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Tekken 7 Review


It’s time to discuss TEKKEN 7, after not playing Tekken for a long time, finally I decided to play this latest series, in my initial mind and the image inherent in the Tekken game is a combination of Combo attacks that require precise timing, pressing accurate buttons, in a state of fighting, we are nervous we have to be able to control the rhythm of the match, etc., that’s what made me stop playing this game because in my opinion the things above are quite difficult and not fun anymore, for casual gamers like me.

But there is something different in TEKKEN 7, I feel that TEKKEN 7 is made as easy as possible so that it can hook new players who are not used to playing complex fighting games. There is a Simple Combos feature which is a simple combo that comes out with just one button press, and this is what makes TEKKEN 7 “noob friendly”, I, who just started playing this game, feel quite addicted, with this feature, some combos come out. made my game easier, to the point where I could win about 200 battles in a row without losing a single time against the CPU, I played from 10 am to 8 pm until I got the title “Tekken God Prime”.

I also say the story of this game can be conveyed well, a narrative that is easy to understand, and tells from the start why this family is fighting with each other, until it finally reaches the climax and the next story will be continued in Tekken 8 on PS5 later. Tekken has a characteristic story that always continues from one game to another. After we finish the main story, we can still play some additional stories from some of the characters in this game, it is enough to increase the duration of the game.

There is one cross-over character from Street Fighter named Akuma who can be tucked into the game’s story quite neatly and doesn’t seem forced right. Oh yes, I play this game, of course there is no intention of playing competitively online against other players, I purely just want to get Platinum from this game, and the duration it takes is around 15 hours. Unexpectedly, the story was quite interesting and I was addicted to playing this game for an unexpected duration.

Apart from the story, this game also has several other modes, such as the Treasure Battle mode which functions to collect various kinds of cosmetics, clothes, accessories, orbs etc. that we can use on the characters we are using, whose functions are of course used to show players. Another time when playing online, the more extreme changes the character eat, the higher the caste and skills will be in playing this Tekken game.

And collecting these trinkets can take a very long time, because every time we win the match we will get 1-2 treasure chests whose contents are random, and these chests are also divided into several categories, such as normal, rare, super rare etc., the higher the crate category, the better the items that come out, if I’m not mistaken the name is “Gatcha”, but in TEKKEN 7 we don’t spend real money, just persistence and assistance from the Simple Combos feature allows me to last up to 200 battles. . In addition, we also get money every time we win a battle, and we can use this money to buy other trinkets.

When talking in terms of graphics, it cannot be denied that this is a Tekken game with the best graphics, cool particle effect attacks, and can be customized, changed according to our wishes, giving its own splendor, each punch seems to have weight, so when we hit the character opponent as if there is satisfaction. There are various arenas, and there are several arenas that have several layers, so that the battle arena is broad and varied. Cinematic CGI also looks cool, between characters with muscular bodies and upright scuffles against each other. Various kinds of Sexy female characters also decorate this game with a variety of new cosmetics that will provide more service to its fans.

Next, what I tried was Online Mode, because I have practiced a lot and of course I am quite PD enough to challenge other players. Now this is the worst thing about this game, for info I use a 50Mbps speed connection, play TEKKEN 7 with a Region 1 account and get a PS + connection from a Region 3 account which is set as Primary. I don’t blame the game or the connection I use because in 2 days of all the matches I encountered there was only 1 fight that went well, and mostly I was just waiting for the match making and the fight was very slow, because the ping latency connection problem was too big.

And on average I only get 1 bar signal even though I meet people from Asia or America. The point is I don’t get a pleasant gaming experience from this mode, even though it’s slow I won the game several times. I don’t know where the error is, whether the connection or PS + is in my Reg 3 account.

Overall, I can inform you that the TEKKEN 7 game is very, very friendly with all gamers, from veteran Hardcore to Noob like me, to be honest I am very happy to be able to play this game with the help of Simple Combos which we can ON and OFF, right, So maybe at first we used Simple Combos and after enjoying and knowing the plot we could start to get serious and memorize more complex combos.

This Simple Combos also seems to make me, who is small at heart, brave enough to face other players online. I highly recommend for all friends who have never played this game, if you play seriously there are various kinds of things you can do from this game.

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