

Is Titanfall 2 a sequel that is better than the first Titanfall? I think that’s the way it is. With more content, maintained gameplay, and the existence of a single player campaign that impresses in memory, Titanfall 2 is a FPS game that you must play this year.

If you like the FPS genre, and want a game that is fast, unique, and involves the action of large robots, then Titanfall 2 should be your next favorite game. Although this game was released between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Titanfall 2 is an FPS that is no less interesting.

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