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Extra Ordinary Battle Royale at Apex Legends

“Well, another battle royale again.” Maybe you reacted when you heard about Apex Legends, the latest product from the creators of the Titanfall series. Same, I also think so. The game of battle royale genre lately has been so much, even the various old franchises such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike were also “talkative” to enter the world of battle royals as well. I don’t feel we need a new battle royale game, moreover I’m basically not a fan of this genre either.

If the name of the developer behind him is not Respawn Entertainment, maybe I wouldn’t be interested in tasting Apex Legends. But I know that Respawn is a champion developer, so I was curious to see what their work was like. Moreover, the selling price is very cheap. I have nothing to lose, at best if I don’t like it, just delete it.

The next thing I know is that I stayed up late at night until nine in the morning because I played Apex Legends.

“Overwatch Battle Royale”

The easiest way to describe Apex Legends is to use the three words above: Overwatch Battle Royale. Actually it’s not that simple either. Indeed, half the aspects of this game are team-based shooters like Overwatch, while the other half is battle royals such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. But Apex Legends is something more than just “Overwatch combined with PUBG”. Many innovations and gameplay designs that make this game worthy of being called the next evolution of the genre of battle royale.

Similar to a battle royale in general, here you will fight against a large number of other players in a field that is getting smaller and smaller, until finally there is only one winner left. The difference is, here you never play alone. You are always joined in a Squad containing three people, and each Squad member must choose a different character.

Similar to a team-based shooter in general, every character in Apex Legend is unique. In terms of mobility and use of weapons, all are equally, but each character has three abilities consisting of Passive Ability, Tactical Ability, and Ultimate Ability. The way you play when controlling Gibraltar which has a Tank role will definitely be different from Lifeline who is a Medic.

Well, the resemblance to Overwatch and PUBG ends only here. The rest, Apex Legends is a very different game. If the battle royals usually compete with 100 people at once, one round at Apex Legends is only attended by 60 people (20 Squads). If usually everyone who dies will be immediately kicked out of the game, here you can respawn with the help of a Squad friend. And there are many other differences.

Designed for team work

There are two main points that seem to be the foundation of all design decisions in Apex Legends, namely teamwork and strategy. Respawn indeed calls this game a “strategic battle royale”, so there are definitely lots of elements that encourage you to turn your brain. And he exclaimed, you will not play the brain alone.

The coolest innovation in Apex Legends in my opinion is the existence of a special button to communicate contextually with friends. By pressing the R1 button, your character will say something according to what you are highlighting in the cursor. For example, if you highlight a place, the character will say, “Let’s go there.” If you highlight a Health Pack, he will say, “There is a Health Pack here.”

This contextual communication has a tremendous variety, and can be used to report all kinds of conditions that you find in your teammates. Are you running out of ammo for the shotgun? Highlight the weapon in the inventory and press R1, then the character will say, “I need an ammo shotgun.” Do you find a supply box that is already open? You can report that, “It seems like there was an enemy through here.”

Even without typing or using voice chat, I always chat with my Squad friends during matches. Communication, which is usually difficult to do in a first-person shooter, is really facilitated and facilitated. This made me feel like a member of a special forces unit that was shoulder to shoulder in the middle of a battlefield full of danger.

Without any team members accidentally pressing the R1 button, this game always gives audio-visual instructions so that we know the conditions experienced by our friends. When a friend experiences a shootout, retreats to do reloading, or takes refuge while healing himself for example, Apex Legends tells you the incident through conversations between characters and changes in the icons on the interface.

I really applaud Respawn for the communication system they created in Apex Legends. This feature must be cheated by other multiplayer game developers in the future, because the effect really makes the battlefield far more alive!

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