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Realm Royale – Our Thought

Here we will review the battle royale game, which gives a lot of stories in the game. Curious about what the game is like? Come on, see our review this time! Riding a horse and fighting for royal glory at Realm Royale, a free battle royale game from Hi-Rez Studios, the same Studio as Paladin. Choose one of five classes: warrior, mage, hunter, assassin, or engineer and invite all your friends to fight in the world of fantasy battle royals. You can choose solo mode and team with different classes, work together to win Crown Royale!

Weapon hunting and magical items in a variety of different environments, forests, deserts, mountains and cold areas. You can also increase your equipment in Forge, where you can make legendary weapons to increase your chances of winning but beware, when you are busy processing weapons maybe the enemy is already behind.

At the beginning of the game we can choose one of five classes, each with its own passive buff, movement ability, and the ability to take special abilities classes. For example, the movement ability of Mage allows you to fly for a short duration, which is useful for extending jumps and crossing the roof. He is also the only character who can use Fireballs spell which has high attack damage if you can reach your target. But passive abilities like this do not limit your way of playing, here you can still freely create your own play style.

You also don’t need to worry that the difference in ability and class will have a significant impact on the game because the battle roy meta game doesn’t have a big effect on the game.

The most important addition to the Royale Realm is Forge. It functions a bit like Fortnite’s Vending Machines, Crafting stations are spread around busy maps and with Forge you can get the best weapon, ability and armor in the game. Of course you need material to fulfill the process, which can be obtained by unloading weapons and pickup capabilities, but you also have to wait for the item to finish.

If you want to be the smallest circle with legendary weapons, you must fight for it. This game is different from Fortnite and PUBG which can only get good items through supply drop, Forge in Realm Royale can be found in 18 different places throughout the map, they are always in the same place and clearly marked on the map. In the middle of the match, you can assume everyone is gathering and fighting over Forge. Hi-Rez also presents its own challenges that will always make Forge a scary battlefield, if Forge is used there will be a loud clanging sound with smoke coming out of the chimney.

The forge feature adds a real taste in the beginning and mid of the Royale Realm. By changing quantity and making it quality, we are forced to look for as many items as possible and engage in as many battles as possible. Mid-game from each match is the Forge place where this place becomes a miniature of the Tilted Tower in Fortnite which is always the place for many bloodshed (Bloodbath).

If asked if this game can compete with the big battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG? We don’t think we can. The weapons provided are not very diverse and the sound issued is also not very satisfying. Likewise, the lack of features for solo mode means that you have to play a team where you will play with a random team. But problems like this are not unusual, many battle royale games come out as an Early Access first, where solutions like this will be solved.

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