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Five Worst Video Game Cover

Video game cover is one thing that actually doesn’t affect the performance of a game. However, in terms of aesthetics and gamer interest in playing the game, it is worth considering.

Especially when the internet is still not as massive as it is today, many gamers judge the excitement of a game from its cover. The more interesting the cover and can describe the contents of a game, the more likely this game will sell well.

Unfortunately, there is the ugliest video game cover ever. In terms of design, even the cover of this game sometimes doesn’t connect with the content. I don’t know what caused this, there could be two possibilities between the graphic designer being inexperienced or unpaid. Here’s a review of the worst video game cover ever.

  1. Mega Man

Regarding video game covers, Mega Man is arguably one of the most legendary. The reason is, Capcom here describes Mega Man as a human figure who is far from being sophisticated and strong. Plus this person is standing in front of a city that is absurd and far from futuristic.

Of course, the worst thing is that this game cover does not clearly describe the impression of the game. It’s so bad that this cover is often used as a joke. Fortunately, Capcom made revisions to the Mega Man cover issue in subsequent games.

Fortunately this is done because if not, then we will see a man who looks very weak, with a fat body, and a face that is not convincing as a fighter.

  1. Batman Arkham City: GOTY

Batman Arkham City is one of the best action games ever made. No one has ever doubted its great quality. This earned the game the title of Game of the Year (GOTY).

Practically, after getting this title, the developer issued a full version which contains all the content with a new game cover. Unfortunately, this GOTY cover doesn’t live up to gamers’ expectations. What makes this cover ugly? It turned out that for one thing, it was too crowded!

That’s right, Rocksteady put in a lot of writing about the critics’ mark, with a pretty bold font. Even Batman’s face in this cover only takes a small space. The amount of this writing makes us gamers dizzy to see it.

  1. Irritating Stick

One of the biggest problems with game cover design is that sometimes what is shown on the cover does not represent the game’s content. The second problem is that the game cover cannot explain the game that gamers will play.

One of which is stuck in the second problem is the Irritating Stick. The cover here cannot explain what game the Irritating Stick is about. Because in the cover there is only a hand holding the stick with lots of electric shocks.

Crazy, this bad cover was followed by bad reviews from reviewers who thought the game was boring. Be this game as the worst game of all time and also the owner of the worst cover game ever.

  1. Pac-Man

The Pac-Man we know is a round creature in brown gloves and red boots. Besides, he has a cute face design. No wonder Pac-Man has become one of the iconic characters in the gaming industry. But who would have thought, in the past he had gotten such absurd designs.

Pac-Man games in the past have represented Pac-Man as a human figure with a round head who has a long human-like body, arms and legs. Apart from that, the face design wasn’t funny either.

This is arguably one of the ugliest game covers of all time as well as an insignificant depiction of Pac-Man. Fortunately, the Pac-Man figure was later changed to this day.

  1. Phalanx

This is one of the worst cover games ever made. The Phalanx game cover really doesn’t connect with the content of the game. The Phalanx isn’t a game where we play old men with a banjo in space.

Much more than that, Phalanx is a very fun and challenging spaceship fighting game. There wasn’t a single old man on the cover to show and play with. But according to my theory, maybe the old man was a pilot driving the fighter plane.

It’s no surprise that Phalanx is one of the worst game cover owners because it doesn’t connect with the content of the game.

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