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Officially Married, Congratulations Pewdiepie and Marzia!

Pewdiepie and Marzia may be one of the few couples out there whose stories are actually quite inspiring. How to date one of the stars on the YouTube platform is not as easy as it looks. But everything is still sweet if we look at how the two of them struggle after all this time, well for those of you who are curious let’s see 7 facts about the relationship between Pewdiepie and Marzia for 8 years.

  1. Be found online in 2011

Pewdiepie and Marzia might be arguably met in a unique way. Where most couples face to face and date, the two of them have never actually met before. Starting with one of Marzia’s close friends named Diazo who introduced her Pewdiepie video to her, she marveled and began writing messages to Pewdiepie. Until finally they communicate with each other via Facebook.


  1. Love Each Other Before Pewdiepie Booming Names

Pewdiepie itself catapulted his name through the Gameplay video of himself playing the Horror Amnesia game at the end of 2011. But his relationship with Marzia actually they had established before he was famous as a Horror game YouTuber. Until finally Marzia herself decided to leave all of her progress in Italy and live permanently with Pewdiepie in Sweden.

  1. Language Does Not Become a Roadblock

When face-to-face and communication are key to a relationship, the beginning of the relationship between Pewdiepie and Marzia is absent from both elements. Young Pewdiepie came from Sweden where he was only proficient in English and also Swedish, on the other hand Marzia came from Italy and he was practically “stuttering” in English. But after the two of them met and opened up, they finally felt that they were right for each other.

  1. Pewdiepie Savings To Italy & Meet Her

Long before he became a Youtube star, Pewdiepie himself did not fully depend his life on the platform. Selling his Photoshop artworks, he has to work at the Port to live for his life and also save money. Until finally in August 2011, Pewdiepie uploaded a video that he had met Marzia in Italy thanks to his savings.

  1. 8 Years of Dating Not Always Smooth

8 years dating is not a short time, there are many twists and turns of life they have experienced during that time. On one side Pewdiepie had fallen due to racial humor that caused controversy, on the other hand Marzia was labeled as “Pewdiepie girlfriend” and “Pewdiepie girl” only.

To remain relevant, Pewdiepie has changed the concept of YouTube video several times, starting from Youtube Gaming, entertainment, Vlog, and finally returning to Gaming. The controversy at that time had made it worse. Considered an anti-semetic man, he was taken in by the auspices of Disney, until his programs had to be canceled. He repeatedly apologized and pleaded wrong, but he still rose to this day.

Marzia herself also experienced an uneasy struggle, language barriers made it difficult for her to get a job in Sweden. Until finally he decided to start a career on Youtube as Beuty Vlogger also still not smooth out his life. Several times he was given the title as “Gold Digger” aka girl matrices, his success on Youtube was considered only because he became a Pewdiepie boyfriend. But he remained focused on his Channe’s content and had won millions of subscribers.

  1. Had Depression, Marzia Leave Your YouTube

Considered inappropriate, Marzia’s success is often underestimated. In the last parting video on Youtube. He was down because he was often called the Gold Digger, he also had time to believe that he might indeed be a fraud, but he still focused on making Youtube content that he wanted.

Beginning to fruition, Marzia actually realized that she was depressed because of her routine on Youtube. Where the girl from Italy felt very closed herself from the world and family, she had returned to Italy to meet her parents and finally decided to die Youtube to try new things.

Marzia and Pewdiepie themselves are now opening a new page in their lives by opening a clothing business owned by the two of them named Tsuki_Market. Where they both routinely promote clothing and merchandise on their social media.

  1. First applied for in Japan

In 2018 during their trip to Japan Pewdiepie decided to surprise Marzia. One of Marzia’s Channel Fans reuploaded their application clarification video. Where Pewdiepie and Marzia tell the chronology of how Felix surprised himself during a trip in Japan.

Until 2019, Pewdiepie and Marzia were officially married, Pewdiepie itself already has a subscriber of 99 Million on Youtube. Almost touching the number 100 million, Pewdiepie has also uploaded a video of himself playing Minecraft with Marzia.

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