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Facts About Kratos – The God of War

Who does not know Kratos the god of war. Since it was first released in 2005, God of War itself has managed to become a complete action game package that offers a variety of action to amaze the god of war which is packed with an epic mythological story. So far Kratos itself has 10 games and is one of the exclusive games from Sony. From the umpteenth of the series there are certainly some things that underlie a story or a unique fact that you might need to know from Kratos. Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss the 5 Facts of Kratos the God of War!

  1. Have sibling Named Demios

For you big fans of God of War, of course you already know sibling from the god of war. Demios himself is Kartos’s younger brother, and debuted in the game God of War: Ghost of Spartan which is the prequel of this one franchise series. Where, Demios who is told as “The Marked One Prophecy” or soldiers who are destined to destroy Mount Olympus, thus making it must be kidnapped by Ares and Athena, and held captive by the god of Death Thanatos.

Demios’ death itself can be said to be the initial foundation Kratos began to like to slay the gods in each game series. Where Kratos felt humans were always mocked by the Gods and made human life always miserable. Kratos’s brother’s name itself refers to the system of government of Democracy, which is taken from the Greek Demios = People and Kratos = Power / Strength.

  1. Kratos’ pale skin is a curse

If anyone thinks that Kratos has glowing skin due to treatment, then the answer is a big one. The origin of Kratos’s pale skin has a dark history and is told in full in the God of War: Ghost of Spartan series. Where Kratos who at that time was the right hand of the god of war Ares, managed to spread the horror and transformed into a Sparta general who has a mission to spread the Sparta nation’s glory throughout the world.

But unlucky, Kratos dream of wanting the glory of his people was exploited by Ares. Kratos, who was already in the full influence of Ares, was forced to slaughter a village with a sadist. In the condition affected by Ares, Kratos unwittingly killed his own wife and child. The death of his wife Lysandra and the princess, Calliope, who led The Oracle to curse the pale skin to Kratos, who described the sin and remorse of the past from the god of war, who would continue to envelop himself. Since then Kratos has been known as the “Ghost of Spartans”

  1. Runaway Who Loves Children

Maybe some people think that the God of War series released on the PS4 console in 2018 is a reboot version of the adventures of the god of war, given the mythology offered by this game changed from Greek gods to the gods of Midgard. However, Santa Monica himself as the developer has prepared a surprise that the God of War PS4 series itself, is a continuation of the franchise.

This is explained in full in the story of the exclusive Sony game, which after successfully avenging his revenge against the Greek gods, Kratos himself is said to have fled to the mythological world of Midgard. In this world, Kratos tried to start his new life and forget the past as a sadistic god of war, by marrying a woman named Faye, and blessed with a child named Atreus.

  1. Three Kratos Mainstay Weapons

As a trained soldier it is not uncommon for Kratos to be capable of using a variety of weapons, this is evident where the father of Atreus always made the weapons of his enemies his own weapon. Of the many weapons, there are three weapons that are so iconic, because the story has its own connection with the god of war.

The first order is clearly the Blades of Chaos. Needless to say, you could say this weapon was Kratos’ mainstay in destroying Greek gods. Blades of Chaos itself is a weapon given by Ares, to every champion and has succeeded in accompanying Kratos in every series.

Next is the Leviathan Ax, which is the original weapon of Kratos’ second wife, Faye. If Blade of Chaos itself has a Fire element, then Leviathan Ax itself is depicted as a weapon that has an ice element. So far there has been no story that explains how the Leviathan Ax was created and could end up in the hands of Kratos after Faye’s death.

Finally there is the Guardian Shiled, where this weapon seems to be a complementary weapon for Leviathan Ax. Although it does not have a background story like the two weapons above, Guardian Shiled who in standby mode itself is the glove, as if to illustrate that in the last series of the game, Kratos has turned into a calm god. Kratos began to pay attention to the balance of attack and defense rather than attacking the bars with Blades of Chaos in previous series.


  1. The Attentive Cruel God

You could say that almost all the stories in the God of War series itself are based on Kratos’ desire to save others, anger, and retaliation. This can be seen from the struggle of Kratos to bring glory to the Spartans, to seek Ambrosia’s medicine for his daughter, to save his brother Demios, to prevent the opening of Pandora’s box by sacrificing himself in the Fire of Olympus, and finally to fulfill the wishes of Atreus to spread Abu, his mother at the highest peak of Nine Realms.


All of these things were done by Kratos for the sake of someone he loved. Although all of these things are done with hatred and revenge, at least the story of God of War always teaches us that, for the sake of someone we can do anything and cross any boundaries. Be like Kratos who is willing to fight for anything, but don’t be too barbaric huh!

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