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Pandemic Effect, 40% of Teenagers in Roblox are Closer to Online Friends

Roblox players claim they communicate with friends through games, according to a survey conducted by Roblox. At present, Roblox has more than 120 million active monthly players. Roblox then conducted a survey of 2,926 adolescents at the age range of 13-18 years through Reach3 Insights. From the survey, it is known that 52 percent of adolescents said the time they spent with friends to play games during the pandemic was the same or longer than before the pandemic.

Laura Higgins, Director of Community Safety and Digital Civility, Roblox said, 40 percent of teenagers felt they had become closer to their online friends throughout the pandemic. “We see, the use of our platform has increased,” Higgins said at GamesBeat. “Everyone’s playing duration goes up. Adults now understand that socialization can be done in cyberspace. ”

Meanwhile, as many as 56 percent of teenagers surveyed by Roblox said they spent more time with friends they found on Roblox than their friends in the real world. The reason is, they feel more comfortable with their online friends.

There are several reasons why teenagers prefer to communicate with their online friends. For one, they don’t need to worry about appearance problems when they chat with their online friends. Indeed, appearance can be the trigger of a teenager who is rumored. Another reason teens are more comfortable with their online friends is because they think that getting friends in cyberspace is easier. In addition, they also feel more comfortable to discuss heavy topics, such as the corona virus pandemic, with their friends in cyberspace.

“Teenagers choose cyberspace as a place to socialize and chat with their friends,” Higgins said. “They also enjoy chatting with people from other countries and sharing information about their respective cultures. They even learn each other’s mother tongue. They also gather with their friends in the real world through an online platform. ”

Pandemic makes many people have to stay at home. Many people fill their free time by playing games. No exception teenagers. As many as 79 percent of teens say they spend their time playing their favorite games with friends in the real world.

However, when asked if they also tried something new, 62 percent of respondents said they tried a new game and 41 percent said they tried a new genre. As many as 29 percent of teens also mentioned that they started learning coding or even making their own games.

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