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Our Disappointment with Fortnite Skirmish

Fortnite Summer Skirmish was not reported by Fortnite. Information about this tournament is quite hard to find even by those who are veteran Fortnite players. All information about Fortnite Summer Skirmish was indeed displayed on its website last week, but the Fortnite community only received and distributed the information 10 hours before the event took place.

The lack of this publication is considered by the community to be deliberately done by Epic Games because they believe this tournament will not run smoothly. But, not only was it not smooth, a significant problem occurred in this tournament. After four games, of the 10 games scheduled to take place, this event was canceled because of the severe lag that occurred.

Besides that, the gameplay in the tournament is also very boring to watch. Pro player does not show aggressive games and causes the spectacle to be not tense or monotonous. Epic Games does provide a certain amount of money for players who get the most kill, but the amount is very far compared to if they win. In order to win this tournament, the team must win 2 matches out of 10 matches and the most effective way is to avoid fighting in any way.

So to get a champion, the pro player does a fairly extreme stalling tactic. They will intentionally stay in the Storm as long as possible to avoid the enemy. When compared to the previous UMG Friday Fortnite event, this tournament was very disappointing.

Various disappointments were also expressed by the Fortnite community. Many of them commented not only on one side, but on the various sides of their disappointment with Fortnite Summer Skirmish.

Curious? Come on, take a peek at how messed up yesterday’s Fortnite Summer Skirmish is!

The lag phenomenon that occurs throughout the tournament makes players unable to stream, while commentators try their best to provide explanations. Of course this shows Epic Games is not professional. The prize pool of 250,000 USD is not a small amount, but this tournament does not show the ability of the pro player to win and give a negative view on the competitive aspects of Fortnite.

Many critics say that Epic Games knows that lag problems have occurred in custom lobbies a few months ago, but they still run it. This is indeed not the first tournament to be colored with lag in it, but only the first official tournament held by Fortnite.

This issue certainly raises questions in the eSports community especially in Fortnite’s competitive environment. Starting from caster who is not serious in carrying out tournaments, lags that interfere with the course of the competition, until the new regulations are published one hour before the event starts.

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