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Our Recommendation: Omen Photon x Omen Outpost – Two Lovebirds!

Efforts to define the future, determine roughly what kind of trends will grow in popularity and then prepare the product from the start, is a challenge that must be faced by all industries, including the gaming peripheral business though. That is no longer just a remodel of design in the name of comfort, not a few manufacturers are experimenting with a variety of new features and technologies to further strengthen these elements. Some come as separate products, but not a few will feel far more leverage when combined. For this last matter, this is what we feel with Omen by HP’s two products – Photon and Outpost.

Design and Features

Why did we decide to combine these two separate products into the same review article? Describing it in just two sentences seems to be enough to make you understand our choice. First, Photon is a mouse and Outpost is a mousepad. Second? Photon is a mouse that sells wireless technology and Outpost is a mousepad that sells wireless charging technology. If you are able to reason, then it seems not difficult to rationalize the narrative as what we are building here.

Omen Outpost itself is a fairly large sized mousepad that offers weight and material that will support the movement of your mouse, regardless of how fast and crazy it will end. On the surface, it really doesn’t look like a gaming mouse with dazzling features. But once you notice that it has a special room at the top with a cable connected, then you seem to have understood that it is not an ordinary mousepad.

With USB-C support and a converter to USB 2.0 with two separate cable branches, Omen Outpost comes with a unique cosmetic and functionality side. The cosmetic side is supported by an RGB lamp that occupies two different locations – on the top of the logo and around the mousepad itself. The combination of the two will end up making your gaming table look brighter and more colorful, representing the strong gamers ‘identity’. Unfortunately, this function can only be maximized if your PC already has USB-C support in it. Why? Because the RGB feature that illuminates the Omen Outpost side can only be active with the connector. If you end up using a USB 2.0 converter that they include though, you must be willing to lose features that offer a more significant “gaming” atmosphere.

The second and most defining feature of Outpost of course lies in the wireless charging feature that it includes in the solid part that is embedded at the top of the mousepad. The wireless charging session is embedded to the left of the Omen logo that shines brightly, with a small logo to make it clear where exactly you need to put your device that supports this feature. The main idea, of course, is to make it a “home” for the Omen Photon that you use every time it isn’t used. But that does not mean, you can not use it to recharge your smart device batteries for example. But it must be remembered, you can not rely on it if you need a fast charged battery before traveling for example. For smart devices like this, it is more concocted just as a place-put-smartphone-at the same time-charging which of course, will make it a little easier for you.

While on the other hand, you meet with Omen Photon, a gaming mouse with an ergonomic design that is comfortable for you to hold, especially for those of you who are accustomed to using the claw technique. So as we talked about before, Photon becomes a gaming mouse that offers a variety of gaming mouse features that it should, with wireless being the foundation of its appeal.

That there is no need to be attached to cable management which is sometimes annoying, you just need to press the ON-OFF button on the bottom of the mouse and enjoy it immediately. What makes it special is the process of recharging the battery that does not have to use a USB cable that can be linked to the front of the mouse only. Omen Photon already supports wireless charging so that the energy charging process can be done wirelessly, making it a matching pair with the Omen Outpost itself. But this does not mean you MUST use Omen Outpost, considering wireless charging products of various forms are now also available on the market.

While in terms of both designs, with the support of RGB cosmetics and black color that dominates, it seems safe to say that the identity of the gaming device you are looking for is a strong burst of both.

Omen Photon x Omen Outpost: How Comfortable?

What makes many gamers end up avoiding wireless devices such as headsets or gaming mice for example? Beyond the need for the charging process which is sometimes troublesome, there is always a negative perception that wireless connectivity like this is not always stable and can sometimes lead to problems when you are busy tasting your favorite game. If you are a gamer who is afraid that something similar will happen with Omen Photon for example? So the testimony of our usage over the past month, which is used to try out various games and productive activities during work can be a definite testimony with one strong conclusion – that the fear is unwarranted.

Comfortable in the hand, at least for the style of holding our mouse which is more dominated by claw technique, Omen Photon performs its task which is almost perfect as a wireless gaming mouse. There are no technical issues to worry about because of this status, making you able to enjoy it optimally from the start. Photon is also reinforced with a variety of qualified gaming mouse features, from a sensitivity range (DPI) high enough to facilitate a variety of game genres and also your comfort to the extra buttons which will later be able to be modified due to the support of the software – Omen Command Center which we will talk about more far in the next session.

