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Fall Guys Releases Cool but Cute DOOM Costumes

Its popularity is no longer as high as when it was first released a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean, Fall Guys has just disappeared from circulation. One of the driving forces it feels relevant to comes from the consistent efforts of the developer – Mediatonic to continue to inject new content. We are certainly not talking about the latest variety of tracks that they inject in it, but also costume collaborations that have never been predicted before, from Sonic to Godzilla. Now, it’s the turn of the super creepy demon exterminator to stop by.


After being teased some time ago, Fall Guys finally officially announced a costume collaboration with the super popular FPS game – DOOM. Through a cute trailer, three different costumes are introduced. You will have the opportunity to become the main protagonist – Doomguy and two iconic demons – Cyberdemon and Cacodemon. This costume can be purchased and fought for starting January 12, 2021. Of course, like the previous costumes, apart from the cosmetic side, there are no other extra functions that it offers.

The presence of this DOOM costume certainly enriches the library of costume lists that were available via Fall Guys. How about you? Which franchise costume would you like to see arriving in this game?


The discussion about the “viral” game has changed from the name Fall Guys to Among Us, which is currently in a frenzy. Although this battle-royale game is no longer discussed much, the number of players is still considered extraordinary in August 2020 yesterday. One of the driving motors of course comes from the free distribution of the Playstation 4 version for Playstation Plus customers. But who would have thought, apart from the fact that it paid for the PC version via Steam, Fall Guys also achieved tremendous success. One research body even designated it as the second most successful PC game release after Overwatch.

Market research agency – SuperData released the latest data they have collected regarding game sales in August 2020 yesterday. The PC version of Fall Guys is said to have garnered no less than USD 185 million at the time of its release, making it the second most successful PC game release after Overwatch’s achievement in 2016. The PC version of Fall Guys currently has around 8.2 million Steam users. In the same report, SuperData also highlighted the successful release of the Horizon Zero Dawn PC which reportedly managed to sell around 716,000 copies.


How about you? How many of you – PC gamers – contributed to the fantastic figures that were achieved by this Fall Guys?

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