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Small Insights on Uncharted Golden Abyss

For gamers who have a Playstation 3 (PS3) console, the game Uncharted is a game that has its own story in their hearts because from the first series up to the 3 that came on PS3, everything was very satisfying. This game is a favorite of PS3 (although in my opinion this was replaced when Naughty Dogs finally released the game The Last of Us which won so many awards).

A good game in my opinion is a game that makes you will not be able to forget it even though it has been released many years ago and played (as if I was really old hehehe). But it is true, when the latest Uncharted series is rumored to be released on Playstation 4 (PS4), I can’t wait to buy a PS4, even if it’s just to taste the latest series of this game (the reason, I really want to buy a PS4, though this latest series has just released front).

Uncharted is a game made by Naughty Dogs, exclusively for Sony, for some reason the Naughty Dogs have been from the time of the Crash Bandicoot game until now very much married to Sony, they have always been develover most trusted by Sony for releasing exclusive games for Sony, until the Sony portable console, the Playstation Vita (PS Vita), was made an exclusive game. And what is very important through this game from Naughty Dogs is PS Vita’s ability to ‘show off’ or in other words, through Naughty Dogs, Sony is trying to show the quality that PS Vita has.

The Uncharted Series was chosen by Naughty Dogs to ‘show off’ PS Vita’s capabilities. Then whether Naughty Dogs can repeat the success they once had on PS3, following his review.

A story that always makes me curious

“Mystery” is the key word of all Uncharted series, each Uncharted series has a strong story about mysteries that exist in this world, ranging from treasure mysteries to the mysteries of the lost ancient city. Who does not like adventure like in the films National Treasure hehehe. And this time in Uncharted Golden Abyss, the mystery revealed was the mystery of the golden city that reportedly, info about this city has existed since 400 years ago. And it was also told that this mystery had also been explored by the Spaniards and had a connection with a particular sacte and tragedy of mass murder. From this alone, it feels amazing.

The character we play in this game is still the same as the previous series, namely Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter who is good at shooting and martial arts (now lo), this time Drake was accompanied by his friend named Dante and a woman named Marisa Chase (grandchild an archeologist who has a proof of the mystery being investigated). The motivations of these three people are obviously very different even though the thing they are looking for remains the same, if Drake has the goal to uncover and ‘offer’ his curiosity about this mystery, it is different from Chase who is more concerned with finding the figure of his grandfather who disappeared somewhere, whereas Dante more gold that is likely to have a large sale value.

Then who is Drake’s enemy this time? It was General Guerro who was the leader of a revolution, who was also interested in the gold hidden in this mystery. Obviously finally Drake and his friends would be very difficult because the General had many subordinates and did not hesitate to kill.

But you don’t need to be afraid if the storyline will be dark and boring, because once again Naughty Dogs include comedy elements that are always there in the Uncharted series, either through action or also through dialogue between characters. So we are more comfortable playing it.

Gameplay that utilizes features on PS Vita

Indeed PS Vita is not PS3, and clearly between these two consoles there must be a differentiator, and PS Vita managed to look unique with the touch feature either on the screen or on the back of the screen. And the camera features installed behind the PS Vita. Obviously Naughty Dogs knew very well what to do to use these features and the results were very satisfying.

There are times when you have to take a photo with the camera feature, there are times when you have to climb the rope using the PS Vita’s back touch feature, tilt the PS Vita so the character doesn’t fall or want to jump sideways, swing the PS Vita to swing on the rope like a Tarzan, rub the PS Vita properly so that dust on objects and paper can disappear and use light through the camera to reveal a writing on a piece of paper that you find. It’s really unthinkable that PS Vita can do something this cool.


Overall Uncharted: Golden Abyss brings a breath of fresh air to the game world, brings something new that can still be developed in the future, and has many surprises in terms of both gameplay and story. The most surprising thing is the appearance of one of the characters that I thought would not appear in this series.In terms of graphics also extraordinary, beautiful appearance as in the PS3 series, the selection of music is also right, especially his typical music hehehe. It is not wrong if Sony entrusts this to Naughty Dogs because the results are very good. For lovers of Uncharted, this game must be played. And surely it will be a nostalgia that is hard to forget.

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