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Mortal Kombat 11 – Unique and Complex

27 is not a short time to start a journey in the video game industry, and that’s what Mortal Kombat is going through. As many as 20 Mortal Kombat titles have been released to the market, including spin-off, crossover, and main titles, of course this is not an easy thing to achieve by a franchise.

Many twists and turns that must be passed, Midway as the main developer of the franchise even went bankrupt and ended up out of business. But fortunately Mortal Kombat was saved through an injection of funds from Warner Bros. which in the end was able to build a new developer team – NetherRealm Studios to handle the franchise.

Already falling in love and growing up with Mortal Kombat since a long time ago, of course it didn’t become a barrier for us to play this eleventh series. Mortal Kombat 11 has arrived in hand and has given us a very positive initial impression. For those of you who have had the chance to read our first impressions, surely you have got an idea of ​​what NetherRealm Studios is actually offering in this one ambitious fighting game. And according to our previous promises, it has now arrived for us to give a discussion on Mortal Kombat 11 through this review.


Get out of your comfort zone and try to present a story that is increasingly unique & complex is indeed a courage that we feel deserves a thumbs up. Since being in the hands of NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat is able to present stories full of intrigue that are increasingly interesting, not least in this eleventh series.

Continuing the story of Mortal Kombat X, Earthrealm “once again” was saved thanks to Cassie Cage who had succeeded in replacing Shinnok. But of course the threat does not stop there, knowing Shinok has been defeated and Raiden managed to disrupt the balance between good & bad, the mother of Shinnok – Kronika intends to avenge her child while creating a new world, a world where he can rule according to his will.

To be able to do this, he needed 2 media, the missing crown and a device called hour glass. Of course he didn’t do the action himself, with the help of Liu Kang & Kitana who had been manipulated by darkness and with his ability to manipulate time, Kronika managed to bang the dimension of time so he could get help from fighters in the past.

This eventually made Raiden disappear in the future and brought fighters in the past into the future, including fighters who had died like Shao Khan. But fortunately, not only the fighters on the Kronika side were called, the younger versions of the fighters in the past who were still not manipulated, such as Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kitana, and of course the young Raiden themselves were also called.

Although the “good” fighters got enough assistance, some of them had to face young and old versions of disputes that had different ideologies. For example, like the young Scorpion who is still burned with vengeance and anger, it sided with the Kronika and opposed Scorpion in the past.

Surely the journey of the fighters in defending the earth from the action of Kronika will not be easy because of the complicated conflict that he has assembled. Then can Cassie Cage, Raiden, and other fighters collaborate to stop the action of the Kronika? And what kind of complicated conflict will color the fighters from the future and the past? all these questions will certainly be answered by playing Mortal Kombat 11!

One of the attractions of the video game with stories in the present era is of course the presence of the sensation of playing while enjoying the story. Certainly not an easy matter to present the sensation of playing but on the other hand you can also enjoy the story as if you were watching a movie.

But interestingly, the neat step taken by NetherRealm Studios in wrapping up an interesting story they presented in Mortal Kombat 11. They managed to wrap it all through a series of slick cutscenes, where each scene presented was able to be immortalized with movement camera and taking pictures that looked very cinematic like a movie.


More mature innovations and changes will always have a positive impact on a franchise, and in Mortal Kombat 11, NetherRealm Studios has managed to implement it very well. Various enhancements and new changes that they injected this time as if trying to push this franchise essence, namely, unlimited brutality to a higher level.

More Brutal & Tactical!

Mortal Kombat’s main attraction as a fighting game certainly comes from the fighting mechanism itself. And this time, NetherRealm Studios managed to present it very nicely, not presenting a smashing button system, aka “as long as you pressed the combo,” each battle went tactical. The tempo of battle that feels slower even more makes the players have to think before launching an attack. Like the old custom too, to do a special move you have to press a number of specific buttons to issue special moves for greater special or damage gains.

Interestingly, now the special move system can be followed by the “amplify” movement which is useful for providing additional attacks and extra damage. Of course this amplify movement cannot be used continuously, where there is an attack indicator bar that always slowly fills up before it can be accessed.

Just like the previous series, you can also take advantage of interactive objects that can be utilized, such as throwing spears, piercing drills, pounding clubs, banging enemies’ heads, etc., complete with extra damage and brutal slow motion animation that follows. But now this is not just what can be done, besides having to have an object that is interacted with, this particular movement also requires sacrificing the bar indicator of defense just like the amplify system above.

The fatal blow system in the previous series is of course now also coming back, with a health bar below 25{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f}, you can launch a special attack with super massive damage. Of course fatal blow is also followed by full action animations with X ray and slow motion effects that now look even more brutal. Victory is also not only fixated on various combos that can be executed, with the right timing, counterattack in the form of a counter will also give extra damage.

In embedding this battle system, it seems that NetherRealm Studios is really not playing games, they even provide a complete guide to each movement that is included including studying the character’s anatomy This of course will encourage every fight that exists to run strategically, for example through move & frame data. Where each character’s movement can be measured speed, damage, recovery timenya, to the anatomy of the movement of the character’s body. Victory is also not only fixated on various combos that can be executed, with the right timing, counterattack in the form of a counter will also give extra damage.

There are many battle mechanism strategies that are waiting for you to learn.

