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Steam User Breaks Record Corona

In the midst of an outbreak of the corona virus that spreads so fast, some countries have introduced a work from home (WFH) system or work from home, both for students and workers.

The impact of the implementation of WFH is the reduction in work productivity which is productivity which directly affects the economy.

Even so, in fact some parties are able to take the opportunity to achieve better results. Steam is one of them.

Steam itself is a community formed by Valve Entertainment to be used as a place to play, make games, and discuss.

As a result of the implementation of WFH, Steam is a great blessing because many people use their free time to play games at home.

From the statistics released by Valve, Steam has just posted a record of 20 million users in the near future at the end of last week.

One of the most impactful games in this record is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Eight years after its popularity, this FPS game successfully posted a record high by touching one million people per day.

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