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Recommended Games Stay At Home

One way to make my quarantine more enjoyable is that I play tons of games! I am not an addict game, but when I am #stayathome like this, playing games is fun too! In addition to making the mood happier, the day also feels faster to pass! So, here are some game recommendations that you can play during quarantine:

  1. The Sims 4

Surely many people already know about this one game. The Sims 4 is a life-simulation game that gives you the authority to create and even control the Sims characters that you create. The Sims that you play can have routine like ordinary people. Like eating, chatting, sleeping, even dying! You also have the authority to build a decent (or improper) residence for your Sims character. In essence, the life of the Sims character is in your hands! Not bad right? When we can’t get out of the house freely and get together with friends like this, at least your Sims can still walk and socialize! You can play this game via PC, Android Smartphone, or through PS4!

  1. The Walking Dead

Have you ever watched the Netflix series The Walking Dead? Yes, the horror thriller series that tells about defense in the time of the zombie apocalypse also has a game, you know! The game is one of the most memorable games and makes it hard for me to move on. The gameplay is story based. You alone decide what the main character (Lee) do and say. Each of your choices will affect the ending of the story later! In fact, there are times when you need to choose a character that you have to kill if you are trapped. Very exciting right? The Walking Dead you can play through an Android Smartphone, or via a PC and consists of 4 seasons.

  1. Animal Crossing

I really don’t play this game, but this is one of the games that really hits right now! You can make a house, fish, lift beetles, and do other activities that are usually done by people in the village. Animal Crossing can you play via a smartphone, or Nintendo Switch! In fact, there is a special edition Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing that was sold for the hits of this game!

  1. Beyond Two Souls & Heavy Rain

If you like games with a realistic atmosphere, you can try the game Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain. So realistic, both of these games use real actors and actresses, you know! For example in Beyond Two Souls, you can find characters played by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Both of these games are from the same game developer, Quantic Dreams. Gameplay is indeed not too much. But similar to The Walking Dead, your choice determines the ending of the two stories in this game. Each story is full of twist plots and emotional moments that can make you absorbed into the story. Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain can you play through PS4, or via PC!

  1. Outlast

Do you like tense games? This one is for you! In fact, Pewdiepie as YouTuber & Gamer # 1 in the world is just really scared when playing this game! This game is a horror game that uses a first-person perspective. Tells about a freelancer journalist, Miles Upshur, who decides to investigate a mental hospital called Mount Massive Asylum. Apparently, what he found in the asylum was unexpected things. I was so tense, I did not dare to play this game alone! The game will be full of scenes of yourself being chased, and the only thing you can do is hide without any resistance. Huh … it’s really scary right? Outlast can you play through PS4, Nintendo Switch, or PC.

  1. Persona 5

One of the most sought after games on PS4 right now! Persona 5 tells of a high school youth who has the ability to access life in another dimension. The game is story and action-based. In fact, you can also live the life of the main character like ordinary Japanese youth. School as usual, interact with friends, or work part time. Interestingly, every layout in the Persona 5 game is exactly the same as the original Tokyo city layout! Every detail of this game is really well thought out, so that makes this game really interesting!

  1. The Last of Us

If you like action games with survival mode, try the game The Last of Us! You are forced to fight against swarms of zombies of different types, using equipment that is around you. So, you have the freedom to assemble yourself and save any available weaponry. Not only that, the storyline of this game is really good too! The Last of Us can you play through PS3 or PS4.

  1. Harvest Moon

If you like games that are more relaxed, you can also play Harvest Moon games, you know! Harvest Moon is a role-playing game where you can act as a farmer and do every life and activity like a farmer. You can play Harvest Moon via PC, Computer or Nintendo Switch! Be careful about forgetting the time when you play this game!

Well, here are some game recommendations that you can play during quarantine. Indeed, there are still many other games, but in my opinion these 8 games you should try the most!

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