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No Further Information, Elden Ring Remains Mysterious

A myth? Or is it really a game that really exists? What form of gameplay does he promise? Are we going to see it in the near future? All these questions seem to come up every time we talk about the latest game from From Software – Elden Ring. Even though the “new” first announcement took place two years ago, the impatience of many gamers made this wait seem like it had taken dozens of years. Crazy again? Almost every gaming event is currently shrouded in speculation about the presence of a trailer or new information related to the Elden Ring. Like what just happened with Microsoft.

Microsoft is said to be holding an Xbox event in March 2021. Speculation that this event will contain the latest Elden Ring information immediately surfaced in cyberspace, and was also reported by several gaming sites. Fortunately, to ensure that the expectations do not end up being exaggerated, Microsoft immediately came up with a clarification.

Aaron Greenberg – Xbox Games Marketing denies this news and speculation. His sentence indicated that there would be no Xbox event in March 2021 and therefore, there would be no new Elden Ring information tied to their brand. Unfortunately, Greenberg did not speak about when we will meet the latest Xbox event in the future.

This confirmation certainly returns to giving a fatal slap to many gamers who can’t wait to see what Elden Ring gameplay itself looks like. How about you? How many of you are still eagerly awaiting this game?

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