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My Friend Pedro: Attractive Action Game

My Friend Pedro is not a game that can be called “new”. About 5 years ago, it emerged as a Flash game that was quite popular in Adult Swim Games. The gameplay approach that really focuses on the sensation of using mysterious characters that are strengthened by the power of bullet-time turned out to be unique, especially combined with the 2.5D design he was carrying. Now in the hands of DeadToast Entertainment and Devolver Digital, My Friend Pedro is back in a more serious variant. Of course with visuals, cinematic approaches, and more qualified effects. A re-release project for those who didn’t have the chance to taste the Flash Games version in the past.


Apart from the concept where most action games make the story as one of the main motivations, to move from one chapter to another, My Friend Pedro doesn’t focus much on this one. You are only given a short cut for a mystery that will eventually open at the end. Even then, there is no certainty that you will get a definitive “answer”.

You act as a mysterious character with a mask that suddenly awakens and discovers that a banana (you didn’t read wrong) appears and hovers in front of him. Not just an ordinary banana, this curved yellow fruit is able to speak and introduce itself as Pedro. Pedro assures the character that he is in great danger and he must run, while killing anyone who tries to block him. Traveling from one place to another, which at some point ends stranger than you imagine, is inevitable. Until in the end, one antagonist came to the fore.

Atmosphere and Music

If you have to talk about the presentation side, at least from the PC version we tested, My Friend Pedro really can’t be called a project that deserves to be praised for its visual quality. Compared to the flash game version in 2014, this more modern version certainly looks better. The main character comes with a design that feels better suited to the world atmosphere of My Friend Pedro, which at some point is super absurd. Everything combined with the effects of gunfire and explosion, which once again is not special, but is an improvement from the old version. At least this time, it feels like a quality indie game that you can anticipate from the name of a Devolver Digital classmate.

With a fairly fast firearm battle rhythm, the developer – DeadToast also counts successfully to inject minimal user-interfaces, but on the other hand ensures that all the information you need is clearly visible at a glance. Since there are several areas that contain puzzles in it, the solution is usually clearly visible on the same screen, as long as you pay extra attention.

As far as we have tasted it, there has never been any frustration arising from design side errors. There is no invisible enemy that attacks you unfairly from a screen that you haven’t even entered, there is no puzzle that has no clear solution with a little observation, and in the end a weapon system that has clear rules – how many bullets for one enemy and maneuver- maneuvers like what you can do for the best style. My Friend Pedro has clear and reliable rules in his world.

Cool But Stale Fast

From the gameplay side, My Friend Pedro can be considered as a simple 2.5D action game. Comes with a three-dimensional model but a two-dimensional level structure, you “only” have to move from left to right in most levels whose structure is divided into sections. Along the way you will meet with enemies who will try to kill you with a variety of different weapons, which of course you can kill with the weapons you get. Several alternatives are available, from shotgun to dual-handed SMG with different effects. Rest? Having fun.

Killing in style is the essence of My Friend Pedro. He will be equipped with at least four abilities to facilitate this. First, of course bullet-time. Present as a resource that will regenerate quite quickly after use, such as a bullet-time system on Max Payne or Matrix, it will make time slow. This means an opportunity for you to move faster, maneuver, and also avoid the opponent’s bullets at the same time. Considering the enemy’s movements cannot keep up with you, this bullet-time power can be summed up as your strongest power that can overcome almost any type of problem in My Friend Pedro.

The second strength is parkour. Not only can you shoot straight like an action game in general, the main character that you control can also do a series of Parkour movements that make you remember the action movies of Hollywood or Hong Kong in the past. Jumping and pushing the body forward while firing forward, jumping over walls in slow motion to move to higher ground, until the opportunity to kick objects towards the enemy to kill them instantly or make them a new “weapon” can also be a solution.

The third power, of course dual-handed weapon. With bullets whose system is still limited and you need to collect from fallen corpses, the opportunity to use firearms in each of your hands will be the solution to the problem of the quantity of enemies that will attack you from various positions. Fortunately there is a lock-down system, where you can lock where your weapons are pointing and your other hand is moving in the other direction, to overcome threats from two different sides at once. This will be a capable solution to overcome the many types of enemies that you meet. Of course, if both of these weapons aim at the same target, he will also be far more easily killed.

The fourth ability that will help you survive lies in the spinning ability that can be concluded as an evade movement and nothing more. Without a cooldown system and counted as standard movements that you can access without problems, the rotation of this main character will make him avoid most of the bullets that lead to him while triggering a cool sequence of action movie style. Cool again? You can also fire your weapon when executing this move, but as predicted, it will end in a sporadic unpredictable direction.

My Friend Pedro is not a long game. You can finish the story in just a few hours. But there is a reason why we chose the title above. At the beginning of the game, enjoying all the power and style of combat based on bullet-time it does feel super cool apart from movements that might look a little stiff especially when you use dual-handed. But entering the phase after 1 hour, it must be recognized to begin to feel repetitive. Everything happens regardless of the effort to add new elements such as puzzles and new objects that can be used by the main character.

We ourselves are quite confused why this sensation occurs, in a game that has been counted so short. There are two predictions that might make the title above we choose. First, with the side of the story that is not strong, slowly but surely the motivation to move beyond the level that ultimately feels similar to each other starts to slacken. My Friend Pedro ended up being an action-packed game that seemed to have no clear substance. Just “cool action” is not enough to tie you up in a chair and keep dealing with slow but sure games, the levels start to feel similar to each other. The second reason? Enemy variation. In the absence of interesting challenges other than unique boss battles, the enemy also feels repetitive regardless of the weapons or designs they are carrying. My Friend Pedro needs more enemy variants that need specific strategies to be subdued, especially those involving bullet-time power or parkour maneuver. The absence of a concept like this makes all enemies feel the same.

Social Media Innovation

One cool thing we like about the PC version of My Friend Pedro that seems appropriate as a reference for more other games in the future, including the AAA game though, is how they utilize the existing social media platform as one of the main features. They seem to understand that there are lots of cool strategies and actions that gamers might be able to execute. My Friend Pedro provides that option.

This game will end up choosing a scene that according to the game itself (although we ourselves don’t understand what indicators they use to select it) as a highlight at the end of the level. You will be able to see a preview on the screen provided. Cool again? You will be given an automatic option to save this action in the form of file.gif which incidentally you will be able to share later manually on the existing social media platforms. Or you can directly share it via Twitter if you want. Although features like this won’t appeal to all types of gamers, it’s always encouraging that options like this are provided.


My Friend Pedro still ends up being the recommended action game. With an affordable price (especially on a PC) and a pretty amazing side of action, it will even have extra charm for those of you who are pursuing extra score-based challenges that require more effective execution of levels and understanding of levels.

My Friend Pedro is a cool action game, an indisputable fact. The taste might be old because besides the remake process for design and visual quality as well as some additional elements in gameplay, it is still the same 2.5D action game that was released at Adult Swim Games a few years ago. moving slowly is always cool, especially if you execute it with a variety of cool parkour moves while avoiding the bullets that come. Coupled with the relatively innovative social media post option, My Friend Pedro seemed to understand what made him attractive.

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