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Persona 5 The Royal – Our Expectation

Through the Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019 concert, Atlus launched a trailer that revealed in more detail the Persona 5 The Royal game.

In addition to the new character in the form of a mysterious red-haired woman who became one of the important plots of this game, there is so much new content or maybe changes that can be said to be quite significant to the story plot. It also certainly resembles a formula that is present at Persona 4 Golden or Persona 3 FES or Persona 3 Portable.

Therefore, the author wants to try to do a breakdown and analysis of the new trailer, as well as other new content that can be found on the Persona 5 website of The Royal Japan, so you can expect what new content will be present in Persona 5. The Royal.


  • New character, Kasumi Yoshizawa

Having the same formula with Persona 4 Golden or Persona 3 FES or Persona 3 Portable, Kasumi Yoshizawa will be an additional character with a story plot that is also new. But what quite distinguishes Kasumi Yoshizawa from the additional characters from the previous series is that she will join in fighting with Phantom Thieves with the appearance as shown above.

Kasumi Yoshizawa has a background as a transfer student just like the protagonist. He was described as a very reliable figure in rhythmic gymnastics since junior high school.

Most likely he will also become a new confidant for the protagonist, because like members of the Phantom Thieves certainly have a relationship that can be improved to get bonuses when adventuring in the Palace and Mementos.

  • New Confidant, Takuto Maruki the Consultant

Besides Kasumi Yoshizawa, there is one new character that will be confidant to the protagonist, namely Takuto Maruki, a counselor teacher or maybe more familiar with BP teachers. He was told to enter as a new teacher after the tragedy that hit Shujin Academy in April.

Through the picture above, Takuto Maruki is shown to have an Arcana card with the name Le Consultant or which means the consultant. In the Major Arcana series itself there is no Consultant, but if you remember in the previous Persona games, there is an Arcana named Aeon which actually does not exist in Major Arcana.

  • New areas to explore

At Persona 5, players can only explore the area around their homes, schools, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara. While other areas that can be opened through interaction with confidants or reading magazines, can only be visited when going to hang out with a confidant.

And through some of the pictures above, it seems that this will change, and chances are that players can visit almost all of these places, to do new activities, or maybe new facilities.

  • New activities and facilities

Still related to the previous points, Persona 5 Royal also presents new facilities to hang out or do an activity. As in some of the pictures above, there is a new place called Penguin Sniper, wherein players can hang out to play Billiards or Throwing Darts.

But if you look at the side activities in the previous Persona series, players don’t seem to be directly playing Billiards and Throwing Darts as mini games, but rather interaction skill checks, where the protagonist is good or not will be determined by how high his proficiency status for example . But the writer certainly hopes that these two activities can become mini games like in the Yakuza series for example.

In addition, the authors also hope that we can explore more deeply in Gigolo Arcade. Of course because the place is a game center, and it is very unfortunate if the place is only used to buy drinks or meet Ryuji on holidays.

  • Semester 3 and many new events

As with the previous Persona game formulas, Persona 5 The Royal also presents a series of new events. Starting from events that embrace the main plot, as well as side events that are carried out together with the confidant being invited to hang out

Those of you who have completed Persona 5 before will definitely be unfamiliar with snippets from events in some of the pictures above. When else do you tie up with Yusuke to see the fish at the Aquarium, or invite the streets of two loli who often torture the protagonist?

Furthermore, the Persona 5 website The Royal Japan explained that they will reveal stories in semester 3. And what’s interesting is that the 3rd semester will take place from January and March, after defeating Yaldabaoth. So that the game is expected to last longer.

  • Cutscene has a new Anime style

It’s not a Persona game if you don’t insert a cutscene in the form of Japanese animation or commonly called Anime. Persona 5 The Royal certainly gets additional new animations, but it is not yet clear whether the cutscene animations on the previous Persona 5 will be replaced or not.

  • Customization of clothes for the protagonist?

In some screenshots and some scenes that are exhibited through the newest trailer, the protagonist is shown wearing clothes that were not previously available at Persona 5. So it is possible for the first time, the Persona series is custom clothing.

But of course, it does not rule out the possibility that the clothes at Persona 5 The Royal are just new clothes worn by the winter special protagonist. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to hope right?

  • New features for selfie?

Through the Persona 5 website The Royal Japan, the picture above is explained as ‘save your precious moments with photos’. So it is likely that there will now be a feature of taking photos like the current AAA games now.

Another possibility is to automatically deviate images at certain moments when hanging out for example. Similar to the photo feature in Final Fantasy XV, where the game will take several photos automatically at certain moments.

  • Different Grapple and Palace Infiltration?

