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Guess The Ending 7 Games Of Theory And Speculation

There is a special preoccupation for connoisseurs of creative content when finding a product that they enjoy ends up leaving more questions than answers at the end of the content. This is often obtained by the audience of the film, where the excitement usually ends with Googling action and trying to find out the definitive meaning of the end of the film or the hidden message to be conveyed by the director. The questions that are left behind generate interesting discussions, which then end up being alternative theories whose popularity depends greatly on how much support the community has. Unfortunately, excitement like this is not much offered by the gaming industry.

Because it must be admitted, apart from the interactive sensation that became its appeal, not many video games are able to offer the same taste when we talk about storytelling in a similar style above. Games that require you to interpret for yourself what you just tasted, especially those wrapped with implicit plots, along with the ending that actually inspires more question marks can indeed be counted on the fingers. But these questions do leave an impression that cannot be forgotten, especially with the ending which still leaves many gaps to inject your own opinion.

So, of all the games that contain non-definitive concepts full of theory and speculation in them, which do we find the coolest? Of course, considering we will talk about many endings, there will be HEAVY SPOILERS in this toplist article. So if you object, we advise you to go in. For those of you who remain interested? Here is the JagatPlay version:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The popularity and big name for a game that was released on the current generation platform did make it one of the games that was glimpsed at the time of release. Therefore, it will not be surprising if the concept of gameplay, visuals, and characters attract gamers who have never tasted MGS series before. Now with this perspective, imagine what comes to your mind when you see the ending MGS V: The real Phantom Pain. The Diamond Dogs logo changed, Venom Snake changed to the figure of Big Boss, now there are two Big Boss people in the Metal Gear universe, the sound of gunfire, and it’s all over. Kojima indeed positioned The Phantom Pain as a bridge. but he never explicitly explained the “story bridge” as it was meant. Not surprisingly, speculation is rife and persisting, even today.

The Last of Us

Choosing the name of this game is a little strange, considering the confirmation about the sequel series already comes with speculation that the release date is not too long. But it’s hard not to enter the name The Last of US, after the ending offered by Naughty Dog in The First of Us first, which should be counted as perfect and perfect, regardless of whether he has a sequel series or not. Ellie’s reaction that seemed to know that Joel lied to save his life instead of making sure humanity survived a deadly fungus could not be covered any better. The black screen suddenly cuts this reaction, followed by fantastic ending music. Ellie’s reaction, Joel’s response, and the overall condition of the world in the ending of The Last of Us at the time of its release, sparked so much discussion and speculation.


One game that injects the concept of mental illness – schizophrenia in the story and gameplay, adapts it to the conditions of the setting at the time, and then injects a fantastic audio-visual experience with it. No wonder there is so much praise floating in Ninja Theory for what they managed to achieve with Hellblade. One thing that is fantastic is the fact that he never confirmed anything definitively until the end of the game that what happened to Senua at the time, did it come from mythology or was it a manifestation of his own insanity? Different interpretations of these gamers will lead to different perceptions and tastes in the ending that he offers as well. As an example? Facial sores. If this is mythology, this means that all of them are wounded against many monsters. If this turns out the results of hallucinations from schizo he experienced? So this means, Senua hurt himself unconsciously.


Shadow of the Colossus

The struggle against dozens of giant-sized Colossus, each of which demands a specific solution to be subdued, there are many reasons why many gamers, including us, chose Shadow of the Colossus as the best game in the Playstation 2. era. Cool again? The remake process taken by Bluepoint Games for PS4 is no less fantastic. Apart from the cool gameplay and world layout, the story about a man who tried to revive the woman he loved did have a hanging ending that was also not difficult to provoke discussion. Does this mean you are actually a veiled antagonist? Does it have an association with the ICO game from the same developer? Questions that will end you googling.


You can always count on the game from the software mix and the brain of a Hidetaka Miyazaki to throw to you a fantastic action-RPG game with implicit story elements that are difficult to define with certainty. Through this style of story, too, gamers who enjoy Bloodborne really do not understand much and who they are fighting and try to kill them. Bloodborne clearly made blood an important story element, complete with a hunting festival in the Gothic realm that turned out, ended in a nightmare. Then? All of which are closed with an attempt to destroy a monster that descends from the moon and ends up making you reborn into a pile of flesh the size of two palms. What ….


An ending story? Of course not. Whatever happens with Artifact – this one DOTA 2 card game, it still ends with one thing – the process of lore exploration and the DOTA 2 world stops. Though it must be admitted, Artifact finally established a certainty about the story of DOTA 2 and how he built the narrative that every battle in DOTA 2 was counted as a canon. That there was an attempt to end the eternal battle between the two Ancient who “mischievously” continued to turn back the clock so that the two of them could avoid the fate of being destroyed by this Arc Warden figure. Unfortunately, the death of Artifact means the death of the movement of the story and ultimately, the conclusion to the world of DOTA 2 itself.


Beautiful, mysterious, gripping, but also full of hope at the same time, you can always count on PlayDead to offer games that provide as much room for interpretation as they have shown via Limbo. Then comes Inside, a platformer game that asks you to play a child who moves towards a secret facility, ends up joining a chunk of meat that is capable of wiping out many people, and ends up lying dormant on the riverbank with the sun’s rays shining. The scenery indicates that you have left this secret facility and found a free path. But a building model at the previous level, if you are observant enough, just shows the opposite. The story ends, you still don’t know what you just played, you do googling, you still don’t know what you just played, you discuss with friends, and you still don’t know what you just played.


Above are the 7 coolest games that are full of theory and speculation, which we have tasted so far. Of course, he does not always focus on the ending, but also non-definitive story patterns that also open up a lot of room for speculation, interpretation, and then theory from many parties. Cool again? Using the right basis of argument, not a few theories that can move in many directions, end up sounding and feel rational to describe the experience that you just tasted. But in the end, despite so many theories that were born, there was a sense of satisfaction in itself when this interactive experience closed with an effort to find out more through the process of googling and in-depth discussion.

So, how about you? Of all the games you have tasted now, which ones have ended up being a myriad of theories and speculations from the side of the story? Feel free to comment and expand the list!

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