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IKEA Ready to Launch Gaming Furniture in 2021

IKEA is working with ASUS ROG to make affordable gaming furniture. No half-hearted, they will prepare 30 gaming products at once. The furniture will be launched in China in February 2021 and around the world in October 2021. Unfortunately, it is still unknown what products the collaboration between IKEA and ROG will produce. Most likely, gaming tables and chairs will be part of the latest IKEA gaming line-up.


According to information from IKEA, they will design this gaming furniture at the IKEA Product Development Center located in Shanghai, China. In collaboration with ROG, they want to combine their experience in making furniture with ROG’s expertise in making gaming devices. Apart from ROG designers, IKEA designers will also have discussions with esports athletes and gamers. The goal is to ensure that the products they make are suitable for gamers’ needs.



“There is some negative stigma about the gaming industry, such as all games are always synonymous with violence, that gamers don’t like to socialize, and playing games is a hobby for men only,” said Ewa Rychert, Global Business Leader of Workspace, IKEA, as quoted. from Geek Culture.


Furthermore, Rychert said, “In fact, gaming is one of the activities carried out by people from various demographics. Playing games can also improve one’s mental health. We hope that, by providing special gaming products, we will be able to help consumers to get the benefits of playing games at home. ”


The rapid growth of the esports industry has led to various new products in the gaming world, including gaming chairs. This has prompted various companies to make gaming chairs, including furniture companies.


In fact, IKEA is not the first furniture company to become interested in providing gaming chairs. Prior to this, Herman Miller, an office furniture manufacturer from the United States who is more than 100 years old, also made their own gaming chair. To make the gaming chair, Herman Miller collaborated with a gaming accessory manufacturer, Logitech G.

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