In the trailer, you can see the Joker who uses a kind of rope or grapple to reach a location in the Castle of Lust and Space Station of Greed. However, please also note that the Joker’s Grapple tool comes first at the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This might imply that each Palace has a new design or maybe just adding a new location, where the grapple feature will be utilized.

Furthermore, it is also seen that the Joker, Mona, Panther and Skull are tinkering with the statue of King Kamoshida to open the way, where the scene has no Persona at all.

  • New enemies and the appearance of mysterious treasures

In addition to the Palace design which also seems to be changing, Persona 5 The Royal also presents new enemies to be faced. Furthermore, the battle against the boss also seems to change slightly, as in the middle image above, the battle against King Kamoshida is still presenting Mishima, which is most likely part of the cognitive dissonance of Palace itself.

Persona 5 The Royal also presents a mysterious new treasure, it is not yet clear what kind of treasure can be obtained, perhaps such as variations of weapons and new armor which are quite deadly in battle.

  • Dual Attack and All-Out Attack for Futaba

The mechanism of battle itself does not seem to change much, but there are variations in combination attacks between two members at once or dual attack. The two couples who appeared in the Persona 5 The Royal trailer were Mona and Noir’s pair, and Skull and Queen pairs. It is unclear whether this combination attack has been fixed by each pair, or who is free.

Another new thing related to the new combat element is that Oracle gets its own All-Out Attack variation. It is unclear what the navigator will do, given that he is a support character that is not used to attack Persona 5.

  • Changing Velvet Room atmosphere

Velvet Room which always has an atmosphere of bluish color, but turns red and creepy. I don’t know what happened and how it will affect the features inside, especially in the matter of Fusion. And it is not yet clear whether this occurs randomly or occurs on a predetermined plot.

  • CO-OP Assist, new songs, visuals sharper in PS4 Pro

Some other things are Persona 5 The Royal has a new additional menu CO-OP Assist and Status Assist, where the feature is explained the player will be given advice on what activities to do on that day. It is unclear what distinguishes it from a similar assist feature at Persona 5, but most likely Atlus only moves the assist feature to make it more accessible.

Furthermore, of course Persona 5 The Royal will get new songs that are certainly no less cool than the previous games. Then the PS4 Pro owners will also get a visual version that is sharper and spoils the eyes while playing Persona 5 The Royal.

  • Morgana v2.0?

In the picture above, this mysterious man has the text name ‘handsome man’. But if you pay close attention, he has the same color palette as Morgana, especially his eyes.

You might remember that Teddie, a mysterious bear at Persona 4, could ‘grow’ his own human body. The formula seems to be back into Persona 5 R, and it is possible that Morgana may finally also ‘grow’ his own human body.

  • Isshiki Wakaba?

For you who may be unfamiliar with his name, Isshiki Wakaba is the mother of Futaba. When exploring Futaba’s Palace, Pyramid of Wrath, you will fight with the mother who has a body like the Sphinx as the main boss.

In the picture above, it looks Futaba sits next to a female figure. If you see that the hair is quite short and has a greenish black hair color, chances are that the figure is Wakaba Isshiki. But keep in mind, at Persona 5 itself Wakaba Isshiki is dead, so this one scene might just be part of the plot of the story or maybe Futaba’s cognition or the protagonist’s cognition will be Futaba.

The previous two points might be related. The protagonist may be entering a palace with cognition where the wishes of the members of the Phantom Thieves are reached. This is also reinforced by the same Joker clothes, and the two pictures above are both located at Cafe Leblanc

In this case, Morgana was eager to return to being a human being, therefore Morgana was seen as a human being in Joker’s cognition. Likewise with Futaba, where he also met with his mother, so the Joker saw cognition like that.

Furthermore, in the latest Persona 5 The Royal trailer, a Anime cutscene is shown where Joker is back at Shibuya Crossing when the time is stopped. Then he heard the voice of a woman who was assumed to be the new character, Kasumi Yoshizawa, where he said that he could steal dreams. So it is possible that the girl stole the dreams of the members of Phantom Thieves, and made the palace from those dreams for the protagonist to explore.

And with the confirmed third semester taking place 3 months after bossfight against Yaldabaoth, it seems that in that period, the girl will be the next opponent for the protagonist to free the members of Phantom Thieves who are stolen by her dreams.

Of course this is only a brief theory based on superficial analysis of mere writers and not necessarily true until we play it ourselves. But it seems to be a new plot that will be interesting if so.

That is at least 15 new things that are expected to be present at Persona 5 The Royal. But keep in mind that these things can change during development. Because the release date itself is still quite long, even longer for the English version.


Well, where do you think the most interesting new features to wait for? Although it can be ascertained that the new things above are just a twist of new things to be offered from Persona 5 The Royal. Do you know new things that the writer might miss? Come on, share your opinion directly in the comments column!

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