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Five Recommended Gaming Desks

Like to play games on a laptop or PC? You must have this one accessory. The accessory is a gaming table.

Already have a laptop or PC table specifically designed for gaming?

A gaming desk is needed to keep you comfortable while playing games and prevent your laptop or PC from damage. The following are recommendations of the 5 best gaming tables for playing games.

  1. E-Blue Gaming Desk

The first gaming table is the E-Blue Gaming Desk, which is the product of a producer from the United States, E-Blue.

E-Blue created a table specifically designed for playing games with materials made of iron, with a strong combination of plastic and acrylic.

One thing that makes this table special is that it looks very suitable for use by gamers because it has LED lights that can be lit when in the dark.

This gaming table from E-Blue is sold at USD 350.

  1. Digital Edge Gaming Table

Next is the Digital Edge Gaming Table. This gaming table is made of black iron and plastic material so it looks elegant.

This table also becomes very special because its shape is really designed for a gamer.

This gaming table has 7 separate parts that can be used to place various kinds of gaming devices. The price is around USD 380.

  1. DXRacer Gaming Desk

DXRacer Gaming Desk is a production of DXRacer, a quality gaming chair manufacturer. However, not only chairs, it turns out DXRacer also has a gaming table product.

Specially designed for gamers, it has the advantage of being made of high quality material that is strong and has a very wide and good cable management area so you don’t have to worry about your cable getting messy.

The price ranges from USD 400.

  1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi is also one of the manufacturers of gaming equipment that produces gaming tables, namely the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk.

The table that they produce is really made to pamper gamers because in addition to its very large and spacious size, the table can also be assembled and separated into 3 parts.

Even more special, the surface of the table also has installed a quality soft mouse pad that is waterproof. The price ranges from USD 450.

  1. Lian Li DK-02X Gaming Desk

Lian Li, one of the computer equipment manufacturers from Taiwan also manufactures gaming tables which they named Lian Li DK-02X Gaming Desk.

Unmitigated, they appreciate the gaming table at a very high price, which is USD 1200.

The very high price is due to the design of the table into a computer case! Very cool, right?

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