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RAGE 2: Classic Open-world Problem

Bethesda’s courage to continue to explore their old franchise, which proved to be less successful on the market, is a worthy step to be welcomed. This is what happened with RAGE in the past. Once known as a game with stunning quality in its era, the content is not commensurate and some technical problems that had happened did make it not “explode” on the market. But RAGE left his own history, fortunately, again explored by Bethesda at this time. A sequel series is formulated by offering new and different approaches. Something that finally got the chance for us to be present at this time.

Like the name he stretched out, RAGE 2 is positioned as a direct sequel series from the first RAGE. 30 years after the first event, the main antagonist – General Cross is now back together with his military strength – a scary Authority. The action of attacking your base and killing the commander that you think is like your own mother ends up making you bear a big responsibility that seems like you can predict it.

You act as Walker, whose gender you can choose at the beginning. Born as an orphan and raised by Aunt Prowley who ended up dead at the hands of General Cross, Walker, who had found the Ranger special forces clothing, was now the only hope for fighting Cross’s evil plans.

Walker was asked to meet with three leaders who were scattered in the Wasteland to activate something called the “Dagger Initiative”. But of course these leaders will not accept Walker just like that. He must pass the test and challenges, while trying to reduce the grip of other bloodthirsty factions that are also scattered in the Wasteland.


One of the things that most distinguishes RAGE 1 and RAGE 2 is the translation of the matter of the post-apocalyptic world concept itself. Even though both of them still make vehicles, complete with Mad Max-style battles, as one of its attractions, both are present with a different world. The first RAGE carries the super arid world full of dust, which in turn, leaves a more serious post-apocalyptic world. While RAGE 2 comes with aesthetic value that is full of color. The result? It is two different tones that inevitably will affect the atmosphere of the game itself.

The way RAGE 2 introduces color to the post-apocalyptic world that he stretches out is not “as crazy” as Far Cry New Dawn that places the contrast of bright colors in every corner of the region, whether through murals or wreckage of vehicles. They apply it more to character designs and cities, both from clothes to neon-neon that you meet at the nearest Trade Town. This one color game also appears from a variety of effects of attacks that can be performed by the main character. We must admit that the way to handle this colorful apocalypse is indeed more elegant. At least enough to make you believe, that in a world filled with so much destruction and an uncertain future, color does symbolize a little optimism in it.

The world he offers also turns out to be quite diverse. Despite the fact that you are fighting in a post-apocalyptic world, arid deserts are not the only area you meet. In the northern region, you will meet a dense tropical forest, with a track of vehicles that fortunately, is no longer built on sand.

Together with an ecosystem like this, you will also meet with many ruins of buildings and the like that signal the past civilization of humans. While from the enemy’s design, you can find different factions only from the type of clothing and their makeup. Cool again? They also hate each other, where you can sometimes see their contention while exploring the open-world RAGE world. What makes us fall in love is the super cool attack animation, from using bat baseball to hitting grenades to molotov launchers with a little kungfu movement on it. The enemy in RAGE 2 does have its own charm. Unfortunately, this charm is not carried by NPC characters, even side-quests, who feel bland.

RAGE 2 is indeed no longer developed by id Software alone. He is now the result of collaboration with Avalanche Studios which incidentally, is the brain behind the Just Cause and Mad Max series in the past. But on the other hand, once you’ve tasted the action side of RAGE 2, you don’t seem to find it difficult to find that there is clear interference from the Software here, especially in terms of using weapons. Because inevitably it must be admitted, the action of this shootout is the best part of RAGE 2.

Comes with so many weapons variants that you can get, from the standard ones such as handguns and shotguns that function like similar weapons in other FPS games to anti-grav where you can associate your enemies and throw them in any direction you want, shooting action this shot is indeed the essence of RAGE 2 itself. Going quickly with destructive effects on the body of your target enemy, the strong impression that makes many of us fall in love with DOOM is inevitable. At the same pace of battle, without further ado, RAGE 2 offers a similar appeal.


However, that does not mean RAGE 2 does not come with something different and special. One of them appeared from the Ranger clothes used by Walker itself. That it is not just appearing as protective clothing, it is also positioned as a “weapon” that makes it appear like a superhero character. Implementation in gameplay? The existence of the skill system! Based on the cooldown system, you can do a variety of new actions to accompany the existing shootout. You can use this skill offensively, from boxing to the ground that is able to “flatten” the enemies around until the thrust action can make them end up smashed to pieces. But some other skills help the exploration process, from just running fast to double jumping to reach higher ground.

