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Fortnite: Addictive?

The lawsuits against the Epic Games game developer for the game their made namely Fortnite seem to continue. This time the charges came from a Canadian law firm. They are suing Epic Games because they think Epic Games knowingly and deliberately has made a game that has an extraordinary addictive effect for anyone who plays it.

One lawyer in Canada, Alessandra Esposito Chartrand, also added that Epic Games had brought in a psychologist when making the game Fortnite three years ago. Make as much as possible a game that really stimulates the brain and is addictive to be played constantly. In addition the game is also intended for children.

According to Alessandra Esposito Chartrand the case is almost the same as the case of a tobacco company that does not provide clear information about the dangers of smoking. Epic Games also does not provide information or clear warnings about the dangers of addiction to the game Fortnite. In addition Epic Games also provides rules (terms of use) that the things borne by players after playing the game Fortnite is the player’s full responsibility.

The lawsuit was taken after two parents came to a law firm in Canada and said that they did not know that the Fortnite game was very addictive. If they know in advance that the game is addictive, the parent will forbid their child to play the game Fortnite or seriously control it from the start.

Let’s see if the lawsuit from the Canadian law firm will be granted by the court. At present Epic Games has not yet responded to the matter of the complaint report. Previously Epic Games had also been charged with leaking data on Fortnite gamers.

On the other hand, Epic Games is still struggling with the performance of Fortnite’s revenue which dropped dramatically. Fortnite experienced a significant decrease in income, which was quite astonishing. However, on the other hand its competitors themselves also did not get a significant increase. According to Trend.Edison.Tech, fortnite had a July 75{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f} decrease in revenue from the record it had achieved in December 2018. and 52{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f} from July last year.

Edison Trends also managed to get information about how many players are often and loyal to buy in the first month and keep buying the following month. For this reason Apex Legend has a player that is more often bought by 62{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f}, and Fortnite is only in second place with a figure that reaches 49{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f}. But keep in mind this is from the total number of players who play the game.

So what do you think guys? Does Fortnite still count as one of the best games? Even if the income goes down? or is this just a factor in an unattractive event? Please comment in the comments column below! That is all and thank you.

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