There is one extra small light in the middle, precisely above the small button for DPI settings, which functions as a battery indicator from the Omen Photon itself. It doesn’t look fancy using fancy UI designs, but it is effective enough to provide clear information about your current battery status. It is divided into three types of colors – white, orange and red, each of which will represent a percentage of the amount of battery. The formula is simple, if the red light has blinked, then you are advised to start recharging this Omen Photon energy.

If there is one thing we have to complain about, is the absence of space to store the receiver inside the mouse itself, which of course further increases the risk that at one point we will end up losing small, super important objects to continue the wireless function of this Omen Photon . Based on the design of several other wireless mice that think about it and offer a more accurate solution related to this classic problem, it is unfortunate indeed if Omen does not pay attention and consider it at all. In fact, this is relatively important.

But at least this solution will be slightly resolved if you have Omen Outpost as a match for this Photon Omen. Why? Because in addition to the Wireless Charging feature that enhances both, Omen Outpost also provides an extra USB 2.0 slot at the top to facilitate devices with similar connections. But the main idea is of course to make it a “home” for the super small Omen Photon receiver and ensure that this device is not lost. Why? Because you will always pin it there and know where to find out first if something worse happens. Of course, Omen Outpost functions as a capable mousepad, with or without Omen Photon. Surface material that supports smooth mouse movement and “sticky” material that doesn’t easily shift when placed on a table is enough to offer the mousepad experience that it should.

Both Omen Photon and Omen Outpost are also supported by the mainstay software – Omen Outpost to modify various existing functions. As a more complex device, support for Omen Photon is certainly more complete. In addition to the opportunity to modify the various RGB light effects that will illuminate the scroll-wheel effect and also the plump logo on the back, you can also change the extra variety of functions available via the Macro feature which is also embedded. With him also present information regarding the percentage of remaining battery displayed with a clearer UI. As for the Omen Outpost, which is actually a mousepad, most of the Omen Command Center functions end up just to regulate existing cosmetic features.

The Ultimate Points: Two Lovebirds!

If we have to talk about what makes this Omen Photon and Omen Outpost feel special is the fact that each of them is a separate product that can be relied on and does its job well. However, when combined and juxtaposed, it is difficult not to recognize, that both of them were created to facilitate work and perfect one another.

This integration is also well facilitated. Omen Outpost “removes” the hassles of gaming mouse so far that it has to be unplugged with the associated USB cable in the name of battery charging. Which sometimes makes a lot of gamers who end up ignoring the existing wireless features and immediately choose to leave the USB bound forever. With only routine to place Omen Photon in Omen Outpost’s wireless charging area, you can routinely use this mouse wirelessly without stopping. Moreover, there is always an option to leave it when you sleep at night and find it fully charged in the morning.

While on the other hand, Omen Photon makes Omen Outpost’s selling value higher when it is side by side. The wireless charging function offered by this mousepad will not be fast enough to charge the smart device, especially if you are in a hurry for example. But the presence of Omen Photon makes Outpost’s wireless charging function much more tempting and can indeed be maximized in full. Especially with the presence of a worrying little super receiver that he was carrying, Omen Outpost came as a “savior” by offering an extra slot at the back.

But that does not mean, the two MUST be side by side. You always have the option to enjoy the greatness of each of them separately, which in terms of function and features do have a strong appeal. But like a romance story, both of them appear like two lovebirds who love to be separated.


So both Omen Photon and Omen Outpost must be recognized, successfully carrying out their respective duties as capable gaming peripherals, both when you pair them or enjoy them as separate products.

So both Omen Photon and Omen Outpost must be recognized, successfully carrying out their respective duties as capable gaming peripherals, both when you pair them or enjoy them as separate products. There is a clear effort to inject an innovation that adds value to each product, which fortunately, is no longer limited to gimmick content such as the cosmetics side, for example. Focusing on the concept of convenient wireless charging, minimal technical problems, and rich features, both can be relied upon to facilitate your various gaming activities, regardless of your favorite genre. How about you? Look interesting?

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