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Nier Automata Review

NieR: Automata is a game created by a Japanese developer called PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. PlatinumGames itself is a joint developer between Seeds and Odd Inc, and the owner is the former boss of Capcom Clover Studio. PlatinumGames has been traveling the world for a long time with hack and slash games, of course we have heard of games with the titles Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101 and finally the game titled Astral Chain on the Nintendo Switch. NieR: Automata itself is actually a fraction of the game series with the title Drakengard in the PS2 and PS3 era, but of course it has a different storyline, so we don’t need to play the previous series. Talking NieR: Automata certainly cannot be separated from the name Yoko Taro, a Game Director and Scenario Writer who is quite famous in Japan, maybe as genius as Hideo Kojima. In every game Yoko Taro always plays with the emotions of the players who play the game.

My expectations when playing this game were pretty standard at first, because before I knew that this game had a very short story, when I checked on the web how long to beat it only took about 20 hours, but I unconsciously dissolved and drifted away. into the story of this game and didn’t realize that I had played this game for almost 40 hours, which is quite a long game for an action RPG type. This game is filled with various philosophies of life about mankind that Yoko Taro deliberately slipped into this game, we have to be observant, because many NPC names are actually represented for this.

Honestly, the female main character named YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) is one of the spearheads, a sex-pile for the Adam who plays this game, but make no mistake, the story of this game is quite deep, I say Bravo for the story which is quite complex with a unique presentation, I thought that the final boss was an antagonist named Adam and Eve, but actually when it finished the first and second scenarios it was just the beginning, in terms of a bigger story. I feel robots who act like they want to imitate humans, try to imitate human behavior, such as stories about robot babies waiting to mature, even though they can’t possibly be, there is a robot boss who is crazy about physical beauty, there is a belief is like religion, and there is a city of parades that never cease to rejoice, etc. This game focuses on a robot character with human emotions.

NieR: Automata takes the setting of an earth that has been ravaged by the war between humans and alien-made robots that lasted thousands of years, until finally the earth is only inhabited by the remnants of robots that can still survive, and all the remaining human colonies are said to be evacuated to Month. This game has quite varied gameplay, with changing camera modes, and at some point we will control robots and planes, not only that this game also presents several points of view from each of the main characters such as YoRHa No. 9 Type S (9S) and YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2).

After completing this game several times and completing all the scenarios, then we will be shown various points of view of the protagonist characters even from the point of view of the antagonist characters, from here I just realized that there are actually no good and evil terms, all just perspective or point of view issues only.

For the soundtrack, you can say that this game has music that is different from the others, where the language used as a vowel is not the language we know, but just a combination of random words that accompany the musical melody. The sound of the vocals on the soundtrack of this game is like just one of the existing musical instruments, a meaningless song that if I listen to it, feels day-raging, lilting and sounds so sad. Those who want to try to listen can try clicking this link: “Amusement Park” or “City Ruins”. Personally, I’m confused that there is music like this, so I often listen to music from this game on Spotify.

In terms of graphics, this game is quite standard, it does not reflect a next gen game, where the color tone is more towards monochrome, this color is what we will see throughout this game. The minus side of this game is of course there is too much empty space which is nothing, the types of enemies are also few, to reach a point we sometimes have to run quite far and through empty space. Side missions are also built and made to complete the depth level of each character, so in my opinion it is quite important to complete all the side missions.

The final boss of this game is a mini game that is very difficult, it can be said “impossible” to finish, but it is quite unique, we can get the true ending by playing online, because it is impossible to finish the mini game alone. When completing the mini game, a warning appears, do we want to help other people who are experiencing the same problem, but at the expense of the save game we have, if so, our save game will actually be deleted, and our data will be deleted. input to the server to be able to help other players who experience difficulties when playing the mini game. This is what I say is a game made by Yoko Taro that plays with the emotional feelings of the players who play the game.Imagine after going through tens of hours, going through the ups and downs of stories, collecting various kinds of unique items, in the end we have to be able to sacrifice for other people there who we do not know at all. Honestly, in this mode I am very moved, accompanied by a heart-wrenching melody, the theme song when playing the mini game is entitled “Weight of the World”, the lesson that can be taken is that we cannot carry the weight of this world alone, we need friends. or someone else to help us lift that load.

It is not wrong that many foreign game review portals give 9/10 scores for this one game, because it is really a quality game in my opinion, I haven’t played a game with this good quality for a long time.

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