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Suikoden 2 – The Best JRPG Game?

A great longing for Suikoden as a franchise, which was indeed available in several series with different story timelines is always there. But unfortunately, it is unlikely that longing will be satisfied. Konami as the franchise owner looks no longer bothered to bring back to a more modern generation platform with members of the development team who have now also spread everywhere. All that remains is a beautiful memory, a sense of nostalgia, and a responsibility to “preserve” its charm as a JRPG game that must be recognized, almost perfect. Something we are trying to do with this toplist article this time.

So why do you have to taste Suikoden 2, especially if you claim to be a JRPG lover? These are 10 reasons in our eyes, why it is not excessive to be called the best JRPG game of all time, beating many titles of other giant JRPG games though. These are the reasons according to us:

Multiple Ending

Imagine a JRPG game that can take up your time from tens to hundreds of hours with a tangle of solid stories that actually have many elements that can affect the ending that you get at the end. There is never any indication that the action you take or don’t take will end with a perfect ending or not, making you try to do everything as possible. No matter what happens, almost every ending Suikoden 2, perfect or not, ends satisfactorily. That journey you’ve traversed has a clear conclusion.

108 characters

One of the best inseparable parts of each Suikoden series, not only Suikoden 2 of course, is the opportunity to recruit 108 characters as part of your team. Of course you can’t use them all at once, but still grow to be a base for party member selection strategies. Some of them have a combination attack that can do great damage, while not a few are ready to offer permanent buffs to those who come right away with runes – rare magic attacks that are too dear to miss. Cool again? It’s not easy to get them. Many of them need certain strategies to be recruited and not a few of them can be “missed” if you accidentally encourage the progress of the story.

Inseparable Walkthrough

Related to what we talked about in list number 9, it is impossible to complete Suikoden 2 and recruit all 108 characters in the name of the best ending, without using Walkthrough at all. Essential because you have to find out the position of each character that can be recruited, at which point the story can be recruited, who are the companion characters that you must bring to be able to recruit them, and sometimes – what kind of puzzle must be done to trigger their presence. We are talking of characters who can only be recruited if your total Strength party penetrates a certain number until a squirrel will not join before you walk around a tree several times. In the 2000s when the internet was still “expensive stuff”, this challenge was even at a new level.

Stories with Political Intrigue

In the end, one of the main strengths of Suikoden 2 certainly lies in the side of the story. Not new, indeed, a JRPG game introduces you to various kingdoms that have conflicts with each other, and then makes them the driving force of the story. But in Suikoden 2, the political element feels far more fantastic. These conflicts between kingdoms and important characters have credible and even “understandable” motivations. That political intrigue does not necessarily make the character end up black and white, but can also move in a slow but sure gray realm, which can attract your sympathy.

A Touching Story of Friendship

Ever watched Naruto and slightly condemned Naruto’s friendship – Sasuke because of the way they were portrayed? Or do you prefer the story of Kaneda – Tetsuo in Akira? Like many Japanese products with story elements in them, the story of friendship between a group of young people is indeed sometimes an inseparable element. Suikoden 2 captured this concept fantastically. Two separate friends to stand on different flags, faithful childhood friends accompany to prepare to fight and play even though, to the story of friendship to build a better world, there are many stories of friendship that surround the main character and side characters of Suikoiden 2. So far eye gazing? Some of them will be ready to make you shed tears.


As with most JRPG games in the past, especially those released in the SNES era, Suikoden 2 is also not exactly an easy RPG game. That apart from the party battle format containing 6 people who counted a lot for JRPG standards at that time, you could not necessarily solve all the challenges just like that. Building the right party, bringing healing items into each character’s bag, and ensuring that you inject an effective rune will also be the key to victory. One wrong step, without a proper grinding process, even ordinary enemies can end your party’s life to move back from the last save place.

Cool music!

And of course, there are no more identical parts to older JRPG games than cool music. In contrast to what is carried by Nobuo Uematsu in Final Fantasy, for example, the approach offered by Suikoden 2 does seem to have a thicker “Celtic” aura. Building the right atmosphere, both when the situation is calm in a happy city, when Anad encounters a heartbreaking tragedy, a situation that is ready to invite tears, or when fighting against an enemy country, Suikoden 2 has the right music in the right situation.

Phenomenal Antagonist

You know that an antagonist is at a phenomenal level and is imaged fantastically when after a dozen years you play the game and finish, his figure, his design, and the actions they have done are still clearly stored in the brain. For Suikoden 2, all of these things are represented by one name – Luca Blight. We are talking about the psychopathic character of killing for pleasure, with such brutal condescending comments, the action of killing without a heart, and the fight against him which is one of the hardest parts of Suikoden 2. For gamers who have tasted this series, the figure of Luca Blight will continue to be remembered , compared, and “praised” because of the impression he left.

A Growing Castle

There are many JRPG games that ask you to play a hero who continues to develop the power to save one country or even one world. But in the first Playstation era, how many of these concepts ended up on the gameplay side, did it really change the world around it? This is what makes Suikoden 2 still charming at that time and still charming today. As more characters you recruit into your castle, your castle will grow. There will be a new room for Blacksmiths, a new room for gathering Mages, to a port containing ships and tentacle monsters that often rest there. Slowly but surely, the castle that you could have explored from left and right, now has a height and area that represents your strength.

Makes You Feel Like a Real Leader

So the combination of stories and various systems that we discussed earlier ended in one thing that we rarely find in many RPG games, western or Japanese today, that you end up feeling that you should be the leader you should be. That no longer just being a “hero”, you will feel responsible for the mission, fate, and duties of each character who entrusts their lives to you. It starts from just a castle system that enlarges along with your strength until strategy-style gameplay that dissolves when a large-scale war is told to occur. But the most influential? Of course the variety of cut scenes that always involve you, where the war strategy, political conditions, until the role of each character continues to be discussed. Something that even modern RPG games can’t offer so far.

So with all the reasons he offered, it’s hard not to fall in love with Suikoden 2 to the limit, calling it the best JRPG game of all time. This may seem excessive for those of you who have never tried it, but we can assure you that those who provide the opportunity for this game will share the same experiences and impressions. That despite his aging age, it is difficult to find JRPG’s experience as complete, as challenging, and as fantastic as what Konami had worked with Suikoden 2 in the past.


How about you? How many of you have had the chance to taste and finish Suikoden 2, and end up the same sentiment as what we wrote in the toplist above? Feel free to comment and expand the list!

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