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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: Well Designed Game

The lack of interest from many gamers and less effective marketing are the two main factors that make the Nintendo Wii U console fail. Although currently no longer has support from Nintendo, the console still has some exclusive tempting games that are obliged to glance at. To maintain the existence of the game that still has potential, Nintendo has brought some of the exclusive games to the Nintendo Switch console. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe was also included in one of the games that was resurrected, and the fans immediately welcomed him with enthusiasm.

Just like most other Mario games, Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe relies on the platformer genre as the main focus. 2D side scrolling gameplay is packed with quality visualization that spoils the eyes. Not only that, variations in levels in this game also offer exciting challenges and will make players addicted. The response he got was very positive and successfully sold 5 million copies, so it’s no wonder if Nintendo wants to release it again in an enhanced version.

Although its popularity is covered by some of the more iconic Mario games, Super Mario Bros. U still offers quite equivalent quality. Starting in terms of art style with a variety of unique variations in the world to exciting gameplay platformers, this game has it all. But if observed more deeply, unfortunately this game does not provide a significant breakthrough. Whether it’s from the concept or approach to a new gameplay element, Super Mario Bros. U just feels like a classic Mario game packed with better graphics.

Rely on nostalgia indeed, but this is the advantage that makes it very loved by many fans. Maintain the appeal of the classic Mario series while implementing a more modern gameplay mechanism, the main strength of Super Mario Bros. U can be seen clearly here. To provide a more memorable experience, here Nintendo has packed the game in the Deluxe version and made it the latest exclusive release for the Nintendo Switch.

The content offered by New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe itself is quite varied. First you will get access to playing the game in New Luigi U mode. In that mode, you can only play Luigi and play all levels in the game with a higher level of difficulty. In addition, there is also a new playable character named Toadette. This one character feels special, because you can change its form to Peachette by using an item called Super Crown. This one character is arguably the best for novice players, because he has the ability to float and have difficulty falling off the stage.

If you are a new player who is still unfamiliar with the game, then this Deluxe version is the best choice for you. In terms of performance, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe runs very stable on the Nintendo Switch. No matter whether you play it in a docked or handheld position, this game runs with stable FPS and does not experience a significant decrease in graphic quality.

Exciting or not a game, all of course depends on the gameplay offered. For New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, this qualification was successfully answered with a solid quality platformer gameplay. Apart from the always consistent track record of the Mario franchise, which makes gameplay in Super Mario Bros. U feels special lies in the combination of classic and modern elements. Here you will face various stages with different settings and full of creative imagination that was successfully cast by the director of Masataka Takemoto perfectly.

Through various levels from bright green open spaces, haunted houses to beautiful snowy areas, all levels in this game are very well designed. Obstacles in each level do look normal, but the level of difficulty in passing through all the staging turns out to be no kidding. Just a little calculation, you will definitely be stuck on several levels. Patience is the main key to dealing with it, because almost every obstacle in this game requires timings to be passed.

When you successfully complete the stage, usually you can get access to play the next stage or take reward in the form of valuable items in the bonus stage. Getting rewards also requires calculations, because the mini games that are in several stages bonuses are specifically designed to make players confused.

As you know, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe offers co-op mode with friends. Here you can play the game with three other friends with a choice of playable characters ranging from Mario, Luigi, Nabbit, Toad and Toadette. Each character has special abilities that are very helpful in going through various obstacles. Playing with friends in any multiplayer local game is indeed far more exciting, but the same thing unfortunately does not apply in this game.

Rather than exciting, playing with more people is even more frustrating. So when you play with friends, all of you here have to walk and pass all the obstacles together. If someone is left behind, they will die and cannot return if they run out of live points. If there is no solid coordination or one player is not very good at playing the game, the game flow will certainly be chaotic and eliminate the excitement that exists. Some players may not mind, but the Kami crew is the type of player who doesn’t like co-op systems like this.

Apart from its status as an enhanced version of one of the less popular Mario games, New Super Mario. Bros. U Deluxe still offers solid overall quality. Combining classic platformer gameplay with modern, the playing experience that is presented really feels different. Especially with the addition of new modes like New Luigi U and Toaddete playable characters, players who have played the original series are guaranteed to still fall in love with this game.

Its shortcomings are also difficult to ignore, because the absence of striking gameplay innovations and messy co-op modes can affect player satisfaction, especially for Mario hardcore fans or platformer games in general. Apart from these shortcomings, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is a platformer game that is a pity to miss.

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