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Fall in Love with Doraemon: The story of Seasons

Harvest Moon? Story of Seasons? The relationship between the two interrelated names will indeed be quite confusing for gamers who do not follow the lunge of Marvelous and Natsume. Simply? Marvelous is the original developer of the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature series which was popular in the first Playstation era, with Natsume as the publisher and rights holder on behalf of Harvest Moon.


When Marvelous left and released the Story of Seasons which incidentally is the true “Harvest Moon”, Natsume continued to try to exploit the name and continued to release series after series which increasingly deviated and ended up becoming a disaster. Doraemon: The story of Seasons that has just been released Bandai Namco is a series of “Harvest Moon” from Marvelous which, as you can predict, makes Doraemon’s character, universe, and storytable base. A concept that easily, will make you fall in love at first sight.

With the visualization quality that is so obvious the taste of his anime, especially from the environment that he carried, it is not difficult to fall in love with Doraemon: Story of Seasons, which is full of bright colors. Three-dimensional models for the characters remain the basis, complete with their respective personalities that you know from existing material sources. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco and Marvelous decided to use the “western” version name for the release of the Asian version which did use an English introduction.


Followed by atmospheric music that is so suitable for a game that offers its own tranquility, you are faced with the game “Harvest Moon” aka Story of Seasons that should be. Nobita, who was asked to take care of a farm and animal husbandry, had to start everything from scratch. Slowly but surely, with the small amount of money you accumulate little by little, then your farm will become wider and bigger.

The biggest challenge of course lies in the Management Resources that you have. Than just regulating where your money will flow and whether the reciprocity you receive is appropriate, to just allocating a limited amount of Stamina every day to prioritize certain activities. Even sleep time will affect your performance the next day.


Overtime is a word that you will often find in this one game. Overtime in two senses: in the game and in the real world. In the game, you sometimes have to make Nobita work late into the night to make sure you have done everything you need at the end of the day. You sometimes also have to be involved in a variety of side activities, from hunting for material in the wild, mining, or just chatting with NPCs that are essential to encourage the progress of the story. This last thing will also relate to the opportunity to get back the variety of Doraemon gadgets which, of course, will facilitate your journey. In real life? This game is so addictive and exciting, you might forget about sleep without you knowing. Believe me, this happened to us.

To be honest, this is the first game where we ourselves doubt whether we will be able to determine the right time to release this one game review. Taking a lot of time with slow progress, we don’t even know if we have passed each season effectively, whether this game has an ending, or whether about 2 weeks is enough to do it all. For now, if we really have to compromise with the absence of end-games in a review article later, we seem to have to accept this gracefully. Prepare to work as hard as you can!

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