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PlayStation 5 and Why It’s Have Quite Low Price

Having to wait before being able to enjoy Sony’s latest generation console – Playstation 5 officially, the thirst that Playstation gamers must feel is no longer bearable. Coupled with the problem of limited stock that still occurs in almost all parts of the world, some gamers even have to end up holding back this thirst even further. Fortunately, we are one of the gamers lucky enough to own this super hype console on the first day of release. So, what does it actually offer? How was the first impression he managed to make in our experience?

Every time a new console comes to the market, of course there are many interesting things to discuss, from the technology driven by the manufacturer, both from the performance side to the various extra extra features that they believe will define the “future” of gaming itself. Likewise with the Playstation 5.

From the hardware side, we were quite surprised by the size and weight of this one console. Pairing it next to the 55 ”TV seems to emphasize the fact that the Playstation 5 does need extra planning if your gaming space is limited at home. The rest? This size is compensated for through performance and several significant improvements from the previous series, including the problem of fan noise that is so obvious on the Playstation 4.The wide white chips available on both sides dominate the visuals, making us no longer wait to see about the extra pieces like what Sony will offer in special packages in the future.

But it must be admitted, the real “star” of the Playstation 5 is the controller – DualSense. Since its introduction to the public, Sony has continued to sell two words of jargon – haptic feedback and adaptive trigger, which sound like a gimmick. When we now hold the controller that feels heavier in our hands, with Astrobot walking on the screen, all doubts immediately disappear. That these two driven features actually work as they claim to be and are able to offer a gaming experience that is more than just “vibrate”. There is something special when you have to exert yourself to press this trigger button to access certain functions. In NBA 2K21? This trigger will become even more difficult to press and hold the more tired your players become. Crazy.

In addition to changes in performance on the gaming side, from updates to several games such as Ghost of Tsushima which can now be played at a 60fps framerate or how NVME SSD-based loading speeds allow you to start Spider-Man: Miles Morales from the main menu to in-game in just 20 seconds. , Playstation 5 also carries a different user-interface. It took time to relearn what he could do, but he was still intuitive. There is a Card per game system where you can jump directly into certain parts of the game, the option to adjust the strength of the adaptive trigger, until now the opportunity to see the total time you’ve spent in each game.

The rest is enjoying the release of the Playstation 5, which fortunately has been accompanied by several exclusive titles that deserve a glance. Apart from the fantastic Demon’s Souls Remake from Bluepoint Games, you are also treated to Spider-Man Remastered which turns out to be quite a significant improvement in the 4K Native ray-tracing mode which you will easily recognize. Of course, there are several third party games that immediately take advantage of this extra performance to make it different from the previous generation versions, from Watch Dogs: Legion, NBA 2K21, to Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. Those of you who like to share image or video content via social media will also be able to do it faster, from capturing screenshots to cutting videos. But unfortunately, the social media that you can share directly today are increasingly limited compared to the Playstation 4 releases in the past.

It’s still too early to write a full review of our version of the Playstation 5, given that there is so much testing to be done and so many questions that arouse curiosity and hence the need to seek answers. While working on everything, let us share some of the images we captured during the process of writing this preview article. Of course, this also means we will start reviewing Playstation 5 games from this point on. Welcome to the new generation!


What is one of the sources of revenue for consoles as a platform, such as Sony’s Playstation? Like the business strategy that Valve has implemented on Steam, one of the biggest, of course, comes from sharing the profits from every copy of the video game sales available on their platform. Therefore, the more consoles sold on the market, coupled with the potential number of their paid service subscribers, the greater the profit. For Sony, this means making sure their next-generation console – the Playstation 5 comes at a super tempting price.

With the position of a 4K gaming machine that supports ray-tracing and the power of a super fast SSD, the price that Sony has set for the Playstation 5 is not “rational”. It turns out, oh apparently, Sony is indeed “selling at a loss” on this one console. This information is obtained from the latest financial reports which state that the Playstation 5 console is indeed sold cheaper than its manufacturing costs. However, this strategy has succeeded in driving 4.5 million Playstation 5 units sold to date, in line with Sony’s previous target of 7.6 million units before March 2021.

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