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Incoming SNES Games For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo made sure to add the older game titles from SNES and NES that will be on the Switch. This information is known from the announcement made some time ago.

One of the SNES titles that will present the Switch subscription service is Popn TwinBee. The plan is that the game will be released on Switch Online on February 19, 2020.

In addition, Nintendo will also bring Smash Tennis on the service. Meanwhile from the NES game, the Japanese company will present Shadow of the Ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel.

Please note, Nintendo first brought the game from SNES to Switch Online in September last year. For starters, the game brought by most famous titles, such as Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and A Link to the Past.

Despite bringing in a number of older games, efforts say the games from SNES and NES won’t be released regularly. This is evidenced by no other SNES titles brought to the Switch until December 2019.

In addition to SNES and NES, Nintendo will also bring a number of games from Wii U. It was reported Emily Rogers, who is known to often leak Nintendo plans and projections accurately.

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