The essence of this skill is of course to help your action in RAGE 2. Offensive action plays a maximum role for crowd control, considering that you alone will fight dozens of dozens of enemies at once. In addition to your heavy weapons such as Missile Launcher for example, this skill will help you to kill several enemies at once. Moreover, the enemy variants for each faction also appear different, where some of them will be reinforced with special armor which will be difficult to subdue with bullets. As you can predict, enemies like this will be more effectively eliminated with skills. While Skills that are more focused on exploratory actions will certainly help you move faster and in the end, it’s easier to find more rewards for the upgrade process later.

For gamers who have tasted Just Cause and Mad Max in the past, Avalanche Studios always has one flaw that seems to continue to appear in their games. That’s right, open-world game designs that are foundation-based are indeed not interesting. Whether because they did not study or as simple as not wanting to bother with it, the same problem occurred again in RAGE 2. This game might carry an exciting shoot-out action, but the open-world scheme is sad.

When many open-world games such as Far Cry, for example, have begun to stay away from the icon-based open-world system that is starting to no longer feel relevant, RAGE 2 has decided to keep the system that is beginning to expire. Together with the progress of the story you are pursuing, more and more icons appear on the map that are even in position, sometimes close together. With a system like this, slowly but surely, you will start trying to complete every icon that is around you. There will be clear iconic images to distinguish which side missions, which are the main missions, and which activities will not have a story line, such as destroying a vehicle convoy or just chasing the bounties that exist.


The biggest problem with RAGE 2 from design like this is that the variation of the mission is calculated to be minimal. That instead of being formulated to provide a stronger side story line to support a plot that is basically weak and cliched, these activities end up similar to each other. Most of them will ask you to fight and clear enemy factions from one area regardless of their motivation, fight bosses who also don’t need a lot of strategies, or just destroy red drums filled with fuel scattered in one small area and you should look for it. Missions like this are interesting at the beginning, but along with more missions that you have to go through, that boring feeling must appear and be inevitable.

There are many things that end up being the highlight of our review. In many scenarios, we talk about mechanics or fantastic gimmicks that deserve to be praised. But on the other hand, we also often meet with a concept that when executed turns out to be the source of the most annoying problems and disrupt the sensation of playing there. In RAGE 2 unfortunately, our highlights end up being the second with a focus on one word – a chest.

Most of the side missions or activities that you complete when exploration will give you a resource reward that can be used to strengthen Walker. But it can’t “harvest” it directly, most of them will be stored in a chest that you have to open or destroy. The information on the screen will tell how many chests in the same area, how many contain one specific resource outside of money or another similar resource named Feltrites. So why is it annoying?

Because unlike most action games that directly place it in a clear place as a “busy” reward that you have gone through, RAGE 2 decides to make their position hidden. The result? When you are tired of monotonous side missions, you must now be busy with the activity of searching for and opening these crates whose positions are sometimes hidden well. There is a clear impression that Avalanche designed it to offer extra busyness and extend gameplay time. Why? First, the map carries a color that is not too bright and often ends up vague and blends with the background area that you are exploring. Second? If the number is above 2 pieces in one area, some of them are usually hidden in a corner of the room, on a platform that you will never suspect before, and at the bottom of one object for example. You really can miss it, but there is always a sense of dissatisfaction when the user-interface keeps “reminding” you how many chests you haven’t encountered.

At the root of what was supposed to be, for the sensation of gunfire he offered, RAGE 2 was a satisfying action game. The fast and intense sensation that you had encountered at DOOM then was re-translated here, complete with a Skill system that now makes the combination feel more deadly. The destructive effects of explosions to pieces of the body give the impression of a strong superhero, while being supported by enemies who have animations and designs that deserve to be thumbs up. Complete with so many upgrade systems spread to so many elements, RAGE 2 is a colorful world of doomsday that is quite exciting. Unfortunately, Avalanche is back with their classic open-world game problem.

That just like Just Cause and Mad Max, despite the beautiful setting, they still fail to offer an open-world game with an attractive and evocative design. Some side missions and icon-based activities are still tedious and easy to feel monotonous, especially with the search system that is annoying. RAGE 2 seems to lose its attractiveness as long as you spend trying to solve it. Everything feels like a repetition of something you have done before, which incidentally, is a classic problem with Avalanche games so far. Not enough to get there? We also met with a number of technical problems, one of which even made us fall on the death loop due to a defective auto-save system.

So, is RAGE 2 a bad game? Of course not. Inside it remains a fun, intense, and fast FPS action game that is satisfying. But if you remember that there are so many things that on the other hand are not satisfactory, we would advise you to wait and glance at the cheaper price level.

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