With the right strategy & timing, 1 counter attack in the form of a counter will have a considerable impact.

Of course this makes the competitive side that they heralded feels more interesting & challenging. The competitive mode can be accessed through offline and online sessions with random players, besides that, the rank match that is present is certainly also encouraging you to compete to be the top.

Online competitive mode will also provide certain rewards.

The appeal of the Mortal Kombat battle system from time to time that is not in another fighting game is certainly a brutal ultimate movement that can be accessed at the end of the fight. Fatality & Brutality now looks more brutal and full of blood, the sensation of “rewarding” after trying hard to subdue your opponent is always felt when we can execute opponents with fatality and brutality.

Fast execution can also be done through brutality, but of course certain requirements are needed to do it.

As usual, fatality can be accessed at the end of the battle by pressing certain specific buttons accurately, then brutality can be accessed through the final ultimate attack with certain requirements. Interestingly, now NetherRealm provides a new mechanism in the form of “Mercy” which can be accessed at the end of the fight. Instead of executing the opponent when the words “finish him / her” appear on the screen, by pressing a few specific buttons, you can give your opponent a “second chance” and the opponent can come back to life with 20{8cf5ff9883ebb77753a548730632d7e740330a1bd58fddea121191d5a127d04f} extra health.

The battle system presented at Mortal Kombat 11 this time has indeed undergone a revamp that makes it feel more mature. For those of you who have played a number of previous series, of course it will not be a hassle and just need to do a little adaptation.

Diverse & Tempting Customization Features

One of the main attractions of Mortal Kombat 11 which has been heralded by NetherRealm Studios is the presence of highly customizable features. There are many things that you can customize, from masks, weapons, clothes, to finishing moves such as fatality. Interestingly, this feature also allows you to customize the fighting style & stats of the characters you use.

But unfortunately, this customization feature that looks very tempting feels very burdensome, you have to work extra hard to get every available cosmetic. In fact, it seems that this cosmetic system feels very “money oriented” through its microtransaction which certainly will favor the gamers who want to pour more funds.

The tower mode as in the previous series is also present again, by completing the tower with each existing tower, you will be able to access the ending of each character you use. The tower system will also give you certain rewards based on the tower level and the level of difficulty you choose. The higher the difficulty you take, the more rewards you can get, the rewards in the form of coins and crystals that you get can be used to open a cosmetic lootbox which we will explain later.

Klassic Tower is now back, besides opening the ending for each character, it will also provide currency rewards for opening the lootbox.

Krypt, Microtransaction & Nightmare For Offline Players

With the focus of NetherRealm Studios building the promised competitive mode, of course they embed the cosmetic system we mentioned earlier for the “show off” event. And as we mentioned earlier this cosmetic system feels very unfair, even the fans are asking for balancing on this one system.

There are many ways to obtain cosmetic items, one of which is towers of time, unfortunately, this one system is sometimes quite difficult to resolve and stingy in providing commensurate rewards. To speed up progress, here of course NetherRealm Studios injects a microtransaction system for impatient gamers, you can “exchange” real money with currency crystal to buy items. Crystal itself can indeed be obtained without real money, but it requires a very long process.

In purchasing items, you cannot choose at will, NetherRealm Studios injects the gacha system to obtain cosmetic items through krypt mode. Love and hate, that is what we feel in the presented krypt mode, in this mode you can explore the beauty of Tsang Tsung Island in the camera angle, which is now a third person. Surely it looks very interesting right? especially with various puzzles, puzzles, puzzles & easter eggs waiting to be solved. But just like the previous series, this krypt mode only feels like a gimmick to open a row of lootbox chests that are scattered throughout the location, which of course is now on a much more massive scale.

The concept of krypt fashion adventure looks cool indeed, but unfortunately it feels like the “adventure of opening a lootbox” and a mere gimmick.

For those of you who want to play Mortal Kombat 11 in offline mode, it seems this is the biggest nightmare for you. Without an internet connection, that means there is no hope of accessing krypt features, towers of time, and of course shopping for customization features. The klassic tower feature that can be played offline will not provide even a reward if you play it offline.

Playing it in offline mode, there will be no rewards that can be obtained, crucial modes like krypt & towers of time also require an internet connection to be accessed.

We know that this cosmetic system is indeed limited to optional and does not affect character stats, but once again, as a new attraction that is quite tempting, this combination of cosmetics & microtransaction systems feels very unfair. Of course we hope

NetherRealm & WB will balance this system so that it doesn’t burden the players.

Brutal and Captivating Visual Quality!

Presentation on the platform of the present generation, the visual presentation also plays for him, and NetherRealm is really able to present it very well. Spurred on by the modified Unreal Engine 3, Mortal Kombat 11 looks far more stunning than Mortal Kombat X. Comparing it to the previous series even made us feel that the visual quality of Mortal Kombat X felt “outdated” rather than its eleventh series this time.

In the krypt mode itself, you can see the most optimistic visual quality, where each effect starts from fog, shadow, lighting, until the environment presented looks very spoil the eye. While in the aspect of combat itself, each character as the main “asset” this time also looks much more realistic.

This is certainly capable of wrapping up every battle full of blood that is becoming more brutal and terrible, each effect like blood, bone crushing, to scattered organs can be displayed explicitly and as if pushing Mortal Kombat brutality to a much higher level.

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