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Super Mario Maker 2 – Steal Our Hearts

Different Themes, Different Visuals

One of the advantages of Super Mario Maker is the concept of compounding levels that are adapted to a variety of Super Mario series that were available on the market, from the original series to the latest – Super Mario 3D World which is an extra theme in this second series. Depending on the theme you choose, the content offered will adjust, such as the type of enemy to what terrain you can present there. On the one hand it makes it predictable, but on the other hand, it still provides a refreshing concept. That in the end, this theme leaves a little nostalgic and mechanical sensation that is predicted above the creative content that is often surprising.

Compared to the first series, the world and the Super Mario 3D World theme are additional interesting content. At least there are many things that cannot be offered by other Super Mario worlds now can be carried by this one model and vice versa. As an example? Cat costumes that are the mainstay of this series can certainly be the basis for offering a new variant of the puzzle or design platform that you can mix with your creativity. Seeing the quality of visualization is better considering that it became the last Mario series for the Wii U, of course, it became an interesting “feature” to pursue. Don’t forget, too, that a lot of enemy behavior in the old Mario series also ends differently in 3D World.

Unlimited Content

Like the name he stretched out, the main experience of Super Mario Maker 2 can indeed be divided into two broad categories – building your level and trying to level other people. Regardless of your preferences, whether you prefer tasting someone else’s level or prefer to build your own level or even both, Super Mario Maker 2, which is built on community concoction content, offers a seemingly obvious attraction – unlimited content. As long as the community is active and Nintendo server support remains alive, this is a type of investment where you can keep coming back and find something new and different every time you taste it. Of course, it is outside Story mode which is indeed linear and acts as a tutorial mode.

On the side of compounding levels, we have to raise an extra hat if we have to talk about the fantastic user-interface and QOL content. There is a specific button for the Undo function, there are grids built on your “canvas” to build more regular content, there is content categorization for easy search, and a separate menu that allows you to choose which Mario series theme you want to base with elements that will automatically change to follow this (except for the Super Mario 3D World series that is positioned differently and separately). This fantastic user-interface arrangement is even enough to make you not interested in trying out the advanced tutorial mode to still be able to build the basic level you want. As good as that.

Believe it or not, although this second series looks like the first series on the surface, but the additional content that is carried on the design level side offers many alternative levels that are fresher and more creative. One of the most significant is the presence of ON-OFF Block which is now widely used by many creators. The point is simple, regardless of whether it is ON or OFF, it will activate and deactivate the two block variants in that section. ON means activating the red block and OFF will activate the blue block. Believe it or not, only from this “simple” sound system, we found many levels that succeeded in making it a challenge. From what requires you to think or just be nimble.

Cool again? To ensure that the system design level is balanced, Nintendo also develops a specific rule that must be met – that before you can share and upload the designs you have created, you must be able to solve them yourself. This means that even the creative you have to make sure that your design can indeed be completed and does not end impossible. If when you try it you feel that your own level is irrational or too difficult, you can go back to Edit mode and add extra objects and the like. But on the other hand, if indeed you are indeed proficient and mastering the mechanics of Mario at a higher level, you always have the option to create a super difficult level design that indeed can only be solved by gamers who have your equivalent level.

One fantastic thing about Super Mario Maker 2 is the fact (we don’t overdo) that there are almost no two levels in common, which you will try and enjoy here. The ideas and creativity shown by gamers were really very well facilitated by Nintendo, making so many concepts and themes possible. Just imagine, we had a chance to meet a design level that focuses on boss battles, design levels that require you to compete with a Koopa shell that will kill you if you reach a certain point late, design a level where you use a high speed car from start to finish, to design level with super high difficulty level that does not provide a gap for the slightest error. There are so many levels, for many needs, for many gamers’ preferences.

If you are a gamer who needs extra motivation besides challenging yourself, the process of completing levels like this can also open up extra cosmetic items that can be used by your Avatar, from clothes to accessories. Not too significant indeed, but still too cute to pass up.


As gamers who passed the first Super Mario Maker, this second series must be recognized, managed to steal our hearts. There is a sense of satisfaction in discovering that the project was indeed built to create games based on community content to carry out their duties properly. For gamers who have creative brains, there is always the option to create your creative and super crazy level which in the end, must still be rational to be solved. While for gamers who just want to try other people’s levels, there is unlimited content that as far as our eyes can see, successfully providing new challenges and levels that are never the same. Everything is wrapped in a simple user-interface that is easy to master, cool music and sound effects, and a combination of content that performs its tasks well.

Super Mario Maker 2 is admittedly almost blameless. But if you have to choose, then there are two things we don’t like, as we talked about before. The Story Mode concept which is divided into 100 separate challenges is effective as a tutorial mode and design level inspiration, but it is not so good at providing integrated and interesting stories. Other disadvantages are also integrated into the tutorial which unfortunately does not cover what can be done and can not be done Super Mario Maker 2 properly. For a video game that acts as a tool basically, this is a weakness that cannot be tolerated, especially for gamers who want to jump straight into the level leveling process.

But beyond these shortcomings, Super Mario Maker 2 is a video game, a tool, a fantastic unlimited platformer. This is a game that you can see as an investment for interesting content that you can continue to taste without fearing that it will feel stale.

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