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Snapfire’s Pick and Ban Rate Reached 91.67% on ESL

ESL One Los Angeles qualifier is already running. This opportunity is a place for Void Spirit and Snapfire to show off. Since being released by Ice Frog into captains mode on patch 7.24 yesterday, many Dota 2 teams have adapted their strategies with Snapfire and Void Spirit.

Void Spirit and Snapfire are rarely released in a match. But in this article, I will only discuss Snapfire. Because, Snapfire’s pick and ban rate reached 91.67% in the competitive realm this time. Why does Snapfire have that much popularity?


Versatile, first pick phase material

During the first pick phase, there are two categories of heroes that will be taken: flexible or overpowered heroes. Flexible heroes are heroes that can be played in many roles. Snapfire can be played in an offlane or support position even thanks to all the skills it has. Flexible heroes are very useful for teams in reading enemy strategies in the second and third pick phases. So the team still has many options for implementing hero positions.

Can help friends and assist initiation

His Firesnap Cookie skill is very useful in many conditions. This skill will make a friend or himself jump in a short distance. Then it gives a stun and damage effect to the enemy inside the radius. What makes this skill very useful is its jumping effect, which can be used in two scenarios, which is to help initiation or even save a friend who is in danger.


Massive damage and crowd control in every skill

Michael “KelThuzard” Samsir commented, Snapfire has good laning phase potential. Every skill he has can be used to dominate enemies. Not only damage, Snapfire also gives crowd control on its skills.

Scatterblast deals 290 magical damage and slow movement speed effects by 100% for 1 second. With Scatterblast, Snapfire can do a good initiation at the beginning of the game and also clean the lane with a large damage.

Then the second skill, Firesnap Cookie, also deals magic damage of 300 and stun effects for 2.5 seconds. There is still Lil ‘Shredder which strengthens the right click of Snapfire with a rapid fire effect and also gives the enemy an attack speed slow effect of 30 per stack.

Lil ‘Shredder really helps Snapfire to collide damage with enemies, especially at the beginning of the game. Enemies affected by slow attack speed will not be able to exchange damage with Snapfire.

And finally, Snapfire’s ultimate skill is Mortimer Kiss. The damage is too ridiculous for me. Mortimer Kiss deals 200/300/400 damage on each projectile and burn damage per second at 50/75/100.

If you are hit by at least 3 Mortimer Kiss projectiles, the damage you receive is 1500 magic damage. The total Firespit projectiles that he can remove is 8 or 16 with the help of talent level 25. Not to mention the slow effect given by Mortimer Kiss can help Snapfire to aim projectiles even easier.

It’s not easy to setup a team fight with Mortimer Kiss. Because of this, the Dota 2 teams began to form strategies to maximize Snapfire. With the Faceless Void pick, Mars or Disruptor will greatly help Snapfire to launch its Mortimer Kiss.

Farming is fast, even as support 5 though

Ice Frog’s decision to eliminate talent gold per minute greatly complicates the lives of supporters. But this is not a problem for Snapfire. With Scatterblast and Firesnap Cookies, he can spend creep waves or jungle camp easily. So the professional players who use Snapfire choose to make Guardian Greaves. An expensive item but Snapfire can buy it easily.


So what I can conclude is, there are too many uses of Snapfire to pass up. He is versatile, can win the laning phase easily, is useful in every situation and has enormous damage.

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