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Learn PUBG Roles

The popularity of the survival game, Playerunknown’s Battleground seems to be an extraordinary phenomenon in the world of e-Sport world.

Different from other shootout games, PUBG offers a new concept with its battle royal concept. The slow-flowing game starts and changes immediately when entering mid-game, making this one a new sensation for the players. This dynamic gameplay requires each player to be quick in making decisions.

Therefore, the movement and placement of positions determine the outcome of this one game so that there is a need to share portions and tasks for each player, especially when talking about the competitive world of the PUBG game itself.

Next, the author will describe the roles in the PUBG game, which can not only be applied to PUBG Classic, but also PUBG Mobile, given the similarity of gameplay and tactic approaches in both.

In-Game Leader – This role is one of the most vital roles in every team. In-Game Leader or captain is a player who will determine every movement of the team, both when deciding to land somewhere, and when rotating.

In-Game Leader must also be prepared to make decisions for his team, especially when deciding to play aggressively or try to maintain a safe position.

This role is fairly heavy and not all players can take on this role considering that not all players are able to make decisions while focusing on their shots.

Players with this role are usually not only good at making decisions and understanding the tactics of opponents, but also understand the character of each teammate.

Carry – This role is the most popular, because some of the top players are carry. Because, this role requires players to be team shooters and usually players with this role are considered to have a goal above the average of other players.

The task of this role is to become a killing machine and get as many kill points as possible. Every carry movement in a team will be the deciding point for the team.

If a carry can stay alive until late-game, then the opportunity to win a chicken dinner in the game will be wide open. Therefore, carry does not just rely on the support of his peers but must also be good in positioning himself to stay alive.

Support – As the name implies, support requires every player with this role to help his partner, especially in helping a carry. Support must always be on standby to guard every angle that is not covered by his colleagues so that his team remains in a safe position. It also makes the carry calm when there is a fight with other teams.

For those of you who have high egos, it seems that it will be difficult to carry out this role, because usually this role tends to succumb more with other players.

Example: when your colleague only has 4x scope while you have 8x scope, then support must provide that large scope to other colleagues, especially carry, so that carry performance is maximal.

In addition, support must also be swift when teammates are dropped by other teams and must be able to do a review. Support also has to bring a lot of utilities, especially smoke and frag grenades, which will be useful when they have to defend or when a clash occurs in the open field. Support must also be able to play the role of scout when the scout on his team must die early.

Scout – Scout is someone who must find a good location for his colleagues to rotate. Not only which compounds or spots can be taken, but also good paths in rotation.

This role usually has good driving skills and good observation. Understanding scout of maps is so important that rotation is fast and safe.

Professional teams that always go down in one particular city each game, usually have a scout who has memorized the rotation path wherever the circle leads. This role also usually does not carry many valuables such as heal needs.

That is because scout is often taken down by the opposing team during the scouting process for rotation, so it will be detrimental to have to lose these items if the scout dies.

In addition, of course, scout must have a high ability to survive. Because, the scout must move individually, and in certain situations will require the scout to fight with more than one or two enemies when scouting.

Semi-Carry – This role is not common and not all teams have players with this role. Semi-Carry is a player who is able to play both support and carry roles. Simply put, semi-carry must be able to fill the void left if one of the carry or support dies.

Therefore, semi-carry is required to be sensitive to surrounding conditions, and have good aim. The need to have high-level gameplay makes the characteristics of this role quite unique and heavy so that not many players are able to carry out this role well, especially in the pro-Indonesian scene.

Well, how do you know the roles in PUBG? Now just choose, which roles match your character and gameplay!

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